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Assistant Dean at Brandeis University Declares That All White People Are Racist

Assistant Dean at Brandeis University Declares That All White People Are Racist

“anti-racist scholar and educator”

If this person made such a sweeping, discriminatory remark about any other group, she would have been fired instantly.

Campus Reform reports:


Kate Slater, Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs at Brandeis University, posted on Instagram that “all White people are racist” and that she “hate[s] Whiteness.”

The post has been taken down and the account made private after Slater’s initial posting in May.

Slater, who describes herself as an “anti-racist scholar and educator,” made her comments in support of Critical Race Theory.

A spokesperson for the Young Americans for Liberty at Brandeis University told Campus Reform that “it is clear that the dean’s [comments] are fueled by anger and ignorance,” explaining that “the way she addresses the problems she seeks to solve are unhelpful and divisive.”

“The most disheartening thing about the dean’s words,” the YAL chapter spokesperson continued, “is that by encouraging this line of thinking she is only stifling genuine and productive discussion of these matters and thus the resolution of the problems that she seeks to solve.”


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What a racist thing to say.

Okay. So, what?

We’ve tried denying the charge and that doesn’t work. Just smile, agree, and move on.

Yawn. Another day, another bigot in a position of authority making the news. And that news is a resume enhancer. All the other bigots will nod in approval and some of them will offer the first bigot money to come to their universities, to promote “racial healing.”

So, where’s the claims of “hostile work environment” and “hostile educational environment”? FILE A COMPLAINT. And if that doesn’t go anywhere, FILE A LAWSUIT. And make the dean personally accountable. Make the university throw him under the bus.

Old Navy Doc | May 31, 2021 at 11:27 am

Intellectual bigots will only crawl back underground if it costs them personally their money or job. Otherwise they continue to metastasize until they kill their hosts (us).

So: sue, meme, write, expose, demonize, and boycott the bastards; regardless of whether they are subversive, ignorant, self-serving, gullible, or just stupid.

Our Life, Liberty, and children depend on it.

File suit for defamation. Since she said “all white people” I wouldn’t think standing would be an issue. Make her defend her statement. Presumably, it was her personal Instagram account and not an “official” one so she shouldn’t be able to hide behind “academic freedom” or shift liability to the school. Don’t accept a typical, half-assed, liberal non-apology apology.

Even better if you’re staff or faculty at Brandeis and go for the “hostile work environment” claims.

Use discovery to dig back through her writings, both personal and professional, social media, published papers, personal and university email accounts. Especially, look for indications that she’s allowed her racial biases to influence her decisions relating to Graduate Student Affairs at the school. Have white grad students been subjected to prejudicial treatment because of their skin pigmentation?