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Senate Passes Biden Porkulous Bill; The Measure Passed 50-49

Senate Passes Biden Porkulous Bill; The Measure Passed 50-49

“The Senate has never spent $2 trillion in a more haphazard or less rigorous way,”

As the Wuhan coronavirus peters out and states start removing demonstrably useless mask and capacity mandates, the Senate passes an anti-American  version of the pork-laden “Pelosi Payoff” bill on a party-line vote.

The New York Post reports:

The Senate on Saturday passed President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill on a party-line vote, ending a marathon session lasting nearly 26 hours.

The measure passed 50-49 at 12:25 p.m. in the evenly divided chamber due to the absence of one Republican, Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan, who flew home Friday after the death of his father-in-law.

Sullivan’s departure meant there was no need for Vice President Kamala Harris to cast a tie-breaker vote to gain the Democratic victory.

“This Senate has never spent $2 trillion dollars in a more haphazard way,” Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said afterwards. “Voters picked a president who promised unity and bipartisanship, but the Democrats have passed what they call the most progressive legislation in a generation on a razor-thin margin.”

No Republicans broke ranks to help Democrats pass the bill, despite days of speculation that moderates like Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski might do so.

NBC News has more:

The vote was a critical early test of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s ability to keep all 50 Democrats unified behind a major piece of legislation despite being an ideologically and regionally diverse caucus.

“From the beginning, we said this: We had to pass this legislation,” Schumer told reporters. “We made a promise to the American people that we were going to deliver the real relief they needed. And now we have fulfilled that promise.”

He added: “I was confident from the get-go. I just told that to the president that when he called me. And I said, I knew we would get this done.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., blasted Democrats for taking a partisan approach and argued that they would not deserve credit for the economic recovery.

“The Senate has never spent $2 trillion in a more haphazard or less rigorous way,” he said. “Democrats inherited a tide that is already turning.”


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I can imagine that few things make a senile old grifter happier than spending $2T of your great-grandchildren’s money.

Disgusting, fraudulent idiot.

Well, at least we can ignore all the stupid speculation that perhaps Manchin and/or might wish to moderate the leftist Dem agenda and act as the Senate’s Justice Kennedy. The swing vote; the power broker. And therefore wield extra power by going with whichever side gave them the sweeter deal.

Nope. They’ll march in lockstep with the rest of them and rubberstamp AOC’s agenda.

It was always wishcasting that they wouldn’t. The wishcasters won’t stop wishcasting. But sane people now have all the evidence they need to ignore that.

2smartforlibs | March 6, 2021 at 4:27 pm

the left is sure t his is a mandate for their thief of America.

    Ben Kent in reply to 2smartforlibs. | March 6, 2021 at 9:31 pm

    This massive spending bill was a travesty. Only about 10% actually went to Covid relief.

    USSR was destroyed – not by troops or weapons – by their mismanagement of their economy. USA is on the same path.

Wait until HR1 passes, that will make you even more mad. But at least this porkopulus will be forever theirs to fix, or destroy the country completely.

Albigensian | March 6, 2021 at 5:17 pm

“An election is an auction of goods which have not yet been stolen.”

Back to the old kabuki theater. After a lot of phony bickering, Dems win by one vote. Without Trump, it’s again a one-party system.

Why is there a bust of Bill Murray’s character from Caddyshack behind Biden?

    It’s actually of that guy who coined the term “Wetbacks” and led the fight to secure our southern border in the 1950s and 60s. I forget his name but he wasn’t Chinese. Typical Biden nonsense.

Do you ever get the feeling the GOP is an endless series of reboots of a crappy franchise?

GOPe in 2010: We can’t stop the Obama agenda because we are the minority. So send us campaign contributions!

GOPe in 2014: We can’t stop the Obama agenda because we only control the House. So send us campaign contributions!

GOPe in 2016: We can’t stop the Obama agenda because we only control the House and Senate. So send us campaign contributions!

GOPe in 2017: We can’t undo the Obama agenda and enact our own because of Trump and his Twitter account. So send us campaign contributions!

GOPe in 2019: We can’t stop the Democrats because we only control the Senate and the White House, and because of Trump and his Twitter account. So send us campaign contributions!

GOPe in 2021: We can’t stop the Biden* agenda because we are the minority. So send us campaign contributions!

i nwver want to hear the term “moderate democrat” ever again in my life

Now in the offing: high inflationary pressures combined with:

GDP-lowering, interest-rate-rising, personal/corporate-tax-rate/gas price-increasing, unemployment-rate-increasing, CPI-increasing . . . you get the picture — all directed toward a structurally deep and demoralizing recession.

So, inflation + recession. Not to mention the highest risk of big-toy/great-powers, all-out, possibly-including-limited/unlimited-thermonuclear-faceted war, but not necessarily simultaneously or even limited to that between:

Israel/Iran; PRC-PDRNK/ROC-Japan-Australia-India-US; India/PRC-PDRNK; India/Pakistan; Russia-Syria-Iran/US-Israel-UK; PRC-PDRNK/US; Iran-PDRNK-Venezuela-Cuba/US, Iran/Israel-AUE-Bahrain-Saudi Arabia; or a previously unimagined, nightmarish scenario toward a new, reset world axis: Iran-US-PRC-Russia-Venezuela-UK-PDRNK-Cuba, et al/Israel-UAE-Bahrain-Saudi Arabia; etc.

The possibilities for total oblivion are endless, but nearby enough to be, all things considered, worrisome.

It looks menacing — is this apt, or inadequate?

We’ll need a 21st-century ark to attempt to overcome this, should it all — what, reify and intersect?

PS: Throw in the moody, variable aspects of the still-mutant-prone SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic, and the still unfolding event of a public-health/continuous mass refugee nightmare on our now-effectively open Southern border, in case you’re still looking for added excitement.

I’d say, it’s all plenty of incitement to contend with, and the Dem-Lefties, principally Nance & Chuck, started the ball rolling when they passed Porculus Idiotus Maximus.

Enjoy saving your likely $2,800 or more, coming your way soon.

(China Joe, recently overheard yelling at Jill, upstairs in the WH: “Who says I need a stimulant? Why, Metamucil works fine for me!”)

Shame the Senator couldn’t vote from home the way they could last summer. That would have forced the WIC to have had to cast the tie-breaking vote. As the debt sky-rockets, I hope that there are reasonable Democrats out there who realize what their “party” is doing to them and their children and will relieve us all of the spendaholics in Congress. If we passed a balanced budget today, we still have massive debts due to the spending habits of Democrats and Republican RINOs for years. Heck, when was the last time we even had a budget. We’re just spending it on the fly. Money we don’t have. Money our children will never have. Freedom our grandchildren will never have. By the time a child born today turns 21, he/she/(the PC pronoun)it will likely live in the CCSA (Communist Chinese States of America). Truly sad to think of it but we must begin to face reality.

The blue state bailout is going to cost us going forward a lot.

felixrigidus | March 7, 2021 at 9:19 pm

Why is it acceptable for a Senator to be absent at this vote while being physically able to attend? Do soldiers our politicians send to die in foreign countries get to go home during a decisive battle because someone at home died or do we expect them to do their duty?

Senators should do their duty as well.