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Dartmouth College Drops Charges Against Medical Students Accused of Cheating

Dartmouth College Drops Charges Against Medical Students Accused of Cheating

“charges and discipline won’t be on the students’ permanent records”

This is an update to a story from May. These students are really lucky.

FOX News reports:

Dartmouth drops charges against med students accused of cheating online

Dartmouth medical school dropped charges against a group of students accused of cheating on remote tests – after facing criticisms the claims were false.

“I have apologized to the students for what they have been through and believe dismissal of the charges is the best path forward,” Geisel School of Medicine Dean Duane Compton said in an email on Wednesday.

The charges and discipline won’t be on the students’ permanent records, he wrote.

“The school is providing students with a wide variety of resources to support them and maintain their academic and professional progress … We will learn from this and do better.”

New policies will be implemented at the Ivy League school to rebuild “the trust we recognize has been lost among some students during this process,” according to Compton.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education had criticized Dartmouth’s investigation into the alleged cheating as flawed.

In a statement shared with The Post on Thursday, Foundation Program Officer Alex Morey said the college needed policies to protect student rights.

“Dartmouth’s fresh commitment to ‘rebuilding trust’ among the students it unfairly accused in this case should start with promising a fair process to all future students who may find themselves facing a similar misconduct allegation,” Morey said.


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let the lawsuits begin…

“We will learn from this and do better.”

Yeah, next time make sure you’ve got solid proof.

Can you guess what set of future Dartmouth alumni will never, ever donate a cent to their alma mater?

I am a Dartmouth alumnus and long ago vastly reduced my yearly contributions to the college. At the time it was my disgust with the college’s changing the way alumni were nominated for positions on the Board of Trustees. The issue was that the college administration could not tolerate views from alumni that were not aligned with the administration’s orthodoxy. The Board’s choice of college leadership and college policies are what are expected when snafus like this story are reported, and there are many other such events less known outside the Dartmouth community.

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