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Columbia Medical School Will Now Teach Students How to Confront Microaggressions

Columbia Medical School Will Now Teach Students How to Confront Microaggressions

“it’s been very difficult for students in general, but especially for students underrepresented in medicine.”

Does this fill you with hope for the future or total dread? It’s a pretty simple question to answer.

The College Fix reports:

Columbia med school will teach students how to ‘disrupt racism’ and confront microaggressions

Columbia University has developed new programming to help black and Hispanic medical students “disrupt racism” and confront microaggressions they could face.

A medical school professor, who is also the diversity director, said that the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota has made the situation worse at the New York institution.

Professor Jean Alves-Bradford said in a news release that “it’s been very difficult for students in general, but especially for students underrepresented in medicine.”

The College Fix reached out to several members of the media relations team at the medical school, but did not receive a response to several emails sent in the past three weeks. The Fix asked how the medical school decides which students are underrepresented, if there were groups of students that asked for the workshops and what benefits they believe the workshops would have for students.

“The workshops assess trainees’ experiences of microaggressions and racial trauma and teach therapeutic and coping skills,” the university’s announcement said.

“The students learn about existing systems of privilege and oppression, share experiences of being confronted with racism, practice microaggression response strategies to disrupt racism, and learn resilience strategies to cope with racialized trauma.”


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How long do you suppose will it be before “confronting microaggressions” results in an increase in macroaggressions?

The Friendly Grizzly | July 31, 2021 at 2:59 pm

How many black and Hispanic students who had REAL qualifications to attend will even care about this nonsense?

henrybowman | July 31, 2021 at 6:29 pm

What’s wrong with the time-honored method of handling microaggressions — thickening your skin and ignoring them?

For larger microaggressions, any IHOP waitperson could teach the class: smile and grovel, then back in the kitchen, pee in their bag of saline.

Ah, the ole who yields when walking down a hall thing. I joke, but that really is a micro-agression (supposedly). You see there are no rules on who yields. Me, I pick the, if they are looking up and aware you are in front of them I stop and yield. Because 99 percent of the world is taller than me and I don’t like getting squished. Those who are of more…linebacker size and temperment prefer to force a detour, or crash into the other; to prove the other was …micro-agressing them because they are … um, whatever category they fall in.

drsamherman | July 31, 2021 at 8:52 pm

I have six grandchildren in various stages of medical education, and I am retired neurologist who taught at over five schools of medicine. Medical school is already filled to the gills with academics, and this kind of nonsense does NOT need to be a curricular requirement! Medicine was already heavily politicized by indoctrinated undergrads and whackademics, and it’s only worsened during the last 20 or so years. This is NOT medicine—it’s social engineering and belongs in the pooper scooper bag of whackademia!

I am already tutoring my grandchildren because they are not getting the education they should due to this garbage. Medicine and health care professions should be free of this and focus on necessary and basic sciences and clinical skills—not on idiotic nonsense.

Looks like they’re going to turn out doctors who know more about political correctness and microaggressions than medicine. I wish we had a good online reference for avoiding doctors who are more well-versed in social engineering than they are in medicine.

    Well, no worries, if you’re white, you won’t be treated unless this new batch of woke doctors is just bored. They are being trained to prioritize skin color over medical need. God willing, I’ll be dead before the next gen of racist doctors graduates and decides at a glance of the patient’s skin color who will live (because ‘black or brown’) and who will die (because white). THAT is equity, that is anti-racism. And yes, this is being taught and practiced even now, at this moment, in some Dem-run cities (where they can get away with it . . . until the lawsuits pile up).

    This is real. It is happening. And the goal is to make it nationwide.