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Princeton University Pledges to Do Less Business With Companies Owned by Straight White Men

Princeton University Pledges to Do Less Business With Companies Owned by Straight White Men

“Supplier Diversity Action Plan”

How is this not racism? Imagine saying this about any other group. People would lose their minds.

The College Fix reports:

Princeton pledges to buy less stuff from companies owned by straight white guys

Princeton University has adopted a new policy whereby it will do less business with companies owned by straight white men.

According to the “Supplier Diversity Action Plan,” more university interaction with businesses run by minorities, women, veterans and members of the LGBTQ+ community is “mutually beneficial,” “fosters competition” and “generates considerable value.”

Princeton defines “diverse-owned businesses” as those that are at least 51% owned by the demographics noted. A university press release notes these businesses run the gamut from construction to computing.

The “multi-year plan” will further efforts already underway by Princeton’s Office of Finance and Treasury. Vice President for Finance Jim Matteo said “These actions not only strengthen the University but also the communities with whom we do business.”

Despite Princeton increasing spending on minority firms by over $46 million over the last five years, such businesses only account for nine percent of the university’s total purchases.

Wintersession and Campus Engagement Director Judy Jarvis said those employed by the university must be “proactive” in seeking out diverse companies. Jarvis noted she hired Isometric, owned by two (minority) Princeton alumni, to design a new Wintersession “visual identity, website, [and] online exhibit.”

Regarding Princeton’s new effort, Isometric’s Waqas Jawaid said “Justice can only happen if we understand the ways that the playing field is not level and take active steps toward how we can change that condition.” Jawaid’s partner Andy Chen added that there are many small businesses who haven’t worked with universities before, so institutions like Princeton should “go out to identify and encourage them.”


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A full employment act for contract attorneys? Asking for a friend.

Hordes of Princeton grads are, even now, hiring members of the “in” groups to pretend to front for the people who actually run things, in order to be eligible for contracts.

This is an old scam that has been encouraged by the federal government for decades.

As I explained to my son, everything one needs to know about Portland city government can be learned by watching “The Sopranos.”

Was talking to a similar minded person this morning who was surprised that Portland was able to build housing for the homeless at only $200K/unit. I guess in Seattle it was closer to $400K.

The best part is that anyone who has been to Princeton realizes that “those targetted individuals” aren’t a significant part of the Princeton Community, just like BLM is such a huge part of Portland and Seattle because very few black people actually live here, and are celebrated by those who have never been to Philly or Balmer.

So tiresome.

Wasn’t Princeton involved in a lawsuit a few ago about its quotas on Asians?

dannystaggers | May 17, 2021 at 2:29 am

Well, they should start with their entire board and staff. Shouldn’t they?

    Yep. Time to demand that ONLY POC are in any position of power or privilege for these woke lunatics. NO more white people on any woke board or on any woke staff, no more white woke Democrat politicians, no more whites anywhere in Wokeville. ANYWHERE. Including woke social media, woke businesses, woke anything. No whites need apply. Put the sign on the door and stick to it.

    Any white person speaking for the black person is taking a job from a black person. Let’s start with Biden, then Pelosi, then Schumer. Where are the top three black or POC Democrats in power? Nowhere, they are all lily white, and they all need to go. What about at Facebook and Twitter? What about at Coke and Disney and Amazon? So WHITE! Horrible! The white privilege and white supremacy is rampant in the power structure of the Democrat Party and all its union, media, Big Tech, and big business affiliates, fix that, fix America. No more white people allowed in Dem politics, unions, media, tech, social media, big business. Make it happen.

henrybowman | May 17, 2021 at 10:34 am

Hey, I am all for this. Like a state lottery, it comprises a voluntary tax (or in this case, a tariff) on stupidity — the only acceptable libertarian tax, and one whose revenue base shows no signs of abating.

As for all them surplus goods from white companies — mais fica!

For 76 years on the planet, I always believed business was business. You have a good product , at a fair price and the color of you skin didn’t matter, Now, it matters what I do in my bedroom?? I wonder how many ” straight” students at Princeton believe this is necessary?

So fairness and inclusion out, bigotry in at Princeton.

Good to know. Goooood to know.

The Friendly Grizzly | May 17, 2021 at 7:42 pm

If I were still in business I’d not even dream of seeking business based on my sexual orientation. I’d stand or fall on my skills.