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Workshop at U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee Helps Participants ‘Confront Whiteness’

Workshop at U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee Helps Participants ‘Confront Whiteness’

“was part of the Honors Antiracism Event Series”

Is the implication here that there is something inherently wrong with being white?

The College Fix reports:

U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee workshop helps participants to ‘confront whiteness’

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee recently hosted an event featuring a pair of “Reflective Justice” experts who helped attendees “confront whiteness in the campus community.”

The April 29 workshop was part of the Honors Antiracism Event Series and led by Beloit College’s Lisa Anderson-Levy and Catherine Orr.

The UWM Honors College “seeks to be a radically welcoming space where all students, staff, and faculty can flourish and experience genuine belonging,” reports Wisconsin Right Now.

According to the event description, the professors contend whiteness can be when a (white) student “says or does something — even unintentionally — that targets students of color,” or when a (white) faculty member “believes that ‘blue lives matter’ is equivalent to ‘Black Lives Matter.’”

Workshop participants were “encouraged” to read a pair of articles: One, a New York Times piece, says “Mr. [George] Floyd’s death is the story of our babies, of the numerous black children who grow up literally or metaphorically under the steel heel of a police boot.” The other is about black students at PWIs — predominately white institutions — which “allow white and rich students to silence, manipulate and demean students of color.”

Orr and Anderson-Levy run “Reflective Justice,” which claims to “build communities of mutual liberation.”


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“Reflective Justice”

I am always amazed at how folks on the left can throw completely random words together and then make money off of them. It’s really impressive. Also cynical, dishonest, and depraved. But impressive just the same.

The Friendly Grizzly | May 8, 2021 at 1:13 pm

I confronted my whiteness his very morning. I looked in the mirror, saw myself, and was quite happy with what I saw.

The participants in this workshop should file complaints with the university legal office saying that they faced racial discrimination, accusations, and stereotyping.

Since the “radical welcome” doesn’t include whites, why would any white student attend this school?