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Flashback: How the Media Crafted False ‘Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters for a Photo Op’ Narrative

Flashback: How the Media Crafted False ‘Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters for a Photo Op’ Narrative

“If the White House, the President, and his team had to do it all over again, would you have gassed and pummeled protesters to clear the park so the President could have a photo op?” CNN’s Jim Acosta asked White House press sec. Kayleigh McEnany on June 3, 2020.

We wrote yesterday on how Inspector General Mark Lee Greenblatt revealed the findings from an extensive review his office did of the Lafayette Park clearing that took place last year on June 1st, the day after the historic St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C. was set on fire by Antifa/BLM-led rioters.

For those who missed it, the report released by the IG directly contradicted the volumes of media reports that claimed President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr had the park forcibly cleared and demonstrators “tear-gassed” so Trump could stage a “photo op” walk from the White House, where he had just given a speech denouncing rioting, to St. John’s Church.

From the summary:

We found that the USPP had the authority and discretion to clear Lafayette Park and the surrounding areas on June 1. The evidence we obtained did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park to allow the President to survey the damage and walk to St. John’s Church. Instead, the evidence we reviewed showed that the USPP cleared the park to allow the contractor to safely install the antiscale fencing in response to destruction of property and injury to officers occurring on May 30 and 31. Further, the evidence showed that the USPP did not know about the President’s potential movement until mid- to late afternoon on June 1—hours after it had begun developing its operational plan and the fencing contractor had arrived in the park.

You can read the full report here (PDF).

With Greenblatt confirming that the Trump administration’s vehement denials of accusatory reports from CNN, the Washington Post, and other news outlets were accurate, it’s important we take a look back to see just how deeply invested those outlets were in keeping their false narratives alive about what happened.

CNN, of course, led the way – with Jim Acosta featuring prominently in many of their stories on the incident, but there were many others, including the WaPo, New York Times, NPR, and Vox:

Of course, Democrats including Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer got in on the action, too:

I should point out that the media and Democrats frequently echoed each other during the Trump years on numerous “reports” that turned out to be false, including the fake Russia bounties story, the fake “Trump called fallen soldiers ‘losers and suckers'” report, the Russia collusion hoax, and the false accusation that Trump incited supporters to “murder” Capitol Police officers on January 6th.

Trust in the media is at an all-time low for a reason, primarily because people can’t tell the difference between what journalists report and what Democrats claim anymore. Their agendas all too frequently mesh, and that is not a coincidence.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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That rat on the left of the picture (former AG William Barr) is the ONLY reason we are in the position we are today.

    Telemachus in reply to | June 11, 2021 at 4:15 am

    Not just to the left of the picture. The rat on the other end of the photo is shown in The Deep Rig to be a serious backstabber, as well.

A complete fabrication by Acosta again.

Glenn Kessler again?

His utility may be better maximized by using him as a coal-mine canary. When he alerts, go with whatever story is in the opposite direction.

    Milhouse in reply to henrybowman. | June 11, 2021 at 9:39 am

    No, he’s not reliable like that. He’s as likely to be right as wrong, which means he’s completely useless.

This should be in every comment section of every leftist fake media.

“Trump gassed protesters for a photo op”

“Trump is ignoring Russian bounties on our troops”

“Trump called soldiers ‘suckers'”

“The lab leak theory is a conspiracy”

“There won’t be a vaccine by the end of this year”

“It’s not safe to open schools”

All lies

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) June 9, 2021

“The Hunter Biden NY Post story is Russian disinformation”

“Donald Trump told politicians in Georgia to ‘find the fraud'”

“DeSantis is evil and Cuomo is doing a great job”

“Locking down only for 15 days to slow the spread”

It goes on and on and on and on

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) June 9, 2021

“Russia hacked the election”

“Michael Cohen went to Prague”

“Fine people on both sides”

“Trump Jr. got the Wikileaks dump in advance”

“Pee tape”

And of course: “RUSSIAN COLLUSION”

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) June 10, 2021


Looking like “Election Fraud” was the way media lied to influence the 2020 Election. Add up all of this plus:
o Russia Hoax
0 Impeachment Hoax
o Covid-from-Nature Hoax
o BLM / race-baiters Hoax (even the MN State AG said race was not a factor in the killing of GF)
o Censorship of the Hunter Biden influence peddling story

In an election decoded by less than 250,000 votes – when do people finally wake up and realize it was corruptly influenced by Media Fraud on the public ?

Where are the Congressional Investigations ? Where’s the Congressional representatives who care so much about “Election Integrity” and scream about the “Big lie”. Here’s the Big Lie – right under their nose.

    Danny in reply to Ben Kent. | June 11, 2021 at 3:32 pm

    Democrats found election fraud in 2016 was that rigged to or maybe an alternative is staring you in the face that we need to end the “cut benefits in order to fund increased military budget, increased intel budget and tax cuts on the top 1%”? If Trump had not come out in favor of the lawsuit against Obamacare he would still be president.

    Claiming fraud stole the election means giving up on 2022 and 2024. 2016 was decided by 50k votes, we are a divided nation where a small number of swing voters (which we aren’t) decide who the president will be.

    Now if you want to discuss media, big tech, corporate, deep state (i.e. Fauci) and other nefarious influences that made the 2020 election an unfair election we should have that conversation it is something we could fix, but continuing to beat the we won in 2020 drum is beating a “Democrats 2022” drum because nobody turns out to vote in rigged elections.

    geronl in reply to Ben Kent. | June 11, 2021 at 5:46 pm

    So, you need to make sure that at least 250,000 of them wake up before the next election.

Globalists vs MAGA.

Pepsi_Freak | June 11, 2021 at 8:29 am

Hmmm. I must have missed Pelosi and Schumer (and Acosta’s) apology for loudly lying about the incident. I’m sure as “honest” people they would apologize for their “error”.

The “news” media should be held to account for their BLATANT SLANDER AND LIBEL against President Trump. From the Russian Dossier to the Stolen Election, the media is the complicit, self-fellating LAPDOG of the Marxocrat Party of the United States.

Nobody seems to mention that the DC police just kept letting this narrative play on and on and on without ever coming forward to say “no, we did the tear gas thing..”

Link to IG USPP report does not work Page not found.

Won’t stop until we make it stop. Pearl clutching and hand wringing will not cut it.

CNN is a slander machine.

The media/big tech alliance does make elections unfair and I would suggest a solution is to define good faith under law at a state level.

Section 230 is a major giveaway to social media but from reading it there is no contradiction between being a platform and being a utility because “platform” is a category created by 230 itself and is nowhere defined in 230. Unfortunately the chance of regulating big tech as utility is impossible during a Biden presidency (if we retake congress and the senate and Democrats don’t feel like using the filibuster Biden will veto it).

We can’t make them utilities via federal law but we could define “Good faith” on a state level in states we control. “Good faith” is not defined in 230, and if you are going on a non-legal definition than unequal enforcement along with shadow bans and working to help one side against the other is clearly not in good faith.

Big Tech would then have to decide between blocking itself in half the country (unlikely) or compliance with the now legally defined term “Good Faith” in places like Texas if we go the state definition of operating in good faith route.

Honestly, there is very little ‘media crafts’ going on here. They all glommed onto the worst possible interpretation of events and hammered it endlessly on their respective platforms regardless of any evidence to the contrary because the media has picked its side and refuses to admit anything different.

Orange Man Bad means interpret events in a way that makes Orange Man look Bad. Period. They don’t have to talk among themselves to do that. All they have to do is print each other’s stories ad infinitum, just like they did on the Russian Collusion scam.

The media in this country does not do journalism. All they do is rewrite Democrat Party press releases.