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Biden Administration Naively Hoping the Public Will Just Move on From Afghanistan Disaster

Biden Administration Naively Hoping the Public Will Just Move on From Afghanistan Disaster

“he and his aides believe the political fallout at home will be limited, according to White House allies and administration officials”

Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has been a disaster, in both a humanitarian and political sense. Americans are watching horrific images coming out of Kabul on their TVs, computers and phones, while Biden seems frozen, unable to respond in any meaningful way.

While we still don’t know what the plan is for the humanitarian side of the crisis, we do know how the Biden team is planning to deal with the political fallout.

They’re going to try to ride it out. The Biden team seems to think this is just a bad news cycle or a Twitter mob which will subside after a matter of days. They are so mistaken.

Reuters reports:

Biden Afghanistan policy counts on war weary Americans to lose interest

President Joe Biden is brushing off criticism of his administration’s chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal because he and his aides believe the political fallout at home will be limited, according to White House allies and administration officials.

Biden and his top aides argue they are managing an evacuation mission as well as could be expected given the faster-than-anticipated takeover of the country by Taliban insurgents, and are seeking to draw attention back to the choice to get U.S. troops out of the country.

The strategy is based on internal and public polling that shows the Afghanistan withdrawal had been by far the most popular decision Biden has made, even though the issue was not central for most voters.

“The public opinion is pretty damn clear that Americans wanted out of the ongoing war and don’t want to get back in. It’s true today and it’s going to be true in six months,” said one Biden ally. “It isn’t about not caring or being empathetic about what’s going on over there, but worrying about what’s happening in America.”

The Biden administration is making the same mistake many of his supporters are making on social media. They are conflating the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which most Americans support, with the way it was handled, which has been a living nightmare.

W. James Antle III of the Washington Examiner says this could be the moment that ends up defining Biden:

Biden risks being defined by Afghanistan crisis

Throughout last year’s campaign for the White House, all the way through the beginning of President Joe Biden’s term, it was a common refrain: Republicans couldn’t find a line of attack that stuck to him .

That may change following the collapse of Afghanistan’s U.S.-backed government at the hands of the Taliban weeks before the 20th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. Republicans have no shortage of Biden criticisms that finally seem to be landing.

I think Biden has already been defined by this. It is the culmination of a 50 year career spent being wrong about pretty much every foreign policy issue, as Robert Gates famously said.

Whether his team realizes it or not, Biden has also been defined by the image at the top of this post. Twice during the last week, Biden has turned his back on the press, and by extension the country, as this disaster has unfolded.

Do the people around the president think this matter will be resolved in a couple of weeks? Can you imagine a scenario in which Biden is offering remarks on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 while Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan?

This is not going to blow over like a bad news cycle. It is naive and dangerous to think it will.


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Biden will be gone in 2 weeks.

Watch the press, the Democrats and about a third of the Republican party do exactly that.

    Ben Kent in reply to Valerie. | August 20, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    Actually, this whole sad episode seems to have jarred some of the press out of the stupor.

    For the first time, I see MSM being highly critical of Biden. Finally a disaster they can actually report on. I think their editors did not have time to think of how they can spin this.

    All the other disasters – Border, Covid, etc they have a tight censorship rules in place.

    Maybe hey will finally realize Biden is a sinking ship and will break all ties with him ?
    > Not likely – but one can dream.

      Dathurtz in reply to Ben Kent. | August 20, 2021 at 8:06 pm

      They got their marching orders to torch Biden. We shouldn’t confuse that with honesty.

      Olinser in reply to Ben Kent. | August 20, 2021 at 9:36 pm

      The press are literally being more critical of Biden than the RINOs at this point.

      Kinda funny how quiet pieces of trash like Romney and Murkowski got all of a sudden.

        CommoChief in reply to Olinser. | August 20, 2021 at 10:18 pm

        The establishment r are at least smart enough to keep out of the way while their political opposition turns upon itself. Maybe.

        It’s also convenient to hide their own culpability in this two decade cascading failure.

        “Kinda funny how quiet pieces of trash like Romney and Murkowski got all of a sudden….”

        They got their orders.

2smartforlibs | August 20, 2021 at 4:39 pm

The 21% that backs the left already has. Those are the ones we need to target and show the light.

“This is not going to blow over like a bad news cycle. It is naive and dangerous to think it will.”

I sure hope you’re right. I think the press et al will turn on Biden and he’ll be forced from office.

But the problem is far, far bigger than Biden.

The problem is largely the press and they won’t change.

They’ll make much of the fact that the non compus mentus president is gone, so “problem solved.”

They and their progressive fellow-travelers will then continue their Gramscian “march through the institutions.”

    Brave Sir Robbin in reply to Brian. | August 20, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    The evidence is mounting via news reporting that the Taliban is not letting Americans through check points to get to the airport. This may be poor coordination amongst the Taliban, or it could be that they are trying to string out the crisis either for political/propaganda purposes, or shake down Biden for money.

    If I were China, I would be telling the Taliban that I will make it very much worth their while to make it as difficult as possible on the Americans. I will offer big bucks and all the weapons they need, plus diplomatic cover. In other words, if I were the Chinese, I would be sending the Taliban lawyers, guns and money, and I would want them to lay siege to the airport. I would want all the French and Brits out. I just do not need that complication. But during that evacuation, some Americans will leak through and get out.

    Worry big time if walls or fences come down and tens of thousands of panicked Afghans get on the airport. That will likely be the signal of a siege starting as their presence will greatly complicate controlling and supply the airport.

    The closest modern military analogy I can come up with here is Dien Bien Phu, except it could be worse.

This disaster of incompetence will shade every issue the Dems try to advance from now on. The questions that will hang over them are, “How will they screw up this time?” And, “Will they screw the American people like they did the Americans in Afghanistan?”

We can’t let them squirm away from this. These questions must continually be asked.

Biden is the screw-up-in-chief, but all the Dems need to be held accountable for replacing the best and brightest with incompetent “woke” party loyalists. This is the playbook of all failed socialist governments.

    Antifundamentalist in reply to Angel. | August 20, 2021 at 5:38 pm

    I hate to say it, but the MSM is in collusion with the Dems. They will make light of every disaster until someone comes in, cuts power on their mics and cuts off their typing fingers. By that point, there won’t be an America left.

      I think your 90% right. I have seen some MSM talking heads express criticism of Biden. I think it’s because the editors and producers who are the usual ideological gatekeepers have not yet figure out how to spin this fast-moving Shit Show. Maybe this will be the thing that finally opens Biden to real reporting by MSM. But more likely the editors will regroup and work out some talking points to run cover for Biden again.

        The goal is chaos and then facism: with the MSM remaining in the “1%”.

        We’ve just seen Pelosi’s hitman Michael Byrd get away with murdering Ashli Battit.

        How many other people has Pelosi had killed?

    henrybowman in reply to Angel. | August 21, 2021 at 9:29 pm

    “This is not going to blow over like a bad news cycle. It is naive and dangerous to think it will.”

    Yes, but for once the continuing pain will be felt almost entirely by the Democrats.

He’s so green, maybe. That said, premature evacuation, catastrophic athropogenic immigration reform, a choice… Choice or two poorly considered.

I don’t see how this can be spun into a narrative of success by the administration. The fire dept can’t get credit for putting out a house fire when they committed arson.

Your confusing Joe Biden as someone who needs to be concerned with anything.

He’s not running again.

He can’t remember what he had for breakfast.

He’s pretty sure he’s the President (on most days) and that’s enough.

He’s done nothing his entire career and he’ll be dead a year or 2 out of office so it’s not like he’s going to anguish over performance polling now, later or ever.

His life is complete and lacks nothing. Not so great for the rest of us.

Biden’s explanation of his decision to go ahead and leave Afghanistan was essentially that he was boxed in by actions Trump had already taken in that direction. I got the distinct impression that if Trump hadn’t got the ball rolling the Biden administration would have simply kept muddling along the way Obama did.

So, popular or not, there’s no way Biden should be given credit for ending the long war when even he admits he was pushed into it.

Dear God. He’s turned his back, as if he’s welcoming some form of execution.

Sounds like the press is getting their new talking points. Ignore the disaster in Afghanistan and it will go to the back burner of America’s worries.
Worked for the blm/antifa riots, worked for Hunter’s laptop, works for the woman who said biden* molested her. And on and on and on. The lamestream will be backing off probably Monday as the admin strong arms them over the weekend.

    “lamestream”? They have virtually enslaved us. Not so lame, are they?

    WE are the lame ones for allowing it to happen.

    Our only way out is to leave the corrupt and useless behind, and build a smaller, if not better America.

    jb4 in reply to 4fun. | August 20, 2021 at 11:00 pm

    Unfortunately, I think there is zero chance that no Americans get killed. Unless deaths can be hidden, how does that not escalate the political consequences? As an aside, how is it not known how many US citizens are in the country?

Summer of love. Haji style.

And where is Biden’s puppet master through all of this, Barry O? Playing golf at Farm Neck?

That photo of tired, old, worn out, feeble-minded, bald-headed liar Biden with his back to the camera walking away from the country is the perfect symbol of his presidency.

If you could see into the next room you would see an elderly patient sitting in a wheel chair with a presidential blanket on his lap. And you would not see him walking any more till the cameras are turned back on.