Image 01 Image 03 Has Grown and We’ve Now Catalogued Almost 400 Schools Has Grown and We’ve Now Catalogued Almost 400 Schools

We’ve also branched out to include resources for K-12, and are about to unveil a new state level tracking feature.

In February, the Legal Insurrection Foundation launched We began by cataloguing instances of diversity and equity training, critical race training, and other such curriculum, events, and happenings on close to 150 college campuses. Immediately upon its introduction to the public, the site exploded. Not literally, but the site garnered 1 million page views overnight and our inboxes were flooded.

We quickly learned that this is an issue of great concern for many people nationwide. has been the vehicle through which we’ve connected with people all over the country who are working to push back against mandates which require its implementation into all levels of education. We have since catalogued almost 400 institutions of higher education, though not all engage in CRT or something similar. We’ve also branched out to include resources for K-12, and are about to unveil a new state level tracking feature. We are not slowing down. The site and its publicly (and FREE) available resources grow daily. We’ve assembled a great little team who are diligently plugging away, doing tremendous work.

Our work on the subject led to Professor Jacobson’s invitation to speak to state legislators working to manage the scourge of race-based dogma.

As is always the case with things we do here at LIF, there’s much we do behind the scenes in this space in terms of support for individuals and groups that we don’t always publicize.

We are very busy, and grateful to be involved in doing what is truly crucial work.


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OwenKellogg-Engineer | August 9, 2021 at 8:01 pm

Thank you for your tireless efforts!

I truly wish I had recorded the Baylor overview last week.

My son attended a College Audition Prep Intensive for students applying to Music/Theater programs. Acceptance is two stage in those programs, College and then auditions into the programs themselves.

Anyway 25 colleges with excellent programs in those two spheres gave overviews of their programs as part of their recruitment while students worked on mock auditions to their schools.

Baylor had a 5 min prepared speech that apologized for everything short of continuing to breathe air.

Very off putting and creepy. Not a school my son is interested in fortunately.

A superb and incredibly well documented database of CRT in higher education.

Certainly a great tool for parents and prospective scholars, but also extremely daunting seeing the almost maniacal obsession with race (anti whiteness) that has become seemingly the most important focus for all the racially woke “educators”..

Mind-bending affirmative action, a tried and failed experiment that will cause resentment on the one hand, and anger from the URM group being treated as deficient and incapable of achieving, without intense support and special protective treatment.

As the CRT foundation, specializes in reverse racism and reverse entitlement it will become a source of increased and harmful reverse discrimination, hardly a recipe for racial harmony..