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Branco Cartoon – Sock Puppet

Branco Cartoon – Sock Puppet

Wizard of Odd

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Fair enough, Obama didn’t want fingerprints.
Mission accomplished now, no fingerprints.

When Obama was president it’s quite clear he was not really in charge. It’s obvious that someone else was behind the scenes running things. Obama didn’t get to be president by his own brains or effort. He is totally inept. He is nothing more than a useful idiot who cannot speak to a class of first graders without a teleprompter. So how is it he is running things now?

    Obama is still a puppet, and still doing the bidding of his handlers. He did learn a lot in 8 years, and amassed a lot more power, having appointed countless leftists to positions of power in government.

I’m just going to leave this, here. Some wag slightly re-wrote that deceptive FDA tweet from over the weekend.

It’s just a reminder that corruption of the FDA is real and important, too.

This administration is a shambling disaster on so many levels.

2smartforlibs | August 23, 2021 at 10:10 am

You know Soros has his hand up Obama