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Politico: Democrats “Scared” Over Critical Race Pushback

Politico: Democrats “Scared” Over Critical Race Pushback

The pushback is real. And it’s spectacular.

If you have been following our coverage of the pushback against Critical Race Theory as implemented in education, particularly K-12, you would know what Politico is now reporting. The pushback is real, it’s grassroots, and it’s not restricted to “red” states and voters.

The claims you hear from the pre-planned Messaging Guide from teachers unions and leftist foundations about “astroturf” and “right wing dark money” are propaganda. It’s real, and even happening in deep blue Rhode Island.

Politico reports, ‘People are scared’: Democrats lose ground on school equity plans:

On the national level, Democrats have insisted that the brush fires over critical race theory — which has become a political punching bag even for unrelated equity initiatives — are largely the work of right-wing activists who willfully misrepresent what it means, and they blame Fox News for fanning parents’ anger….

But those Democrats appear to be underestimating parents’ anger in places where critical race theory is top of mind. Objections to new equity plans are not the sole province of conservatives but extend to many moderate and independent voters, according to POLITICO interviews with school board members, political operatives and activists in Democratic and left-leaning communities including the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.; Palm Beach County, Fla.; New York’s Westchester County; Maricopa County covering Phoenix, Ariz.; and suburban Detroit….

The stakes aren’t lost on Amanda Litman, founder of the Democratic organization Run for Something, which works to elect school board members and other local officials: “This is a perfect storm of something that can appeal to, or draw back in, some of the suburban parents that might have voted Republican in 2016, Democrat in 2018 and 2020, but could be drawn back to the Republican Party in 2022.”

But Democrats should not ignore the potentially potent politics around critical race theory, said Litman of Run for Something, who compared anxiety about critical race theory to the fear of “death panels” during 2009’s Obamacare debate.

“The Republican Party historically has used this kind of panic effectively,” Litman said. “And they have managed to unite a few different components of anxiety — racial anxiety, anxiety about schools that came up through the pandemic and who’s managing schools, and this idea of cancel culture — in one.”

The pushback is real. And it’s spectacular.


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stevewhitemd | July 26, 2021 at 5:06 pm

“astroturf”: that’s what Democrats do.

“right wing dark money”: evil, but “left wing dark money” (much, much, more) is just fine, and indeed needed to keep the movement alive, since they don’t do real grassroots.

Is there any issue that Democrats do not go to excess? This is one case where the result may be devastating to them, deservedly so.

Don’t for get the schools trying to involve children in sex.

What business do the schools have trying to get a 4th grader discussing sexuality anyways? It does not even exist prior to puberty.

JusticeDelivered | July 26, 2021 at 5:33 pm

Just wait until schools try to pass mileages. Then they will see the full consequences of their arrogance.

Notice that at no time in that article is unhappiness with the race-heavy curriculum portrayed as legitimate. They use terms like “panic” and “racial anxiety. ”

They also only analyze the furor in terms of how it can be exploited politically. The actual reasons for people to be upset are ignored.

Propaganda uber alles.

I want to point everyone to a rather amazing video made by a guy who has a following on Youtube, but is quitting it, and finding other online outlets. But he warns what the ADL is doing corrdinating with the left (Facebook, etc.) to build a database of you and I banish us from ANY online presence in the alliance of Facebook, Google, etc, if you are ANTI-DEMOCRAT:


Well, good.

The claims you hear from the pre-planned Messaging Guide from teachers unions and leftist foundations about “astroturf” and “right wing dark money” are propaganda.

I wouldn’t call it propaganda, exactly, because that implies they don’t mean it. I think the left sincerely believes that all “grassroots” movements are actually astroturf, because that’s what their experience tells them. Whenever they appear to have grassroots support on some issue, it’s because they’ve carefully organized it; they know how the sausage is made, so they assume that’s how we operate too.

It’s the same in many areas; they cheat, so they assume “everyone cheats” and therefore we must cheat too. I recall watching the senate hearings into Democrat campaign funding in 1995 or thereabouts, and watching Haley Barbour being grilled by some Democrat senator about a fundraising trip he’d made to Hong Kong. The senator took it for granted that of course that money had been used for campaigning, as if this were a completely obvious thing, and therefore confronted Barbour with it, as if to say, “Aha! What say you now? You did the same as we did”. Barbour explained how the money he raised there was carefully segregated so that none of it could end up being spent for campaigning, and when the astonished Democrat asked why he would do that he answered simply that that’s what the law requires, so of course we do it. That had just not occurred to the Democrat, since he knew very well how his side got around that law.

CRT says all whites are evil racists and all minorities are rather dim. How would they not expect a reaction?

Antifundamentalist | July 26, 2021 at 7:43 pm

We are not all of us “right wing” anything. We are people who can see what is going on and where it is most likely to take us, and that is no where good. We are seeing what “equity” looks like right now in the Olympics with Simone Biles – she earned a first place, but was refused it because she was “too good.” Lowest common denominator, people. That is what they want to foist onto all of us. It isn’t really about race, it is about subjugation and control, race is just the tool they are using to divide us.

The resistance at local school boards is as much about what parents viewed in the zoom based remote learning and the intransigent demands of teacher unions as it is about CRT/Equity, IMO.

In essence I believe folks are unwilling to allow the elites and the credentialed to dictate policy, any policy, without being challenged to provide the reasonable basis that supports those policies.

I certainly hope I am correct about this and that this isn’t a flash but the spark that builds to an enduring flame of not resistance precisely but an insistence that the credentialed stop making unchallenged decrees and that they must show their work and earn support prior to the adoption of their policies.

Given the current state of the democrats, nothing less than Jeremy Corbin level event will begin to address the problem.

I thought the dogeater said CRT was a “who knew” non issue ?

henrybowman | July 27, 2021 at 1:13 am

“The Republican Party historically has used this kind of panic effectively,”

You mean, like the plandemic?

The difference is, when the asteroid hurtling towards us is visible to everybody, the panic is 100% organic.

Democrats are “scared”? Let’s take it up a notch and make them “terrified”.

    lurker9876 in reply to MAJack. | July 27, 2021 at 8:32 am

    Add the members of the fake January 6th House commission. They seem to be desperate, scared, and terrified. They had hoped to build their own narrative of their own defense.

    And they hope it will stick on some wall.

    The Democrats are losing ground to the CRT and they were losing ground to the January 6 “insurrection” narrative. They are also losing round to the 2020 election fraud fiction and voter suppression.

    And the Bidenazi administration is collapsing before our eyes.

To win, we must operate from the underlying principles that govern reality.