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California Gov. Newsom Bitterly Clings to Emergency Powers Past June 15th

California Gov. Newsom Bitterly Clings to Emergency Powers Past June 15th

Despite CDC guidance, Cal-OSHA will demand that all workers have to keep masks on if non-vaccinated people are present.

Across the nation, the number of coronavirus cases is plunging.

The average number of newly reported U.S. Covid-19 cases has fallen below 30,000 and is steadily decreasing, as more of the nation gets vaccinated against the deadly illness.

More than 39% of the total U.S. population has been fully vaccinated, and in 25 states and the District of Columbia, more than half of adult residents are now fully vaccinated, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I would also like to point out that for the 7th week in a row, the national reproduction number has been less than 1, which means the virus is no longer spreading at epidemic levels.

In a normal state, this news would be greeted with relief and decisions would be made to end any and all pandemic restrictions . . . especially in light of the revealing emails of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who made it clear that coronavirus policy was based on politics and not science.

But, alas, California is not a normal state and its governor intends to bitterly cling to emergency powers past June 15th (the date when most pandemic rules are ending for the public).

While California will end most of its coronavirus restrictions on June 15, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday he will not lift the statewide “state of emergency” that gives him broad powers to either suspend or declare new rules and regulations.

California has been under a state of emergency since March 4, 2020. Since then, Newsom has authorized billions of dollars in emergency spending and issued at least 47 executive orders to alter or suspend 200 state laws and regulations because of the virus, according to a resolution authored by Republican state senators.

Newsom says most of the state’s virus restrictions will end on June 15. But Newsom said that doesn’t mean he will lift the “state of emergency” on that date.

“We’re still in a state of emergency. This disease has not been extinguished. It’s not vanished, it’s not taking the summer months off,” Newsom said during a news conference to draw the names of 15 vaccinated people to win $50,000.

State bureaucrats also intend to hang onto as much power as they can as well. For example, California Occupational Safety and Health Administration requiring masking at the workplace unless everyone in a room is fully vaccinated, despite less onerous guidance from the CDC.

While California prepares to reopen June 15, Cal/OSHA has voted to relax physical distancing requirements for California’s workforce, but voted to require masks for workers if any non-vaccinated people are present.

While the CDC said vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors (with the exception of in large groups) and California Governor Gavin Newsom is planning to ease restrictions starting June 15, Cal/OSHA has the ultimate say regarding what rules employees in the state have to follow.

The coronavirus has certainly unmasked the craving for power in the state’s politicians and agency officials.


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Conservative Beaner | June 5, 2021 at 4:21 pm

If you only knew power of the Dark Side of the force.

Lord Vader

DIT – dictator in training. I suspect that the power hungry governors are having a contest amongst themselves to see who gets away with the most outrageous controls for the longest length of time. I’m looking forward to Whitmer’s response!

Canada is a lockdown and restriction mess.

Guess Newsom wishes he could be up there, where most of the citizens are taking restriction after restriction like sheep.

This is a sick, scary guy.

RECALL, California.

What is the point of masking vaccinated persons if one individual is not vaccinated? That individual cannot get an infection from the vaccinated, nor the vaccinated from that individual. This is idiotic. It is some sort of mass insanity.

    amwick in reply to puhiawa. | June 6, 2021 at 7:47 am

    TY pusiawa,

    but what is the point of masking? Period..
    Insanity, yup… Idiotic…. yup….

    Freedom is I won’t!

    Milhouse in reply to puhiawa. | June 6, 2021 at 8:50 am

    That one’s actually easy. No vaccine is 100% effective. Therefore it is possible for a vaccinated person to get the virus, especially from an unvaccinated person, and it’s also possible for an unvaccinated person to get the virus even from a vaccinated one. That’s so with every disease, so there’s no reason to suppose this one’s any different.

    So assuming that masks actually do anything, and also assuming that asymptomatic transmission of this virus actually happens, this edict makes a certain amount of sense, whether for their protection or for that of the unvaccinated person. Those are big assumptions.

      mailman in reply to Milhouse. | June 6, 2021 at 9:30 am

      The Chinese Death Kooties vaccine was sold on the promise that even IF you gotnit after being fully vaccinated you would only experience reduced symptoms and not end up in a Chinese Death Kooties collection point (hospital).

      Politicians are determined not to let this pandemic end.

      puhiawa in reply to Milhouse. | June 6, 2021 at 1:37 pm

      The latest study shows asymptomatic transmission does not in fact happen. This confirmed by studies both here in America, and a huge study of school children in Sweden. While it is true that a vaccinated individual can get covid, we were also told when we received the J&J vaccine (during the observation period a very informative lecture was ongoing), that if we did contract covid, most likely in the first month because the vaccine efficacy increases greatly via the passage of time, the case would be so mild as to be likely asymptomatic or at most similar to a cold….which is the public preclusion signal…symptoms.
      The mask is a political gesture, as I think we both acknowledge.
      btw, we were also informed the J&J vaccine would be effective against every variant. The others vaccines were still undergoing trials.

        Milhouse in reply to puhiawa. | June 6, 2021 at 3:23 pm

        1. As I said, those are big assumptions.

        2. You were told that if you did get the virus it would very probably be a mild case. There is no guarantee. No vaccine is 100% effective.

          puhiawa in reply to Milhouse. | June 6, 2021 at 3:46 pm

          No. The lecturer told us with absolute certainty the case would be mild. Everyone was encouraged to ask questions and we did. One could be hospitalized for a comorbidity, but the doctor said Covid would contribute next to nothing at that. point
          Dr Sparks was quite emphatic and had the trials for all 3 vaccines at hand. In our county we are given the choice as to which vaccine to use and provided ahead of time with all information gleaned by our county as to results, the state and the nation. .

“It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this calling. I love democracy. I love the Republic. Once this crisis has abated, I will lay down the powers you have given me!” -Supreme Chancellor Newsome

New Mexico won’t reopen until 60% of the population has been vaccinated. We are currently at 56.3% (total population eligible for vaccine: 1,680.605). Now that we’re edging closer and will probably hit our numbers in the next two weeks, the governor has announced we’ll have to wait another two weeks to make sure everyone vaccinated is fully protected. She’s been shifting goalposts for the last 14 months so it’s not really a surprise. She plans on keeping the public health orders active so she can “act” again if necessary.

She announced her re-election campaign yesterday. When faced with protesters, she called those who oppose her “Qanon Lizard People”. Yeah.. this is what we’ve been dealing with since the bitch was elected. She’s not going to let go of any power unless she’s forced to do so. We’re never going to be free of her grasp. I expect her next move will be to demand that every county be 60% vaccinated or restrictions will remain.

    amwick in reply to Sanddog. | June 6, 2021 at 7:52 am

    GA has been pretty open… so that is good. Kemp has a few attaboys coming.. but they are more than canceled by the huge oh snap from the election issues.

“We’re still in a state of emergency. This disease has not been extinguished. “

That is the key statement. So long as “this disease” continues to exist, these people will find a way to keep us locked down. Why not just say the same thing about another corona virus… like the common cold? This is the 19th permutation of the Spanish Flu and that was 100 years ago.

These people will keep this up until THEY continue to exist. We either vanquish them now while we can do so by simply ignoring them or we will have to take much harsher means later. They keep naming us “white supremacists” as “America’s greatest terrorist threat” so we better be willing to do something soon or that is how history will record who we were. Everything we ever believed in goes down in one big lie.

Obviously, we are not in the Post Trump Era…. unless we believe that and return to holding our noses to vote for the lesser of two evils. Of course, most of “us” are now too afraid to acknowledge that those vote redistribution machines stole the 2020 election. It’s really up to us to be willing to name the enemy and act accordingly. But most of “us” are still mired down by our unwillingness to ignore the pronoun war and stick to our guns.


This whole fiasco began as “two weeks to flatten the curve” but has since morphed into “the disease hasn’t been extinguished yet”.