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Texas Christian University Dropping Term ‘Freshman’ to be More Inclusive

Texas Christian University Dropping Term ‘Freshman’ to be More Inclusive

“This move brings TCU in line with current higher education industry standards”

This is just a reminder that in higher education, even some Christian schools are playing along with the left.

Campus Reform reports:

Texas Christian University to nix the word ‘freshmen’ in push for ‘inclusive excellence’

Texas Christian University, a private religious university affiliated with the Disciples of Christ, has announced that it will no longer use the term “freshmen” in an effort to be more inclusive.

Instead, the school will refer to students in college for the first time as “first-year” students. The term will also apply to students with fewer than 24 credit hours, regardless of how long they have been enrolled in school.

TCU’s Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs called the change “a reflection of our university-wide commitment to inclusive excellence.” The university’s Data Governance Executive Board, which is responsible for data collection, security, and quality, approved the change by vote.

“This move brings TCU in line with current higher education industry standards,” according to the university’s announcement of the change. Dating back nearly a decade, other universities have adapted their language around grade levels and backed away from the freshman-through-senior descriptors of college students. In 2012, Campus Reform reported that the University of North Carolina dropped the term “freshman” from official documents because of its gendered connotation.


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empiricallyobvious | June 5, 2021 at 12:11 pm

Hmmm. Not sure where in the bible all these “woke” Texas Christians learned that the use on the root word ‘man” is a bad thing…guess they are not really “Christians” at all…we’ll watch for the name change to Texas Secular University…

Saving the world, one step at a time. You have to admire the courage.

Perhaps they might adopt the practice of the Service Academies, and and call all first-year students “plebes.”

The Friendly Grizzly | June 5, 2021 at 3:44 pm

At least they aren’t doing something strained like freshperson.

“”University” and ‘universe” are singular, exclusive terms. “Diversity” is more inclusive, especially to those from a parallel universe.

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