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Year-Long Investigation Into Alleged Noose at Johns Hopkins U. Yields Nothing

Year-Long Investigation Into Alleged Noose at Johns Hopkins U. Yields Nothing

“unable to find sufficient evidence to pursue charges”

So was this just another campus hoax? Sure looks that way.

The College Fix reports:

Almost year-long investigations yield nothing in Johns Hopkins U. ‘noose’ case

After almost a year, investigations into an alleged noose at a Johns Hopkins University construction site have come to a close.

Earlier this month, university officials notified the student body that the FBI “was unable to find sufficient evidence to pursue charges,” the News-Letter reports.

A separate investigation by JHU’s Office of Institutional Equity came to the same conclusion.

A contracting company discovered the “noose” last July on the site where a campus engineering lab was being renovated. Interestingly, no photographs of the “noose” were ever provided.

Upon news of the “noose’s” discovery, JHU President Ronald Daniels immediately declared that the university community considers “such racist imagery horrifying and repugnant and a direct threat to the Black community at Johns Hopkins …” Vice President Daniel Ennis added “acts like this have no place in our society.”

The FBI noted that COVID-19 added to the length of the investigation.

The university implemented several measures in response to the “noose” while the investigation was ongoing:

Among these efforts is the establishment of new requirements for reporting instances of discrimination by third-parties or construction professionals in University facilities.

In an email to The News-Letter, Assistant Vice President of External Relations for the Office of Communications Karen Lancaster shared a letter sent to all Hopkins contractors and consultants explaining these new requirements, which include rules that firms must report incidents related to safety, diversity and inclusion immediately and notify Hopkins security of all safety concerns.

Additionally, the University posted Speak2Us hotline posters at all construction sites to facilitate reporting of incidents and launched a work group for the purpose of developing non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion guidelines for the University’s vendor contracts.


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henrybowman | May 28, 2021 at 12:28 pm

Entry #420 at

Actually the report that the FBI “was unable to find sufficient evidence to pursue charges” doesn’t necessarily mean it was a hoax. Supposing they could prove exactly who did it, what charges could they have brought? So long as the rope wasn’t stolen, and it wasn’t put in a place particularly likely to be seen by black people with the intent to strike terror in them, I don’t see how whoever put it there broke any law.