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Roger Williams University School of Law Will Now Require Course on Race and Law

Roger Williams University School of Law Will Now Require Course on Race and Law

“RWU Law adopted a Strategic Plan for Diversity & Inclusion in 2017.”

This started out as an elective. Now it’s required. Was that the plan all along?

WJAR News reports:

RWU Law to require race and law course

The Roger Williams University School of Law will become one of the first nationwide to require a new course on race and law.

The university piloted its “Race & the Foundations of American Law” course as a spring elective after students, including the Black Law Students Association, expressed interest.

“There are a lot of dimensions to law, racial dimensions, and those are often ignored and not fully understood,” RWU Law Dean Gregory Bowman said in an interview Monday. “To have our students be really, truly effective lawyers, and represent their clients effectively, we thought this would be an important additional to our curriculum.”

The course, which will be taught by multiple professors, will allow for more conversation among students. The course will be required for second-year students.

“It addresses structural issues and systemic inequities within the law. Conversation about the origin about our structures through colonization, chattel slavery, the views of the Framers and how those have been embodied within the entire legal fabric and structure of our country,” Bowman said. “Civil War, segregation land ownership, abolition, on and on. In every chapter of our nation’s history, there are ramifications from the foundations that were established hundreds of years ago and if our students don’t understand those, they’ll be less effective lawyers.”

RWU Law adopted a Strategic Plan for Diversity & Inclusion in 2017.


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Just so long as they teach equal protection under the 14th Amendment, the concept of individual rights, 5th Amendment, etc. I am fine with it. I am sorry that the students will have one less elective course to take of their own chosing.

henrybowman | June 30, 2021 at 6:59 pm

I see “Roger Williams College of Law” and my thoughts immediately go to Carl Bogus, one of the most fervid and inept defenders of gun control on my Little List. Such a small college cannot possibly have room to support many purveyors of such immense follies.

“Was that the plan all along?”

Duh, of course it was.

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