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Researcher Advocates Denying Tax Dollars for Social Justice Programs in Higher Education

Researcher Advocates Denying Tax Dollars for Social Justice Programs in Higher Education

“The only way to protect tuition dollars from the social justice advocates is systematic reform of higher education”

I couldn’t agree more. Turn off all taxpayer funding. Want to stop this madness? Stop funding it.

Campus Reform reports:

‘Deny public tax dollars for social justice education,’ researcher argues

Several colleges now offer degrees in social justice, and students can pay a steep price for them.

Campus Reform recently surveyed tuition at US public universities and spoke with researcher David Randall about his 2019 report on the costs of these social justice programs.

According to Randall, social justice programming on campus costs students about $10 billion a year in tuition costs and university fees.

“The only way to protect tuition dollars from the social justice advocates is systematic reform of higher education,” Randall said.

“The social justice advocates are in the process of trying to take over the entire university — to make every class and every activity forward social justice, to restrict hiring to social justice advocates, and thus to divert all tuition revenue toward social justice,” he added.

For example, Texas A&M University recently announced the creation of a new social justice leadership certificate to help students address racial equity within non-profit organizations.

The university charges $1,499 for the certificate, requiring students to make a “commitment to all five courses up front.” Additionally, Texas A&M charges $349 for related “Individual Continuing & Professional Education courses.”

To fight back against the increasing cost of social justice programs, Randall argued in his report for legislation banning the use of federal student loans to cover the costs, which would severely slow down universities requiring them for graduation.

“A priority should be to deny public tax dollars for social justice education,” Randall wrote.


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Many years ago, one of the points of the “Contract With America” was defunding the left.

Newt Gingrich made no attempt whatever to keep this particular promise. If he had, maybe we would not be in such horrible shape today.

No Republican since then has paid more than lip service to this incredibly important effort. That’s one of the reasons I’m not a Republican anymore.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to irv. | August 29, 2021 at 12:28 pm

    Your last paragraph sums it up. Even Trump did virtually nothing.

      Even if Republicans did their best to defund liberal programs, most of us underestimate how much they struggle and how hard they are to kill. This is why Pelosi bribed and blackmailed holdout congressmen to approve Obamacare — she knew that once a spending program is created, it can never, never, never be repealed. Despite the (either naive or dishonest) promises of Republicans, you will never see the Department of Education disbanded, short of actual bloodshed and insurrection.

      Look at the one thing Trump did try — shutting down DACA, which wasn’t even congressionally-approved program, but a predecessor’s Executive Order. Even after having to battle all the “Hawaiian judge” nonsense, his “victory” lasted only as long as his term in office… and then bingo, it was back to social spending on non-citizens business as usual.

Left unsaid here is that this is never going to happen. Grievance Studies curricula exist only because the swamp has deliberately funded them in the first place. There was no groundswell among corporate America that there was a dearth of much-needed social justice graduates to fill desperately-needed corporate goals. Instead, we see a groundswell among corporate America to hire social justice graduates because they are being blackmailed into it by federal government pressure and media cancellation.

You would think that students wouldn’t be so stupid as to graduate with a six-figure debt and a degree in “social justice” or some kind of grievance “studies.”

For most employers, that kind of degree augurs an employee who is a troublemaker. It would be about as attractive on a resume as a felony criminal record.