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Biden Administration Doubts Russia Placed Bounties on U.S. Troops

Biden Administration Doubts Russia Placed Bounties on U.S. Troops

You want to talk about election manipulation? Let’s look at the latest example of journalism malpractice here in America.

Example #6,708,757,907 of journalism malpractice during President Donald Trump’s term: U.S. intel walking back the claims Russian put bounties on American troops.

The Daily Beast subheadline: “But according to a newly disclosed assessment, Donald Trump might have been right to call it a ‘hoax.'”

Initial Report and Candidate Biden Unloading on Trump

The New York Times caused a commotion in June 2020 with its report about Russia supposedly paying militants and the Taliban to murder U.S. troops. The information came from anonymous sources.

Trump’s intelligence team did not have confidence in the reports.

Did anyone listen? Of course not! The left and their friends in the MSM talked as if everything was true, especially since they still think Trump was Vladimir Putin’s puppet.

Then-candidate Biden unloaded on Trump over the reports:

“His entire presidency has been a gift to Putin, but this is beyond the pale,” Biden said during a virtual town hall Saturday. “It’s betrayal of the most sacred duty we bear as a nation to protect and equip our troops when we send them into harm’s way. It’s a betrayal of every single American family with a loved one serving in Afghanistan or anywhere overseas.”

Biden Now: Oh, My Bad

The Daily Beast quietly reported:

Significantly, the Biden team announced a raft of sanctions on Thursday. But those sanctions, targeting Russia’s sovereign debt market, are prompted only by Russia’s interference in the 2020 election and its alleged role in the SolarWinds cyber espionage. (In contrast, Biden administration officials said that their assessment attributing the breach of technology company SolarWinds to hackers from Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service was “high confidence.”)

“We have noted our conclusion of the review that we conducted on the bounties issue and we have conveyed through diplomatic, intelligence, and military channels strong, direct messages on this issue, but we are not specifically tying the actions we are taking today to that matter,” a senior administration official told reporters in reference to the bounty claims.

According to the officials on Thursday’s call, the reporting about the alleged “bounties” came from “detainee reporting” – raising the specter that someone told their U.S.-aligned Afghan jailers what they thought was necessary to get out of a cage. Specifically, the official cited “information and evidence of connections to criminal agents in Afghanistan and elements of the Russian government” as sources for the intelligence community’s assessment.

Without additional corroboration, such reporting is notoriously unreliable. Detainee reporting from a man known as Ibn Shaikh al-Libi, extracted from torture, infamously and bogusly fueled a Bush administration claim, used to invade Iraq, about Saddam Hussein training al-Qaeda to make poison gas.

But as information came out, the media seemed to bury it because it would harm the narrative. The Daily Beast included its report last summer of former diplomats and intelligence officers who viewed “the bounties account skeptically.” One of those diplomats said, “someone leaked this to slow down the troop withdrawal.”

I honestly do not remember anyone broadcasting those views. I also don’t remember the AP article with Gen. Frank McKenzie, the senior U.S. general for the Middle East and South Asia, saying “there seemed to be no ‘causative link” to any actual U.S. deaths.”

Cannot promote those viewpoints! Only Trump calling the information a “hoax” gained any traction.


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So the democrats/media lied? Shocking. s/ The length the democrats are so slimy I wonder what specifically Trump had on them that they were so afraid of. I just don’t get the vitriol they had for Trump.

The Russians are massing troops in Ukraine and China is practicing to invade Taiwan, and this is the story?

    n.n in reply to txvet2. | April 15, 2021 at 3:20 pm

    One less piece of disinformation to socially justify wars without borders and transnational terrorism.

    The Russians are defending people who chose to separate from Kiev following the coup and a progressive Ukrainian incursion.

    The Chinese hope to change the status of Taiwan, as Tibet before, while Americans take a knee.

      txvet2 in reply to n.n. | April 15, 2021 at 4:49 pm

      Yeah, a Black Sea port had nothing to do with it. With justification like that, Canada could annex the whole West Coast.

      “Change the status”?? That’s a cute way to describe it. Like we “changed the status” of Normandy, Okinawa and a lot of Pacific islands.

It’s not clear to me how Russia paying to kill US troops, if it were true, is proof Trump was betraying the US military. For that to be true is tantamount to a claim that Trump cooperated with or ordered this alleged scheme by Russia, and even our traitorous media wasn’t bold enough to try and push that lie.

    Barry in reply to randian. | April 16, 2021 at 10:07 pm

    It was pushed as “Trump knew about it and did nothing, ‘cuz Putin”.

    It was always bullshit and anyone with half a brain and an understanding of the russians knew it. Everything, and I mean everything, the press reported that was bad for Trump was / is a lie.