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Journalism Dean at UNC Allegedly Asked ABC News to ‘Protect’ Nikole Hannah-Jones

Journalism Dean at UNC Allegedly Asked ABC News to ‘Protect’ Nikole Hannah-Jones

“We wish her nothing but deep success and the hope that UNC can learn from this long tenure drama”

It’s remarkable how far people at UNC went to bat for Hannah-Jones during her tenure drama. And she ended up blowing them off anyway.

The College Fix reports:

UNC journalism dean asked ABC News to ‘protect’ Nikole Hannah-Jones

Susan King, dean of the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media, had asked an ABC news reporter to “protect” Nikole Hannah-Jones during the height of her tenure battle.

“Protect Nikole,” King wrote in May in an email to ABC Deputy Political Director Averi Harper, who is also an alumnus of UNC and an adjunct faculty member with NYU’s Journalism Institute.

A copy of the email was obtained by both Fox News and Campus Reform.

Hannah-Jones, the architect of the controversial New York Times‘ 1619 Project, was initially denied tenure by the UNC Board of Trustees, creating a huge controversy. Facing protests and a possible lawsuit from Hannah-Jones, the board voted to grant her tenure in late June.

Hannah-Jones then announced she would be joining Howard University.

In her email to King, Harper had been asking about the process.

“She deserves tenure. Her package is perhaps the best I’ve ever seen,” King replied, later adding in the email: “Protect Nikole. She deserves it and I’m doing all I can to make this right. We really want her here.”

King addressed Hannah-Jones’ decision to teach at Howard in a prepared statement.

“We wish her nothing but deep success and the hope that UNC can learn from this long tenure drama about how we must change as a community of scholars in order to grow as a campus that lives by its stated values of being a diverse and welcoming place for all,” King said.

King’s email comes to light as the notion of “objectivity” in reporting is under fire by UNC’s journalism professors.


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I would like to see every decent white basketball player in NC file a suit against UNC for not getting recruited to the team. That is the kind of push-back which would have a very observable effect. Demand that the demographics of the team represent those in the state and for them to explain how their racism is different than the racism (actually merit) that they accuse us of on a daily basis. To date, they have waged a war with no risks to their side, so we need to create some.

Most observers outside the “bubble” see (1) a talented journalist who over-reached and played her hand badly with a shoddy and indefensible theory of what the US is all about and (2) coastal elites and other progressives (many of whom may know how flawed the 1619 Project is, while others may not care) rushing to her defense to avoid being called racists for calling her out. Sad, because she is talented and the history of slavery in the Western Hemisphere in general and the US in particular and its relationship to the economy and to white people’s attitudes needs to be taught and understood.

    drsamherman in reply to RRRR. | August 4, 2021 at 11:45 pm

    NO. What most people who are not indoctrinated see is a self-important hack who believed she was entitled to a job for life, despite the fact that she has no teaching experience and major errors in scholarship which she had to quietly retract and rescind.

    She is not talented, brave or even courageous. She wraps herself in the screen name (Ida Bae Wells) who was courageous and exposed horrible indignities and violence and who was everything that the professorette is not.