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Branco Cartoon – Flunked

Branco Cartoon – Flunked


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Colonel Travis | July 29, 2021 at 9:15 am

Unfortunately, too many people do just that.
I’m at a loss.

Cargo cult, intuitive, and inferential science are a handmaiden to the mythical Big Droplet theory, sociopolitical leverage, and craving for legal indemnity.

Mine says, “HEALTH THEATRE.”
If the mandates come back, I’m getting a clearer one: “MEDICAL KABUKI.”

It’s not like they don’t know the science. It’s that they either:
1. don’t have enough integrity to avoid being manipulated by politicians; or,
2. are brainwashed partisan hacks.

Told my daughter who is getting really tired of the mask garbage about school this next year:

Sweetheart….Our state is ruled and run by idiots. Most of our fellow citizens are also idiots who voted for these morons and also agree with the mask nonsense. We can’t change that and I’m not going to burn a bunch of energy fighting it, but here’s what we are going to do.

For the first week or so of school, you’ll wear the regular mask to make it look like you are not going to fight this.

Then after a week or two when the compliance vigilance has worn off you will wear the fake cheese cloth version that you use in Jiu Jitsu class that is totally fake, but checks the box for “wearing a mask” Do not tell your friends about this or draw attention to yourself and you’ll be fine. Just be the gray ghost about it.

Her response: “Wow dad, your pretty smart.”

Friends, you have to believe the science (***hush, hush, genuflect***), especially when it changes its mind.

It’s Political Science…
Not the Science we might assume…