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Harvard LGBT Alumni Group Board Members Resign Following Diversity Argument

Harvard LGBT Alumni Group Board Members Resign Following Diversity Argument

“HGSC needs to genuinely tackle conversations about race, belonging[,] equity, inclusion and diversity in-house”

Woke people accusing other woke people of being insufficiently woke. The left will even eat their own over this nonsense.

The College Fix reports:

Board members resign from Harvard LGBT alumni group over diversity statement flap

Seven board members from the Harvard Gender and Sexuality Caucus tendered their resignations earlier this month following a spat over the board’s “commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

According to The Crimson, the board’s differences reached a “fever pitch” after several “confrontational” emails were exchanged, with one member demanding the resignation of the Caucus president.

The imbroglio began back in June when board member Julius E.Y. Towers requested a diversity statement be added to the HGSC’s mission statement and bylaws. According to the report, Towers and fellow board member Ricky Ramón felt the rest of the board “insufficiently addressed [the] proposal.”

Towers had emailed that he believed several white board members “appeared less willing to participate in ‘meaningful’ conversations about diversity.” Board member Cody Dean took issue with that, noting the HGSC board had expanded — and became more diverse — in elections this past May, which included the additions of both Towers and Ramón.

Eventually HGSC Board President Meredith Cartwright emailed Towers telling him to “(respectfully) ‘STFU.’” She later apologized, but that too was insufficient for Towers. Soon after, he introduced a motion to remove not only Cartwright from her position(s), but Dean as well.

As tempers continued to flare in email threads, the resignations came:

“HGSC needs to genuinely tackle conversations about race, belonging[,] equity, inclusion and diversity in-house,” [Daniel] Stephens wrote in his resignation email. “Not doing so has cost too much.”

The same day, Towers and board member Khoa T. Pham both resigned. In a joint resignation email, Towers and Pham alleged that the board suffered from a “lack of cultural humility, awareness and respect of diversity and inclusion.”


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So it sounds like the board added some racially diverse members, and those members quickly started scolding the original members for not caring enough about diversity and then quit, making the board again less diverse.

Ah, the work of diversity and inclusion is difficult and uncomfortable. And ridiculous and nonsensical too.

These people are cultists.

I’m a simple son of a gun. I can get along with almost anyone as long as they don’t throw their shit in my face. Unfortunately … I don’t get along with almost anyone these days …

Diversity NAZIS !!! The only “diversity” they want is for everyone that is diverse from them to shut up, go away, and follow their DICTATES !!!

Is this perhaps “all about money and power?” An alumni group with a stated mission, 50,ooo dues paying members, and a democratically elected leadership has been built up since 1980. Their leaders built the organization — not the Harvard central administration.

Last year, the leaders proposed, and the group agreed to expand their Board from 10 to 18 members to assure a more representative leadership — but did not propose to change or refocus the mission of the group. Now, whenever a group expands to 18 people, getting agreement becomes difficult. The new Board members want to take this successful, single purpose group and refocus it from LGBT issues to racial issues. Because, as we learned in 2020, “everything is about race.” I love the director who proposed abolishing the group, effectively saying, “If you want us to shift to race, go ahead and restart from scratch.”

For four decades, the group has welcomed everyone of all races to join in an effort to address “LGBT issues.” What happened in 2020, to mandate that all people concerned about LGBT issues must stop and instead be concerned about racial issues? This was not a request, but a “if you don’t refocus upon race immediately, I will burn down your organization” demand. Ultimately, it is all about freedom of association,
respect and human dignity.

TheRightSide | July 30, 2021 at 3:10 pm

Not sure how many times these people need to be stabbed in the back to understand that the “Woke” mob cannot be appeased and if you let them in your organization you will eventually be accused and removed.

Hopefully not as many times as the Republican leadership does with Democratic lawmakers…..buts its a close race