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Carleton College Mandates Racially Segregated Anti-Racism Trainings for Faculty

Carleton College Mandates Racially Segregated Anti-Racism Trainings for Faculty

“The mandatory trainings apparently are not sitting well with all employees.”

Progressive policies are so popular that they have to be made mandatory.

The College Fix reports:

Minnesota college forces faculty to attend racially segregated anti-racism trainings

A private Minnesota college has mandated monthly anti-racism training sessions for all of its employees, with most sessions segregated by skin color.

“All faculty/staff will need to either attend the live session or watch the recorded session each month,” Carleton College’s website states.

Carleton College is a small but influential private liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota, with about 2,000 students and an endowment of close to $900 million. Tuition is $59,000 a year.

The mandatory trainings apparently are not sitting well with all employees.

According to a slide from the March 2021 affinity group meetings, the anti-racism trainers state that “We’ve been told that in some groups that after saying that there’s no racial problem at Carleton some people just refuse to participate.”

The trainers accuse such people of perpetuating racism.

“This is uncomfortable, but totally predictable,” the slide states. “After all, a refusal to acknowledge racism as real helps keep the system intact.”

Carleton College will not reply to repeated requests from The College Fix seeking comment.


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If I’m an alumnus, not one dime do they get – ever – from this point forward.

I knew the popularity of the “you’re in denial” ploy would eventually bite us all in the *s.

The Friendly Grizzly | April 20, 2021 at 4:06 pm

As someone on another thread, and I think another site said: it may be time to invest in drinking fountain futures.

Isn’t school intended primarily to help students succeed within the system? Once you learn what the system has to teach you, then you can improve it or find corrections.

Student revolutionaries are disgusting. They are always shallow and want to do damage to the systems their betters created. Yes, betters. These revolutionaries are not especially great people.

“Keep the system intact.” Yes, in general that’s a good thing not a bad thing. If we have to submit to people training us to tear down the system, things are way wrong.

When the racially separated faculty training sessions take their bathroom breaks, will the bathrooms be separated by biological sex or some other criteria? Will the bathroom breaks be staggered so as to prevent racial intermixing? As faculty enter or leave the building for each training session will they use separate doors and be assigned to separate parking lots? (On most campuses the true measure of power and privilege is the allocation of parking spaces and the oppression created by remote parking spaces.)

Sometimes, it is fun to go and “innocently” ask provocative questions to put the brainwashers in a corner.

Things like “define racism or justice.”