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LPGA Moves Portland Tournament to Suburb Due to Homeless Concerns

LPGA Moves Portland Tournament to Suburb Due to Homeless Concerns

The street housing the usual hosting country club has “run-down RVs, trailers, tents, makeshift housing structures and mounds of rubble and garbage.”

The LPGA moved the Portland Classic to a suburb for the first time in 50 years due to safety concerns in the city.

The event usually takes place at the Columbia Edgewater Country Club in Northeast Portland.

The city’s rise in homelessness, including people living near the parking lots of the country club, led to the decision:

“Their reason for departure center around the City of Portland’s response to safety and security around the city. With LPGA players, Media, Sponsors, and thousands of spectators coming into town this fall, the tournament organizers had concerns about the safety of the city and opted to find a venue out of the city limits,” Ken Smith said in the letter. “At this point, we are unsure about future years of the tournament and where it will be conducted. But we will keep you informed of any updates as we learn more in the coming months.”

The tournament is now scheduled to be at the Oregon Golf Club Sept. 16 through Sept. 19.

“We’re pleased that the decision was made to keep the tournament in the greater Portland metropolitan area and look forward to its continuation in September 2021,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office said in a statement. “We understand the tournament organizer’s concerns and we’re working to address those.”

Oregon Live reported the street housing the country club has “run-down RVs, trailers, tents, makeshift housing structures and mounds of rubble and garbage.”

Tom Maletis, president of the Tournament Golf Foundation, said those issues present health and safety concerns:

“Around the adjacent area of Columbia Edgewater, that area there’s been a rise in houselessness. There’s been a lot of safety issues, health issues that we had with that area being so close to the course,” he said.

He noted that not far from their main entrance on NE 33rd is a stretch between Marine Drive and Columbia Boulevard that he said “has been one of the worst in Portland. We’ve been really concerned about it because within a few hundred feet of the encampments area and a lot of the people is where 95% of our spectators, players, staff and everyone come into the Columbia Edgewater facility.”


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The LPGA is a kkklan of racists and misogynists. Anyone who gets defensive and nervous when they are being robbed and raped by persons-whose-race-shall-not-be-identified are just relying on their white privilege. And the b**ch was asking for it.

    the lpga has a wide variety of players, the best ones at currently are asian

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Recovering Lutheran. | June 22, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    LPGA is just the start or Portland’s loss. The next 20 years will devastate the city.

      Portland is probably one good riot away from being a smoking hole in the ground. At some point the BLM/Antifa brownshirts will run out of anything flammable or that can be torn down.

      Clatskanie1 in reply to JusticeDelivered. | June 25, 2021 at 11:46 am

      Last night I witnessed the second very expensive attack on the Apple store in two weeks. Not antifa or blm but Portland’s infamous “Lone Bum.” No cops. Why bother? Our D.A. is not catch and release, but simply don’t catch. I’m uncertain if the vandal was a dope fiend or a lunatic. Or both. Town’s stuffed full of both with the preponderance being dope fiends.

      Read Held to Answer blog for best Portland gen.

Sounds like more opportunities to poach events from Portland and other manufactured sxxtholes to more peaceful and calmer climes.

Also makes sense to move out of reach (hopefully) of the apparently daily Antifa-led events in Portland.

“Homeless concerns” is just an excuse. They are moving it because of a bigger concern: crime.

    Do a survey on criminals caught in the act, and you’ll find that the vast majority of them have an address.

      “Caught in the act” criminals are one of the tiniest slices of the demographic. Your “fact” that the dumbest, most drugged-up, or least-experienced criminals (those that get caught in the act) still have an address provides no comfort to us, OR their victims. Nor does it mean much in the overall scheme of things; many/most “homeless” people still have a mailing address (P.O. box), so they can get their Gov checks/handouts. I see them regularly at our local downtown Post Office checking their mailboxes.

How to turn a beautiful city into a Third World s**thole?
possible answers:
1. Elect a Progressive mayor
2. Appoint a very Far Left Chief of Police
3. Defund the police
4. Make certain the Media do not allow photos to go nationally
5. Appoint very Farr Left judges
6. Allow only very Far Left people to run for District Attorney
7. All of the above

The LPGA tour is dominated in large part by Asian women. I suspect they may not be woke enough for today’s Portland.

And they may have heard about the 31 year old woman knifed to death over the weekend in downtown Chicago while walking two blocks from Willis Tower (formerly know as Sears Tower). Near a homeless encampment.

“The offender, believed to be a homeless man, remains at large.”

    NYBruin in reply to JHogan. | June 22, 2021 at 7:07 pm

    I read an interview with the insufferable Michelle Wie West (of Korean descent but raised in HI and attended Stanford) state that asking why Korean players dominate the LPGA is a “microaggression” against Asians. Puh-leeze!!

    MarkJ in reply to JHogan. | June 23, 2021 at 8:29 am

    Q: What would be a quick way to implement an immediate and drastic reduction in the U.S. homicide rate?

    A: Nuke Chicago.

You forgot the asterisk on #1: *Be sure to use voting machines.

Can someone from PDX comment on whether the squatters have taken over Forest Park? It would seem Lief Erikson and Wild Wood trails would be prime squatting grounds… and plenty of fresh victims / parked cars to rob.

    Clatskanie1 in reply to Andy. | June 23, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    Google: heldtoanswer blog

    No one else is doing that level of honest reporting in and on Portland. Read several columns. The writer Pam Fitzsimmons is a former journalist who knows her business.

    I’ve lived in Portland and vicinity for nearly 66 years. We sold our house last week and are probably moving across the river up Cathlamet, Washington way.

    I worked security at a major truck stop very close to the Edgewater which is an island between the Columbia River and the sea of bum encampments.

    I’ve been was in 3 fistfights (about one a year) while I worked there. That is three more than the last half-century. Most of the street people do not co-operate on any level. They prowl the truck lot (300 trucks) begging, stealing, and rummaging the garbage. They shoot dope in the toilets, one time a guy shit in the deli after hours.

    I have been charged by an axe-man twice, swordsman a few times, and encountered knives and clubs time without number.

    Look at its location on the map. Bums in boats drop anchor next the club and use Styrofoam canoes to paddle to shore to depredate. A Black guy and white woman, both meth heads blew themselves up in their van next to my former company’s admin offices. Propane? I’d thrown the male off of the property the night before.

    Again, refer to the map: Delta Park/Hayden Meadows are located nearby. The first is a first-class outdoor sports facility enclosed by vicious bum camps. Hundreds. They have been there for years and have swollen and gotten filthier.And more dangerous.

    Hayden Meadows is a shopping area that has the misfortune to be located beside I-5 and bum camp world.

    Portland Police will no longer pursue minor traffic infractions and will limit car searches.

    The AP and the Oregonian will “move away” from posting mugshots and identifying suspects by name for crimes determined to be minor or bizarre.

    The O’s editorial board says the path to police accountability is a messy one. References assault charges against police officer.

    I dropped raspberries of for a 97 year old friend today. He’s in a facility by Mt Tabor in SE. I drove back across Portland to my home in N Portland. It was a horror,

    Google: heldtoanswer blog

    No one else is doing that level of honest reporting in and on Portland. Read several columns. The writer Pam Fitzsimmons is a former journalist who knows her business.

      MajorWood in reply to Clatskanie1. | June 23, 2021 at 10:53 pm

      If you were at Marquis Mt Tabor, you be in my hood today, dog. 😉

      I am at a serious loss as to the end game here. It is especially baffling since despite all of it home prices and sales are up by big numbers. So I live in the Hawthorne neighborhood, which is 6 blocks from Belmont and about 10 from Division. Those two streets have been overdeveloped by apartments in the last few years, and now it seems that the same is set to happen on Hawthorne, except Hawthorne has been beseiged by rampant vandalism for the last few years. Endless nightly grafiti attacks which has taken a street with a normal near 100% occupancy down to where 50% are unoccupied and 25% are for sale, almost as if someone was deliberately targeting the area to drop property values before the developers swooped in. The two nearby streets have occasional tagging, similar to other neighborhoods, so to me it has to be a well funded deliberate attack. Similarly, the homeless seem to be shuffled around as well. They set up on a local restaurant with a huge parking lot in a prime location until it went out of business, and then the police came along and moved the camps out, and they have only sporadically returned even though the building was razed and it is now a big loosely fenced lot, which has seen no tents for the last year. Almost like someone of authority has told them to stay out of it in no uncertain terms, yet that same level of authority doesn’t seem to exist with the camps set up down near the ongoing businesses Umpqua bank property at 36th a few blocks away. My guess is that these are the next targeted businesses that need to go. I am thinking that it is all meant to seem random, but there is too great of a pattern to make that seem likely. The homeless even shut down a brick and mortar Fourbux that had been there for 30 years by camping right outside all day long and using the facilities to the point where no customers would.

      Did I mention that I am moving back to Ohio next summer once I work out some current issues. Will not miss this place A BIT.

        Clatskanie1 in reply to MajorWood. | June 24, 2021 at 3:27 am

        Good God. I have not been in the southeast or Hawthorne area for a couple of years, except to drop down to 39th and to cross to 84. My friend lives at 60th and Division. He made 5 landings with the 42nd in the Pacific War, that’s the Sunset Division: the namesake of Highway 26.

        I am glad that he can not see what has happened to his home and nation. Yes, the local news gives some idea. But if you move around in the city it is apocalyptic. Take I-5 from Broadway to the state line. God have mercy upon us.

    Clatskanie1 in reply to Andy. | June 23, 2021 at 8:43 pm

    I no longer go into Forest Park, but the hills have long had eyes there. Oregon has just passed a law making it impossible to evict campers from public lands. Tina Kotek,my far-left lesbian representative made the bill and got it before our disastrous governor Kate Brown who signed it.

    Beyond the bums and dope fiends Forest Park suffers from off-road bicyclists who, being bicyclists and therefore immune to law, have done serious to the wildlife habitat.I mean axe and saw path and ramp clearing and building.

    Being Portland the locals do not have children but do have dogs. 1, 2, or 3 to a family. To leash them is to harken to the antebellum South. Ground nesting wildfowl do not exist in the Park. I believe the Pacific Giant Salamander is on dodgy ground, too. Dogs love them.

    I was a Portland Park Ranger for three years and could go on.

      thx- Lived there for most the 90s for school then work and moved back to Puget Sound region in 2000. I still went down to UP for MBA work for a few more years… NW 23 was all the rage during the 90s after some serious investment, but when I visited in mid 2000s it was a shit hole again full of panhandlers. By the time I finished at PSU they were having to lock the doors on the buildings because the druggies were coming in to shoot up.

      After experiencing the shit hole that is Eugene I was so happy to attend PSU and live downtown. It was a fun place and a city that you could enjoy at any age. The gang activity was starting to be a problem.

      I’m reckoning the end was around the time they were so woke that Portland Blvd became Rosa Parks Blvd…. I lived off that street for a year when it was Portland blvd and when my room mate was home by herself one night a gang banger kicked down the door to rape/kill her. Too bad for him, little sis’s dad sent her to college with a pistol which she knew how to use but thankfully didn’t have to (he ran for it and lived).

      It is so sad to see a bright city decay like that.

I thought the story was going to tell us the LPGA has decided to allow men who identified as a woman to play on their tour. Of course. these men would play from the woman’s tees.

Well, I just deleted a long description of the status of PDX, which I am not going to retype. To summarize, my guess is that the homeless have not overtaken Forest Park. It is to inconvenient to services, eg, portapotties and store to steal from, so they just camp in town on sidewalks and parking strips, and most importantly along major bus routes, since they are allowed to ride for free so they can spend the money they “don’t have” on meth and weed.

As for the golf issue, the edgewater club is convenient for many reasons so they camp out there. The new location, down in West Linn, is not served by buses and outside of the 205 bypass and bordered by the Willamette so there won’t be homeless issues to the same degree. The homeless are parasites and thus do not expend much energy to get their needs met. Portland proper will be losing a pretty big chunk of hotel and restaurant taxes and proceeds as the tourney participants utilize facilities south of town, and quite frankly, they will like it as that is where a lot of money is located and thus better restaurants and hotels that are not part of the airport complex.

For those with good memories, West Linn is where the cray cray lesbo couple lived before going into hiding up in Washington when CPS started to get a blip on their radar.

I used to drive by Edgewater every day.
It was very nice, 35 years ago.
They won’t put up with this in the Suburbs.