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Journalism Professors at UNC-Chapel Hill Protest Objectivity in News Reporting

Journalism Professors at UNC-Chapel Hill Protest Objectivity in News Reporting

“protesting a ‘core values’ statement that upholds objectivity as a key tenet of news reporting”

What are these professors complaining for? We don’t have any objectivity in news reporting anymore. This is actually all about someone objecting to the hiring of Nikole Hannah-Jones.

The College Fix reports:

UNC journalism professors protest ‘objectivity’ in news reporting

Journalism professors at UNC Chapel Hill are protesting a “core values” statement that upholds objectivity as a key tenet of news reporting.

Faculty members of UNC’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media converged last week to bemoan a statement of values that’s etched in granite and is found in the lobby of their school.

The core values statement, installed two years ago, touts objectivity, impartiality, integrity and truth-seeking, and after their kvetching session that statement was reportedly scrapped from the school’s website, the News & Observer reports.

In 2019, Walter Hussman, a UNC alumnus and owner of a media conglomerate of newspapers and other media outlets, donated $25 million to the UNC journalism school. Part of the donation contract installed those values into the school’s wall and mission, according to UNC’s website.

But Hussman had expressed concerns over the hiring of Nikole Hannah-Jones, the architect of the biased New York Times 1619 Project, and she cited the journalism magnate as one reason she rejected the UNC job.

“Faculty say the display gives the impression those statements are values of the school and its faculty, and in a draft of a statement … faculty wrote it should be removed or given more context. The draft also said Hussman’s actions had been harmful to the school’s reputation,” the News & Observer reported.

What’s more, the journalism school dean, Susan King, “told attendees she would explore options with lawyers about what the school can do with the display in the lobby.”


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Hussman should sue to stop them touching the granite display. Or maybe just sue to take back the money now. Let them lose $25 million, the disgusting worms that would call themselves “journalism” without a primary and proud commitment to truth.

Antifundamentalist | July 20, 2021 at 3:49 pm

According to these Teachers, “objectivity, impartiality, integrity and truth-seeking” is Harmful?!?!! That should be grounds for immediate termination of employment. And it pretty much reinforces all we already know about journalism today: The Headlines of Today are all the Lies they think can be shoved down our throats.

I think the School of Journalism dean better speak to the Trustees. I don’t believe the school wants to return a $25 million dollar donation based on the dean’s “wokeness.”

I have never met a member of the media at an AA meeting. I suspect they get hung up on that rigorous honesty requirement. Although used car salesmen and realtors somehow seem to make it in. 😉

Pepsi_Freak | July 22, 2021 at 3:26 pm

It’s amazing (and amusing) that the school would think that being identified with objectivity, impartiality, integrity and truth-seeking would be “harmful to the {Journalism} school’s reputation.” But I guess they know what they stand for.

Hussman made a serious error, if he ever expected to be able to include objectivity, or even any modicum of it, as a condition of his generous gift to his Alma mater. If he is smart, he will sue to get his money back NOW. The so-called “journalism” schools have long since been subsumed by MARXISM 101. The professoriate and most administrative apparatchiks are almost 100% melded. They will eventually CANCEL any and all objectives (and cornerstones), which Hussman had intended!