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Penn State Faculty Cancels Terms ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ for Being ‘Male-Centric’

Penn State Faculty Cancels Terms ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ for Being ‘Male-Centric’

“many terms in our lexicon carry a strong, male-centric, binary character to them”

How sophomoric of them. Thank you! I’ll be here all week. Try the veal!

Campus Reform reports:

Penn State faculty cancels ‘male-centric’ ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ labels

The Pennsylvania State University’s faculty senate passed “inclusive language” reform legislation.

As Penn State News detailed, the Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs passed a resolution for the “Removal of Gendered & Binary Terms from Course and Program Descriptions.”

“The University, as with most all academic institutions world-wide, has grown out of a typically male-centered world,” reads the resolution’s introduction. “As such, many terms in our lexicon carry a strong, male-centric, binary character to them.”

The resolution asserts that “terms such as ‘freshmen’ are decidedly male-specific, while terms such as ‘upperclassmen’ can be interpreted as both sexist and classist.” Terms such as “junior” and “senior” are supposedly “parallel to western male father-son naming conventions, and much of our written documentation uses he/she pronouns.”

The resolution recommends that the university make “editorial updates to our course and program descriptions, which appear in the course catalog and bulletin, to remove gendered terms.”

“We suggest that the University consider changes to all written materials, including recruiting materials, admissions materials, scholarship information, housing materials, other outward-facing documents, internal documents, and websites,” the resolution states.

For instance, individuals at the university should “move away from the use of gendered pronouns when referring to students, faculty, staff, and guests in course descriptions and degree program descriptions.”

Such changes would take the form of replacing “he/him/his” and “she/her/hers” with “they/them/theirs” or “non-gendered terms such as student, faculty member, staff member.”


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henrybowman | May 13, 2021 at 1:30 pm

All that verbiage and none of it discloses what they want to change the terms to. Morlocks and Eloi? Muggles and Mudbloods? Wogs and Nobbies? R2’s and C3’s?

Plus, it’s cruel to keep telling me to try the veal. Nobody offers veal anymore, and I miss it!

NOTHING BETTER TO DO at these schools! Too many admins!

This is not big deal, and I shed no tears for the loss of “junior and senior” or even “freshman.” I went to a school that regularly called students “first-year, second-year” and all that in the 1980s.
“Sophomore,” though, now there’s a word we need to hold onto for the lot of them.
I’ve seen some data that the average time to finish college is now six years, so what do we call years five and six? Supersenior, and superdupersenior?
As if it matters.

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Penn State, the ‘Sanctuary City for Paedophiles’, has for decades operated a child sex trafficking enterprise, grooming tens of thousands of innocent children for the sexual depravity of well connected politicians, wealthy donors, and high ranking university administrators, providing the university billions in profits. Penn State bribed the former FBI Director Louis Freeh to whitewash the scandal, and then delivered several young boys to former Democratic Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell for his hideous depravity in exchange for the early release of Pedophile State from NCAA sanctions. Newly unsealed documents revealed George Mitchell’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein…. Does the press possess the journalistic integrity to investigate the George Mitchell-Louis Freeh-Paedophile State-international child sex trade operation?

    henrybowman in reply to FarOutWest. | May 15, 2021 at 4:41 am

    When you post copypasta with supporting links that end in “…” they’re not really supposed to end in “…”.

Penn State, the ‘Sanctuary City for Paedophiles’, has far more serious problems than pronoun issues, such as trafficking in child sexual slavery.