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University of Virginia to Remove Statue of Revolutionary War Officer

University of Virginia to Remove Statue of Revolutionary War Officer

“The monument is a reminder of UVA’s racist, Confederate past”

The left claims this is all about racism. Many people no longer believe that. It truly looks like the left is just trying to erase American history.

The College Fix reports:

UVA to remove Revolutionary War officer’s statue, erase inscription on its Whispering Wall

On the same day that the University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors endorsed a new statement on freedom of expression and freedom of inquiry, it also announced that it’s putting its statue of Revolutionary War officer George Rogers Clark in storage and erasing an inscription on its Whispering Wall.

The Frank Hume Memorial Wall, also known as the Whispering Wall, is a memorial honoring Confederate soldier and Virginia politician Frank Hume.

The monument consists of a marble fountain and a wall with the inscription “a memorial to the honorable Frank Hume — a devoted Virginian who served his native state in civil war and legislative hall,” the Cavalier Daily reports.

A 2020 petition had called for the memorial’s removal entirely, arguing Hume was a white supremacist.

“If the University truly wants to atone for its past and ensure that its future is more just, more accepting, and more inclusive, the Whispering Wall will be taken down,” stated the petition, signed by over 2,100 people.

“The monument is a reminder of UVA’s racist, Confederate past, and tearing down the Hume Memorial Fountain signifies that UVA will refuse to participate in the racial fear-mongering that was the original intent of its erection.”

UVA announced on Friday that based on “the recommendation of the University’s Naming and Memorials Committee, the inscription on the Whispering Wall … will be removed and replaced with blocks of a contrasting color to mark the change.”…

Campus leaders also announced that plans to remove the George Rogers Clark statue are in full swing. The decision to remove the statue was approved in September 2020.

A “request for proposal will be issued this month to remove the statue this summer and put it into storage as the University continues to work with Indigenous leaders to determine a suitable place for the statue off Grounds,” the university announced in its news release.

The statue has been accused of being oppressive toward Native Americans.


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This is exactly what you get when parents just assume the schools will teach their kids everything they need to know, but the schools do not teach history, Result? The inmates are running the asylum.

Pepsi_Freak | June 9, 2021 at 8:49 am

Not sure who is more in need of education – the children who know nothing but think they know everything, or the people charged with educating them that pander to their delusion instead of educating them out of it.

Are you kidding me? How many oppressed Native Americans are attending UVA? Betcha its zero!