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Davidson College Now Offering ‘#AbolishThePolice’ Course

Davidson College Now Offering ‘#AbolishThePolice’ Course

“Scholars have shown that Black, brown, and indigenous people are disproportionate police targets”

Democrats are now running away from this issue as fast as they can, but the campus left keeps reminding us that it is real. They want this.

Campus Reform reports:

Davidson College offers ‘#AbolishThePolice’ course

Davidson College is offering “#Abolishthepolice: Race and Policing in the U.S.” this fall.

Listed under Africana Studies, “#Abolishthepolice” intends to “enlist Black political and feminist theories and social and political philosophies to critically examine and think through issues of race, criminalization, incarceration, police militarization, predictive policing, surveillance, and domestic security.”

The description also states, “Scholars have shown that Black, brown, and indigenous people are disproportionate police targets. And because police violence and gendered violence are intrinsically connected, Black trans and gender nonconforming people, and Black people with disabilities and mental health issues, routinely experience surveillance, arrest, incarceration, and sexual assault at the hands of law enforcement at significantly higher rates than any other racial demographic.”

The course satisfies the Social-Scientific Thought prerequisite as part of the “Ways of Knowing” requirement, which is designed to help students “examine complex problems through diverse methods of inquiry, understand how different kinds of knowledge are generated, and identify appropriate standards for evaluating knowledge in different realms.”

“#Abolishthepolice” comes nearly a year after Davidson College spent $1 million promoting racial justice in “white dominant” churches in 2020.

Jay Pfeifer, the director of media relations for Davidson College, told Campus Reform that the course is in line with the values of Davidson College.


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henrybowman | July 15, 2021 at 6:37 pm

“Jay Pfeifer, the director of media relations for Davidson College, told Campus Reform that the course is in line with the values of Davidson College.”

You can tell this from the fact that the course is literally named after a hashtag. It meets all the Davidson standards for attention span and scholarly rigor.

Albigensian | July 17, 2021 at 9:34 am

If you want a glimpse at end-stage CRT you might take a look at current events in South Africa.

The African National Congress replaced the old, justifiably discredited Apartheid government only to replace the old racism with the new “anti-racist” racism. It succeeded in driving most skilled whites and Indians out of the country, gave the indigenous black population preferences everywhere, and … bring the jubilee?

South Africa today is lawless, as mobs loot, rob and rape at will. A country that was at least moderately prosperous once became a place where no organization is foolish enough to invest capital in anything, knowing government will just steal the fruits of whatever they build. The ANC government has, like so many post-colonial African governments, become little more than a kleptocracy, using its loot to reward its supporters and punishing its enemies.

This, plus misguided Marxist ‘solutions’ such as iron-clad job protections which have made it all but impossible to ever fire anyone, have created a vast army of unemployed as businesses refused to hire new employees (knowing that no matter how badly they performed they’d never be able to fire them).

South Africa, after decades of exploitative and racist rule, deserved so much better. Yet instead of a true reconciliation that punished those proven guilty it followed the easier path of declaring everyone who wasn’t indigenous-black to be devils, who merely by being non-black deserved whatever ANC chose to do to them. To which it added a permanent and pervasive system of corruption (the better to reward friends (and family) while humiliating its enemies).

So, now we see the end-stage of 27 years of ANC “anti-racist” racism and corruption: huge (but all-black- a protected class) mobs looting and burning everything in sight, and a government paralyzed (by its own ideology and “anti-racist” racism) and thus unable to restrain these mobs.

And what then shall be left after the mobs destroy country’s remaining shops, factories and mines? My guess is that ANC will remain in power BAMN, and then somehow hope to recover by inviting those ever-idealistic NGOs to come in and rebuild.

Are our own home-grown Wokies and “anti-racists” any better? They, like the South African mobs, know how to destroy but lack both skills and interest in building anything other than an apparatus to destroy.