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Branco Cartoon – Woke Kills

Branco Cartoon – Woke Kills

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

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The entire administration is asleep in a Woke coma.

In this image – The Taliban sneaking by – could just have easily been Mexican Drug Cartels sneaking past our border under our America hating elites.

Why does the Taliban guy even have to be quiet? Milley needs to go TODAY. Such a disgrace.

Climate change & white supremacy are absolutely the most important and most imminent threats to the United States .

At least in terms of threats to the effectiveness of the US Military.

I like that Branco armed the Taliban clown with a reasonable facsimile of an appropriated AMERICAN M-16/M-4.

A relevant detail given all the US hardware gifted to the terrorist group by the Failure in Chief.

I thought it was going to be a cartoon oh Milley asleep at the wheel, But the fat bastard is to lazy to get up from his desk and go to the wheel.

Milley and Lloyd Austin are two class-A useful idiots. They are helping to bring oppression and war to the world. We’re entering a very dark era, and a race by every vulnerable nation in the world to obtain nukes.

Most scary is Biden’s signal he will never use America’s nukes, no.matter what. Taiwan should begin dismantling its sensitive tech machinery and getting it out of Taiwan before China invades. Better yet: pull out all stops on developing nuclear bombs.

More than anything else, this has exposed how UTTERLY WEAK AND COWARDLY the woke SJW bullies are.

They spew buzz words and scream about ‘oppression’ because they know that gullible Americans will give them what they want because we actually BELIEVE in equality and equal opportunity.

When faced with people that will ACTUALLY oppress them, take away their rights and freedoms, and kill those that dare stand up to them, the woke cowards run and hide and say mean things on Twitter from the safe havens of their homes.

They’ll call conservatives ‘terrorists’ because they think it gives them power. They won’t lift a fucking finger to help the women being ACTUALLY oppressed under the Taliban.

I hope the world has taken note as to exactly what all of the woke bullshit about ‘equality’ means in the face of somebody that will ACTUALLY take it away.

Awesome ‘toon, Mr. Branco! Spot-on, in its assessments.