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North Carolina School District Urges Teachers to Ignore Parents’ Concerns and Teach Critical Race Theory

North Carolina School District Urges Teachers to Ignore Parents’ Concerns and Teach Critical Race Theory

“told teachers to “disrupt” whiteness by not letting parents stand in the way of social justice instruction in the classroom”

This is becoming more common as some educators are absolutely determined to implement this agenda, despite the wishes of parents. The parents are the taxpayers who keep the lights on and the bills paid. They need to start reminding schools of that.

The Daily Caller reports:

REPORT: Largest School District In North Carolina Urges Teachers To Ignore Parents’ Pushback And Teach ‘Antiracism’

North Carolina’s largest school district held a conference where administrators told teachers to “disrupt” whiteness by not letting parents stand in the way of social justice instruction in the classroom, Discovery Institute scholar Christopher Rufo reported Thursday.

In February 2020, the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) reportedly held a conference called “#EdCampEquity,” which include lessons on “whiteness in ed spaces,” “microaggressions at work,” and “trauma-informed yoga,” Rufo reported. More than 200 public school teachers in North Carolina attended the conference, which was reportedly introduced by WCPSS superintendent Cathy Moore.

Freelance reporter A.P. Dillon provided the documents, which were obtained through a public records request, to City Journal.

One document from the conference shows a chart describing a “critical race theory model,” which claims teachers hold hidden stereotypes and biases that compel them to “have different expectations and hold Black students to a different standard.” A key tenant of critical race theory (CRT) also challenges the claim that public education is colorblind and provides equal opportunity, the chart says.


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The Friendly Grizzly | April 28, 2021 at 1:11 pm

Keep all of the kids home, or for working parents, under care of trusted neighbors. Falling attendance starves the district of funding.

Then, find the board members and make their lives a living hell.

“A key tenant of critical race theory [. . .]”? That should be “tenet” (see dictionary).

Well . . . what else would you expect from a reader of an article on public education?

Clearly the dumbing down of American students begins at the top! In a district such as this, one can only surmise that the “edumacational power structure” is far more focused on “social” justice than Social Studies, far more focused on the right numbers in the right places than on Mathematics, far more focused on rewriting History as a fictional resource than on the Classics of Literature and there is just nothing more irrational than declaring street language as acceptable rather than proper English grammar.. Surely the decision to call Mathematics racist because there is one correct answer not left open to the determination of the “reader” is enough to send those who had confidence in the American education system into a tailspin!
I feel sorry for those who are products of school systems like these. In many ways, they are like the students of a generation ago who were told that a college education was the key to wealth and happiness. They were then led into majors for which there was zero employability (other than for those who got Master’s and Doctorate’s degrees in these touchy-feely majors and could go on to “teach” them in the (alleged) institutions of higher education. No wonder so many young people are swimming in college debt. They have a degree which, in point of fact, is worth exactly the price of the fancy paper on which it is printed and nothing more.
I have one question for the “leader” of this “educational district”–if you need a doctor, would you immediately seek out one who graduated under your direction or would you go to find one who was actually the recipient of a true education? Search your soul Ms. Moore and give us an honest answer. I strongly suspect that either you will lie (as most of the critical race crowd does so frequently) or you will be willing, as Robert Runcie was, to sacrifice the sheep of your flock in order to achieve the “transformative educational system” you obviously desire.
By the way, I wonder how many of the Research Triangle Park employers will be hiring your graduates with their limited education but with loads of social justice empathy?