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West Point Now Allegedly Pushing Critical Race Theory on Cadets

West Point Now Allegedly Pushing Critical Race Theory on Cadets

“West Point said it could not comment on the situation”

We are sowing the seeds of our own destruction. The military is the one place that should be completely immune to this garbage. Do you think China’s military spends an instant on social justice?

The College Fix reports:

West Point probed for allegations it’s pushing critical race theory on cadets

Rep. Mike Waltz speaks on allegations: ‘The enemy’s bullets … don’t care about these issues’

A U.S. congressman is seeking transparency from West Point Military Academy after hearing complaints regarding elements of critical race theory present in its training curriculum.

Rep. Mike Waltz, a member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, sent a letter to West Point leaders requesting copies of teaching materials provided at West Point after receiving complaints from various families and cadets.

In a phone interview with The College Fix, the Florida Republican explained that many families of West Point cadets come from military or law enforcement backgrounds, saying “they found it incredibly divisive.”

Waltz’s letter detailed slides from various West Point workshops, including “White Power at West Point,” “Racist Dog Whistles at West Point” and “Understanding Whiteness and White Rage.”

Additionally, Waltz’s letter reported an event at which “an active duty female colonel described to the Corps how she became ‘woke’ to her white privilege, and felt guilty for the advantages of her race.”

Waltz, a former Green Beret, went on to detail alleged statements regarding police: “At this same assembly, white police officers were described as murderers with no context or court documents provided to corroborate the anecdotes of police brutality.”

West Point said it could not comment on the situation or Waltz’s letter when asked by The College Fix.


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This is a very effective letter. The big issue raised in conjunction with the discussion of gays in the military was “unit cohesion.” If the Pentagon accepts that unit cohesion is a legitimate concern, then it needs to explain how these trainings promotes unit cohesion. Since President Truman, the armed forces have been integrated and the dignity of every person in uniform has been upheld. Most people agree that the armed forces strive to be an meritocracy. CRT goes against all of that. Truman was an old white guy from the racist state of Missouri. Anything Truman did is tainted as a matter of CRT logic by what happened 70 years later in Ferguson. Similarly, all of the black officers or women officers who rose through the ranks did not merit their promotions, but rather their career achievements can only be explained through identity group oppression. Finally, the members of the National Guard who were called out at various points to advance civil rights and to deter domestic unrest were not performing their Constitutional duty to defend the equal protection rights of American citizens, but should be denounced by West Point has being “police adjacent.”

Finally, in terms of what actions the Commandant was taking in the Fall 2020, he must explain how he implemented the Trump Executive Actions regarding CRT.