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Student Govt. at California State U. Creates $75,000 Social Justice Scholarship Fund

Student Govt. at California State U. Creates $75,000 Social Justice Scholarship Fund

“The fund will sponsor three $1,000 scholarships per school year.”

College Republicans should create a free speech scholarship fund or a gun rights scholarship fund in response.

Campus Reform reports:

Cal State student government creates $75,000 social justice scholarship fund

Student government members at California State University, Northridge earmarked tens of thousands of dollars for a social justice scholarship fund.

The Daily Sundial — CSUN’s student newspaper — reported that the Associated Students of CSUN Vice President Deion Turner led a charge to approve funding for social justice scholarship funds, which will be granted to students who continue to show leadership within their communities, despite being in financial need themselves.”

Turner told Campus Reform that the Associated Students partnered with the University Student Union at CSUN, and the CSUN Foundation with “hopes to provide support and recognition to those who have done exemplary work in the social justice field in their communities and on campus.”

Turner explained that the Associated Students Senate “approved $35,000 to open the endowment,” while the University Student Union approved “$40,000 for the endowment.”

The fund will sponsor three $1,000 scholarships per school year.

“Pending confirmation and approval by the CSUN Foundation, we are hoping to be able to have the opportunity to award more scholarships based off of their total donation amount,” added Turner. “As of now, our plan is to award an incoming freshman, one lower division student and one upper division student (including graduate). We are consistently having conversations about this initiative and I am willing to provide as many updates as I can as needed.”


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.


At least two of the recipients each year will be a member of the governing body which approved these funds, or a partner of such person. The incoming recipient will always be an alphabet person.

Several important points:
CSN – Cal State Northridge
The concept is to take advantage of the current sentiment favoring anti-racism to reallocated student funds into a permanent endowment that will pay out about 4% each year. So, the VP of the Associated Students (who is a student, not an administrator) has put together $75K of funding. Historically, mandatory student fee levels and purposes were defined by a campus-wide student referendum, but the referendum process was replaced by an “alternative consultation” process lead by the campus President. What is interesting here is that unlike most scholarships that are awarded by the Financial Aid Office, or the athletic scholarships that are awarded by the coaches, these scholarships are designed to be awarded by the student government based upon social justice leadership.

Given that CSN has 35,000 students, with a large minority component, this is indeed a drop in the bucket.

star1701gazer | May 12, 2021 at 8:02 am

Were I a student, I would be quite annoyed that my student fees (which are mandatory) would be used to fund a scholarship for some other student!