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Inmate Reportedly Pregnant After California Allows Housing Biological Men With Women

Inmate Reportedly Pregnant After California Allows Housing Biological Men With Women

“We have now heard from seven different people inside CCWF [Central California Women’s Facility] that at least one woman, possibly more, is now pregnant after being housed with a male felon…”

The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), a self-described radical women’s group, claimed a California inmate is pregnant after a law allowed the state to house biological men with females.

“We have now heard from seven different people inside CCWF [Central California Women’s Facility] that at least one woman, possibly more, is now pregnant after being housed with a male felon who was transferred to the women’s prison under SB132,” WoLF tweeted.

Around 216 inmates requested a transfer after the law went into effect on January 1.

WoLF reported on July 15 the CCWF had pregnancy resources and free condoms to prepare for SB132:

New posters recently appeared in medical rooms outlining the options available to “pregnant people” in prison, including prenatal care, abortion, and adoption. The poster also declares that women have the right to “contraceptive counseling and your choice of birth control methods by a licensed health care provider within 60-180 days prior to scheduled release date.” However, the only methods available to incarcerated women to prevent pregnancy are condoms, which appeared shortly after the men, and Plan B emergency contraceptives. (Full poster text, as reported to us from inside).

By the time of the report, almost 300 people requested a transfer.

“So far, only about 20 of the transfers have been processed (and exactly zero transfer requests have been denied) — leaving hundreds of men, many of whom are sex offenders, awaiting entry into the women’s estate,” noted WoLF.

WoLF accused the prison of not being able to prevent violence against women inmates:

The prison has been unable to prevent or stop sexual activity between male inmates housed with incarcerated women, though. Sources tell us there have been incidents of sexual assault, as well as illicit sexual activity between the male inmates and women, putting the women at risk of pregnancy and disease, including HIV, as well as increased risk of disciplinary actions that can affect chances of parole. Avoiding the negative consequences of sex between males and females is, of course, one reason why prisons are single-sex to begin with.

“The nearly 300 pending transfers are only the beginning of the invasion of women’s prisons by violent male inmates, including convicted murderers and rapists,” WoLF warned.


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Who would’ve have thunk it.

    UserP in reply to Exiliado. | August 9, 2021 at 8:08 pm

    I don’t know. What are the chances? A million to one? It would be like being struck by lightning or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being raped by Capitol rioters.

      Ben Kent in reply to UserP. | August 10, 2021 at 7:41 pm


      Institutionalized abuse of women. But the feminists are okay with it because it packaged as woke. Feminists no longer seem to care about women’s rights. They have moved on to other issues. Women should be worried about what shit the feminists are enabling now.

    henrybowman in reply to Exiliado. | August 10, 2021 at 12:35 am

    I can’t wait for our irreligious left to explain all these virgin births.
    Well, maybe not virgin per se, but you get the idea.
    I guess when your worldview includes knee-slappers like “men can have periods,” it’s a short hop to “women can supply sperm.”
    Pretty soon the words man and woman will be so meaningless that it will take all the satisfaction out of the trans experience.
    A guy will stand up tall and shout, ‘I’m a woman!” and everybody will shout back, “So what?”

I think we were told this never would happen.
But then Leftism is only one stage thinking.

Subotai Bahadur | August 9, 2021 at 7:43 pm

I believe that they had a similar problem in the GULAG. The response was functionally to allow and officially ignore it, by staff or fellow Zek‘s. This being the Peoples’ Democrat Republic of Alta California I expect the same.

Part of the benefits of a Socialist State.

Subotai Bahadur

Yeah, nobody could have seen this coming! Kinda predicting the Sun rising in the east

Is the pregnant one one of the men.

Use norplant and chemical castration. Pregnancy problem solved. Isolate the biological women away from the biological men. Male on female rape problem solved.

    That would require labels and judgments that are politically congruent. That said, as when #MeToo, conducted its witch hunts too close to home, there may yet be push-back from the Humpties, Dumpties, and general population, too.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | August 9, 2021 at 8:13 pm

So if “Trans-Women” are “Women,” then women can’t make women pregnant.

I am concerned that the raping of women in prison will get so out of hand that feminazi’s will finally call a stop to it. Nothing like having a chick with a humongous dick in your cell with you. Try to get some sleep ladies. It’s gonna be hard… literally hard.

But we knew this was coming, didn’t we?

Why do I not feel sympathy for these women? You got the “equal rights’ you were looking for.

    You can’t help it, can you.

    On one hand, you’re right. On the other hand, we should be wary to exercise liberal license to indulge diversity dogma. While feminists may be chauvinists, they are not all caste in the same mold (“bloc”), and not all criminals, let alone women, are feminists.

    AnAdultInDiapers in reply to AF_Chief_Master_Sgt. | August 10, 2021 at 3:27 pm

    The women have an equal right not to be victims of a rape culture – a term devised to describe the state of US mens prisons.

    Perhaps preventing prison rape should be a priority, no matter the gender of the victim. That way we can both sympathise with them and still support equal rights.

      AF_Chief_Master_Sgt in reply to AnAdultInDiapers. | August 10, 2021 at 8:14 pm

      Sorry. No sympathy.

      henrybowman in reply to AnAdultInDiapers. | August 10, 2021 at 9:04 pm

      What you’re seeing is the principle of equity in action. The government has been systemically incompetent at preventing rape in men’s prisons. Equity demanded they take positive action to screw up women’s prisons so as to guarantee the same outcome to all.

The same thing happens on Navy ships. All you have is seamen of various ranks and functions and suddenly there’s pregnancy.

    Boys chase girls chase boys is an ancient truism.

    Arminius in reply to rhhardin. | August 10, 2021 at 6:13 pm

    I started racking up sea time before women were allowed to serve in naval combatants, and then of course after all ships were opened to women except submarines (I have no sea time in subs). It was a totally different dynamic. Before, the atmosphere aboard ships was very businesslike. I’m not saying we didn’t have disciplinary problems. Consider the outfit I had joined. But nothing like after women could serve in warships. I felt more like a high school hall monitor than a naval officer. You couldn’t keep the boys and girls off each other with a crowbar.

    I shouldn’t say high school hall monitor. A Resident Assistant in a college dorm? Because had these young men and women gone to college they’d have been immersed in a hook-up culture and would have been doing the same thing. And the girls were just as much a disciplinary problem as the boys. They just caused different kinds of problems, not fewer problems.

    Let me introduce you to the concept of the WESTPAC 10. Females who might have been considered average in the U.S. get treated like movie stars aboard ship or in remote locations like Diego Garcia. It can go to their heads. What kind of trouble can that lead to? A female Navy officer saw a business opportunity on DGAR; she started a prostitution ring and started pimping out female enlisted Sailors. That’s not very common, but it wasn’t unheard of. Fraternization is definitely common. When I was stationed in Japan (for some reason Japan is to alien a culture for some Americans’ taste so they live their entire social lives aboard naval/military installations) a female Navy officer slept her way through the entire Marine barracks.

    Not the best thing for good order and discipline.

    Fun social engineering fact: It used to be the U.S. armed forces would “show their work” when it came to social engineering. For a very good reason, as the author of a test case of a racially integrated crew during WWII explains.

    “…The proposal had to be and was based solely on military and naval effectiveness. This was because, first, that was the origin of the idea; second, because I was sure that it was the only legitimate basis for considering a plan for racial integration of the armed forces during wartime. Everyone forgets to a greater or lesser extent the progress that has been made socially in this country in the area of race relations in the years since World War II. The big civil rights programs started with President Truman. I did not consciously think of the program as a “civil rights” program. It was to me a program for increased military effectiveness. It will be remembered that President Franklin Roosevelt, basically a liberal on social issues, said during the war that Dr. New Deal has been replaced by Dr. Win The War.

    To bring about the use of Negroes in seagoing units in their best skills required a change in the rule of the Coast Guard and Navy that Negroes would not be accepted for or assigned to general ratings. It could be said that they had to be emancipated from the officer’s servant status. But, it was equally clear to me that this could not be done merely by changing the rule. The rule was encrusted with tradition. It was based on long experience that, in general, Negroes joining the Coast Guard or Navy did not have mechanical or other skills. This was probably because of: 1) the previous educational opportunities, 2) the generally rural southern society from which Negro enlistees came, and the experience of the Army with all Negro units in World War I. These all-Negro units were labor battalions, used in the most tedious and laborious work and with white officers, most of whom had and exhibited racial prejudice.

    I concluded that there had to be a demonstration that Negroes could serve in general ratings effectively…”

    Spoiler alert: all the senior flag officers in the Navy already knew that black Sailors could do the job; King, Nimitz, Halsey, Spruance, et al. The Navy had been integrated before WWI. When they graduated from the Naval Academy in the late 19th/early 20th century and had their first operational assignments they had black Sailors. But it was racist southern DEMOCRAT President Woodrow Wilson who segregated the Navy during WWI. In fact at the start of WWII there were black senior enlisted Sailors who had joined the Navy prior to Wilson’s edict and had been grandfathered in as Torpedomen, Gunner’s Mates, Quartermasters, etc. (the fact that they had been promoted to Chief and were still serving undermines the false notion that the Navy itself was inherently racist).

    The flag officers were frustrated. They knew black Sailors could serve in general ratings. They had before Wilson was elected, and they had seen it with their own eyes. But after Wilson, blacks (and Chinese and Filipino Sailors) could only go to sea as stewards in the officers’ wardroom. There were only a few billets for stewards aboard any naval ship. Which meant most black Sailors were assigned to shore duty and generally used as laborers. This frustrated black Sailors who wanted to go to sea (also look up the Port Chicago disaster for further reading on why black Sailors believed with good reason they were ill used). White Sailors were constantly being sent into combat and resented the fact they couldn’t get shore duty because with all the black Sailors there weren’t enough shore billets available. There were in fact race riots in the Navy during WWII and it was one of those rare instances when everyone had a point.

    So the Navy and black AND white Sailors had to prove, AGAIN, that the Navy would be more efficient with integrated crews. Believe it or not, but the white Sailors didn’t much care if black Sailors served in ratings other than Mess Steward. Because even when the Navy was segregated, that didn’t effect the black Sailors’ general quarters station. Gun captains would actively recruit who ever they believed would help their gun crew be the fastest, most accurate gun crew aboard. If a black Mess Steward was big and strong enough to be First Shellman on a 5″ Dual Purpose gun mount the gun captain would recruit him even if the gun captain was from the heart of Dixie and grew up surrounded by Klansmen. The entire crew would pool their money, officer and enlisted, and offer cash prizes to the fastest gun crews (there were practice mounts where the crews would load, fire, and eject dummy rounds as fast as they could for set periods of time; they practiced on a daily basis and held their occasional competitions on those). Sometimes the prize money would have been enough to buy a relatively expensive new car like a Buick, had new cars been available.

    White Sailors didn’t care if the orderly shoving his fist into the hole where his arm used to be while getting him to the aid station was black. Or vice versa.

    You will never, ever, see the U.S. armed forces “show their work” when it comes to social engineering again. Because unlike Cdr. Carlton Skinner, USCGR (ret) who proposed the test case aboard USS Sea Cloud, those authoring the social engineering are purely political actors who are attempting to please their PC masters and who don’t give a s*** about the effect it has on combat effectiveness or morale. So they issue a royal decree before the social engineering even starts that it WILL BE a success. In other words, THERE WILL BE NO PROBLEMS because if they catch wind that anybody has noticed their social justice experiments are a terrible idea then that anybody will be punished, reeducated, and if that anybody persists then that anybody who takes issue with it will be ending their career. The problems with putting women in combat, gays in the armed forces, and opening everything to transgenders (including requiring the armed forces to provide “gender affirmation surgery) are myriad. There are certain jobs women simply don’t have the strength to do. Militaries that are serious about winning wars realize this. That’s why last year (it might have been 2019) the IDF closed armor to women. The IDF has two battalions that are open to women; in fact women make up most of those units strength. The Caracal battalion was the first, later the IDF formed the Lions of Judah. They are not, however considered front line infantry divisions. They function primarily as border guard units; the Caracal patrols the Israeli/Egyptian border, a country with which Israel ostensibly has a peace treaty. Likewise, the Lions of Judah as you might expect if you own a map patrols the Israeli/Jordanian border, another country with which Israel ostensibly has a border.

    The IDF opened armor to women as an experiment, then closed the field to women when it proved they were more of a hindrance than an asset. They simply can’t change tracks on armored vehicles in the field.

    Based upon my lessons learned before I retired the U.S. armed forces would unlike the IDF cover this up and retaliate against anyone who dared leak this information (like they are telling the troops to shut up about high COVID rates and secret transportation of illegals being housed temporarily on military installations near the southern border OR ELSE!). And how can this not have morale circling the drain? When Nidal Hasan gunned down a couple dozen soldiers aboard Fort Hood in 2009, the Army COS GEN Casey’s response was contemptible. He said the mass murder was a tragedy, but it would be an even greater tragedy if it interfered with his diversity initiatives. Got that, Soldiers? If it’s going to cost lives, your lives, for your senior leadership to keep their precious social engineering experiments so the leftist SJWs will be pleased enough to let them retire with four stars, meh, who cares. It’s a small price to pay.

    But don’t you dare complain when that Muslim soldier explains in great detail (as former Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan did in a powerpoint presentation to his stunned colleagues) why Allah demands he kill you if the Army makes him choose between his duty and his religion. There have been Soldiers and Marines who predicted their own deaths when assigned to train their Afghan National Army “counterparts.” They have to stand their post night after night, listening to the Afghan soldier who only joined the ANA to kill Americans threaten their lives. Does the leadership want to hear that info? Hell, no, because like with all their other SJW initiatives THERE WILL BE NO PROBLEMS, therefore they better not hear about any problems, and all they want to hear is THIS EXPERIMENT IS A SUCCESS. Then of course when the Soldier or Marine is killed in a green-on-blue murder the official word is that no one could have predicted this “tragedy,” and “we may never know the motive.”

    The Navy hasn’t been exactly been covering itself in glory by demonstrating it can’t perform basic tasks like, oh I don’t know, basic navigation, fire fighting, or operating in heavily trafficked commercial sea lanes, As one commander, one of the 94% of respondents to a congressional investigation led by a retired Marine general officer and a retired Navy flag officer who blamed senior leadership and the systemic problems they’ve deliberately caused for the mishaps, put it what you are required to spend your time on shows what the Navy’s priorities are. And it’s priorities are Sexual Assault Prevention and Reporting (SAPR) training, women in combat, and they joys of serving in a gender fluid and sexually liberated (for gays) sea service.

    Green Peace is less gay.

    The Navy brass treats Sailors leaving the service as fast as they can get out like typical leftists treat voter fraud. It’s not happening, it’s never happened, it never will happen, anybody who becomes a whistleblower and provides evidence is QAnon, there is no evidence, there will be no investigation to see if evidence can be found, any proposed investigation will be crushed before it begins.

    Gee, it’s almost like the leftists running the show have something to hide it seems.

I’m surprised that the real women aren’t filing lawsuits for cruel and unusual punishment, being locked away with serial rapists and murderers.

Here in WA, a guard in the main women’s prison has told me the problems caused by several men pretending to be women who got transferred there. It turns out there are many more demanding to be transferred to women’s prisons.

This guard tells me that the majority of sex predators in the men’s prisons have said they identify as women and want to get transferred. The women’s prisons are cushier, and they have an unlimited supply of potential sex objects.

    Andy in reply to OldProf2. | August 9, 2021 at 10:21 pm

    We have heard the same about Wa women’s prisons. It’s turned into rape town due to this nonsense. This was from someone close to us whose family member who has cycled through in recent years.

    It’s known and Inslee is sweeping it under the carpet big time.

    But Dems love women inmates like they love women’s sports.

    Arminius in reply to OldProf2. | August 11, 2021 at 1:19 pm

    The idea that men can become women and vice versa merely by having hormone treatments and cosmetic surgery is lunacy. I’ve written before about how the left is openly employing the same coercive persuasion (informally known as brainwashing or mind control) techniques used by cults and totalitarian dictatorships (which are in fact cults; cults of personality). I won’t go into the techniques; the important thing is that the goal of is the same. By using force to change how you think and feel, the cult forces you to abandon your own faith in your ability to perceive reality on your own, and indeed even your desire to try. And instead you blindly accept whatever your cult leaders tell you is the current reality.

    Yesterday little William was a boy. Today she’s Wilhelmina and she’s a girl. Don’t you dare say Wilhelmina is still William just because you think you see a penis when forced to shower next to Wilhelmina in the locker room! Genitals like gender are simply a social construct (yes, transgender activists are now claiming that very thing). Don’t think. You don’t have the ability to think. We’ll tell you what to think.

    Next week comes along and Wilhelmina is gone. William is back. The cult members must blindly obey and accept that current reality.

    Or, obey the science, peasant! Which is whatever St. Fauci says it is today.

    I’ve been lectured to by trans activists that anyone who claims to be a man is a man even if xi menstruates, has a vagina, ovaries, a uterus, and is pregnant. Anyone who claims to be a woman is a woman even if “they” have a penis.

    So we need to ignore the above story.

    And this story:

    And this story:

    And this story:

    You know, peasants, your moral and intellectual betters wouldn’t have to threaten you with taking away your ability to make a living, to buy food, and, hell, even with execution if you serfs would just do what you’re told from minute to contradictory minute.

      Arminius in reply to Arminius. | August 11, 2021 at 1:35 pm

      I couldn’t resist just one more.

      “UK — Scotland. The male CEO of a rape crisis refuge is facing social media backlash after remarking during an interview that survivors of sexual violence may be “bigots” with “unacceptable beliefs” who need to “rethink [their] relationship with prejudice” if they are uncomfortable being in a rape refuge alongside male individuals who self-identify as women. Continue reading Transgender Rape Crisis Refuge CEO Says Survivors May be Bigots Who’ll be “Challenged” on “Prejudices” |

      Women Are Human. Read more at:

      Yeah, this is just what women who are still in shock and probably suffering from PTSD need. Vicious trans activists turning rape crisis centers (and of course battered women’s shelters) into trans reeducation camps where they can be berated into compliance with their political agenda.

      These trans people are either victims or they turn into monsters.

      Bonus fun fact: If you develop a chronic disease/condition while in the armed forces you can be medically retired (you can be prosecuted for a false enlistment if you knew about the disease/condition when you joined and concealed it). Some conditions require that you have to leave the service. For instance, diabetes. You can’t deploy if you require a special diet. You certainly can’t deploy if you’re insulin dependent. You have to be physically able to deploy where ever Uncle Sugar needs to send you, and that means your special food and your prescriptions aren’t going to be included in the supplies you’ll periodically get. We’re not running a concierge prescription service.

      If you are diabetic and require insulin, you’re out.

      But, hey, transgenders are welcome. I’m sure we’ll deliver your custom hormone treatments where ever YOU are.

      Or you’ll just never deploy and everyone else will carry your end of the log.

      PC before victory!

Really? Wow, who would have thought that could happen. Well, anyone other than a libtard apparently.

Easy fix, no more men’s prison or women’s prison. Instead you have penis prisons and vagina prisons. Does not matter what your birth certificate says or what you identify as go by the equipment you have. When you get convicted drop your pants and go to whichever prison matches your equipment. Problem solved.

Capsaicin_Addict | August 10, 2021 at 8:47 am

The irony of libertarians/conservatives and radical feminists finding common ground has not escaped me.

PersonofInterests | August 10, 2021 at 4:30 pm

Oopsie! Do we need to wonder who is going to pick up the tab for the delivery and care of kid?

They should make the politicians who made it possible with their stupid decision to house them together pay.

Ditto the Military with women aboard ships at sea, especially submarines because Submariners do it deep.