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Sen. Tom Cotton Introducing Bill to Ban Critical Race Training in U.S. Military

Sen. Tom Cotton Introducing Bill to Ban Critical Race Training in U.S. Military

“bill would prohibit the armed forces from directly promoting the core tenets of critical race theory”

One of the most astonishing things of the last year has been seeing the left successfully migrate woke culture into every aspect of American life, including the United States Military.

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who is a veteran, is now introducing a bill which seeks to block the military from Critical Race Theory indoctrination.

Chris Rufo reports at City Journal:

Senator Cotton’s Stand

Tomorrow, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton will introduce legislation to ban critical race theory trainings in the United States military. The bill is concise, and desperately needed…

The premise of Senator Cotton’s legislation is that the military should encourage its members to “love the United States,” defend the “founding principles of the United States,” and maintain policies that treat people as “human beings with equal dignity and protection under the law.” Critical race theory, according to the findings in the bill, undermines these three goals by presenting the United States as a racist, oppressive nation and by encouraging racial division under the guise of “social justice.”

Cotton’s legislation would put an end to this. (Disclosure: I reviewed and provided feedback on an initial draft of this legislation.) The bill would prohibit the armed forces from directly promoting the core tenets of critical race theory: that “the United States of America is a fundamentally racist Nation;” that “an individual, by virtue of his or her race, is inherently racist or oppressive;” and that “an individual, because of his or her race, bears responsibility for the actions committed by other members of his or her race.” The bill also includes a provision against segregating members of the armed forces by race, which has become common practice in many CRT training programs.

You can read Cotton’s entire five-page bill here.

Chris Rufo is right. This is needed.

Lots of people see the need for this.

The big question is whether or not this would pass.

Other Republicans need to get behind this. Hold press conferences with veterans to explain why it’s so important. Just keep pushing. This is a fight worth having.

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UnCivilServant | March 25, 2021 at 11:05 am

I note these bills are usually introduced when they have no chance of passing or being signed into law.

This BS needs to be banned throughout the entire government…………… Unfortunately, it has little to no hope of passing.

    Really? Argued properly, who would vote for REsegregating the military no less the entire country? Remember, it’s mostly creepy, wealthy, power-obsessed white people pushing for this. So long as those leading the fight are not the usual GOPe surrender monkeys, I can’t see this NOT having a major disruptive impact.

    I am really tired of reading all of these defeatist comments. Despite Milhouse’s endless attempts to argue otherwise, trying is NOT the first step to failure. It’s “our” side’s inability to get fired up to fight the battle in the first place. We lose because we believe all is hopeless. Stop it already.

      henrybowman in reply to Pasadena Phil. | March 25, 2021 at 3:27 pm

      Oh, there those “defeatist comments” have two edges. The first edge is, “Republicans file bills they know cannot pass.” The person who wants to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt says “trying is not the first step to failure.” The second edge is, “When Republicans happen to own the government and could easily get the very same bills passed, they deliberately fail to file them.” The person who wants to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt shuts up and goes home if he doesn’t want to look like a perfect fool.

        If getting bills passed is the standard for what Republicans should submit, they might as well go home. As it stands, nothing Republicans present has a chance of passing. But submitting these bills at least forces votes that puts these scumbags on record and keeps the discussion going. For God’s sake, we just witnessed the Republican scumbags allow a cross-dressing pervert to be in Biden’s cabinet.

        If Trump has a chance of purging these scumbags in the near future, the Cottons and Cruz’ need to keep making these efforts that have no chance of passing and exposing them for what they are. It’s about staying in the game and preparing the battlefield for the next big battle in 2022. We could win the war in 2024 if we just stop being beta-male losers.

Let’s see who votes against the bill.

The last time our military was RE-segregated was by order of President Woodrow Wilson, another radical progressive Democrat whose Versailles Treaty was a key reason why post-war Europe decayed to the point of triggering WWII.

So RE-segregating the country is now a GOOD thing. Hear that black America? Think that will work out well for anyone?

    henrybowman in reply to Pasadena Phil. | March 25, 2021 at 3:32 pm

    But noisy elements of black America are busy demanding resegregation. They are standing athwart history, yelling “Retreat!” Throwing MLK the finger. Looking forward to great results.

      If you dig into this, you will find that these “noisy elements” are NOT resonating with the multitudes of blacks living in the neighborhoods where BLM has destroyed their lives. This is why Trump made such big inroads for the GOP among blacks, latinos and other minorities. It was revealed yesterday, for instance, that the campaign to impeach Warden Gruesome is most popular among latinos. No word yet about blacks but I’ll bet it is very popular with them too.

      Trump got their attention and got a big chunk of their votes which is why they had to manufacture so many votes to steal the election. We need to keep that narrative going. Otherwise, there is no hope for them OR us.

Failure Theatre bullshit. He knows goddamn well it won’t pass.

Where were you last year when it would have actually passed the Senate, coward. You forced Trump to issue an executive order and not a single Senator lifted a finger.

George_Kaplan | March 25, 2021 at 7:17 pm

At 5 pages nobody can claim they don’t have time to pass the bill.

Should Democrats oppose this bill then Republicans can nail them to the wall as the Party of Slavery and Segregation, of Power and Privilege. That gives Americans a clear choice come the 2022 election. Support racism and discrimination, or vote Republican and (no longer?) ordinary American equality.

Note too that should the bill fail to pass then recruitment numbers could crash!!! Why would conservatives sign up to the military when they know it’s an organ of social engineering and a weapon against traditional America?

    CommoChief in reply to George_Kaplan. | March 26, 2021 at 12:58 am


    Very good points that highlight the value of forcing ones opponent to react v allowing the opponent to maintain the initiative.

    Their choice is either:
    A. Support passage which alienates their progressive base, though purple State D up in 2022 for re-election may have to vote for it in order maintain the illusion that they are ‘moderate/centrist’

    B. Oppose it. Which for purple State D won’t help their re-election.

    Big picture failure to pass will impact recruiting and retention. It will also put those d in a very uncomfortable spot as the CRT training slides leak out and are published.

    The wider the knowledge of the content of CRT spreads the more people are going to oppose it. 2022 and 2024 are already shaping as referendum elections on whether we maintain our political and policy traditions as a Constitutional Republic with States retaining their traditional powers and our individual liberty or we become some new type of oligarchy of apartheid.