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Law Students at Stanford Create Guide to Dismantle ‘Patriarchal Racial Colonial Capitalism’

Law Students at Stanford Create Guide to Dismantle ‘Patriarchal Racial Colonial Capitalism’

“One could call it a manifesto”

This is Marxism, plain and simple. An entire generation of college students has been indoctrinated in Marxism.

The Federalist reports:

Stanford Law Students Issue Guide To Dismantle ‘Patriarchal Racial Colonial Capitalism’

Law students at Stanford University are using their status and prestige to tell “radical” first-year students that it is hip to destroy America.

The Stanford National Lawyers Guild (NLG), a group at Stanford Law School comprised of left-wing students seeking to “challenge systemic criminalization and marginalization of people of color,” sent the first-years a guide to how to persist while learning “how evil the US legal system is.” The group claims the top-tier law school is full of “compromised ideologies” such as an “obsession and focus on ‘national security’ to serve xenophobic interests.”

Titled “A Letter to Incoming/Progressive Radical Students,” the guide was sent last week, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon. The 32-page document provides guidance for students if they “find [themselves] feeling outraged at the blatant racism/homophobia/xenophobia, etc. perpetuated by the law.”

One could call it a manifesto…

Tips offered by the group include encouraging 1L’s to “skim or skip readings” or even “opt out,” and learn “how to not give a f-ck” due to the Ivy League institution they chose to enroll in being allegedly oppressive. On page 22, a drawing depicts a cartoon student and states, “Everything is pointless,” offering that getting involved with left-wing organizations will change one’s outlook.


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The Friendly Grizzly | August 25, 2021 at 10:05 am

Aren’t they cute?

I am curious. Is CRT being pushed at any of the traditional black colleges in the US, or is it only present in situations where they can shake-down whitey?

I ask because I notice that there are rarely BLM signs in black parts of town (yes, Portland has a black section). The one consistent pattern that I see is that the messaging seems to miss the people that it should really be directed at, given that 90% of blacks are killed by other blacks.

With an attitude like that, people must be lining up in droves to be their clients.

People of color = colored people.

What’s old is new again.

Welcome to 1950’s racism and they don’t even know it.

I think we’d all be a lot better off if lawyers stuck to law and kept their nose out of politics …