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Branco Cartoon – Love Is Blind

Branco Cartoon – Love Is Blind

They Pledged Allegiance

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TY Mr. B… I have been to Cuba… just a quick visit, back when cruise ships were allowed to stop there. Private businesses were popping up, to take advantage of the “cultural educational exchange” visitors.. Capitalism was slipping in, and I think that was the crack in their communism.
The Biden admin and the rest of those ejits can pound sand. Their silence on the complete and total Cuba failure is just another in a long list of face plants.

Thank you, Mr. Branco.

Right now the Cuban people needs all of us to speak up and speak loudly. The world needs to stop looking the other way.

RightDownTown | July 15, 2021 at 1:03 pm

Another great cartoon! Is that Obama telling Joe to shutup, or is Joe sniffing Obama’s hand? Both?