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Paper: ‘White Fragility’ Ideology is Tearing the Country Apart

Paper: ‘White Fragility’ Ideology is Tearing the Country Apart

“the use of the issue of racism by some people and/or groups is being ‘framed’ in such a way that it is used to leverage change, including the breakup of the country”

The people who are pushing Critical Race Theory and everything that goes with it, act as if they are trying to help the country. They are not.

Dale T. Vaughn writes at Medium:

Uncovering the Destructive Ideology Lurking in “White Fragility”

This paper is primarily focused on what I see as an effort by some within the United States to tear the country apart from the inside. There are some people and/or groups in the country who, through some of their actions and writing, are attempting to do this without explicitly expressing this as their ultimate agenda or goal. But this can be ascertained through the way that these people and/or groups are behaving and in some of what they have written. The main weapon to break up the country has been with their specific view or account of racism in the country.

For me, the most important issue facing America is in trying to get some sense of the nature and degree of the danger our country is presently confronting. I believe that the most pressing danger being witnessed presently with the upheaval of the country is through a specific way that many are ‘framing’ the issue of racism in America as an ‘embedded, systemic flaw.’ But it has been difficult to get some sense of, so to speak, “where some people or groups are coming from.” And with so much confusion from many different people and/or groups, it has been difficult to get clear way to distinguish between various people as to whether certain groups and/or people pose a serious threat to even the continuing existence of our form of government as a Constitutional Republic.

I believe that for some of these people and/or groups that this has been intentional in that their real goals and/or agenda are largely hidden within their ideology. That is, the use of the issue of racism by some people and/or groups is being ‘framed’ in such a way that it is used to leverage change, including the breakup of the country. With this impetus to change the country there lies an ideology which is being used to manipulate and pressure many in the public into agreeing with this ideology, whose superficial message is against racism, but whose hidden ideology is initially directed toward the dismantlement of the country.

Read the whole thing.


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At least some of the constituencies would prefer a wealth transfer, reparations, stuff. They keep saying “your feelings don’t matter, niceness doesn’t matter, what are you going to give up for us?” so it’s quite clear. And as I noted last year the academic research to build something that looks like a legal case for reparations has been going on for a while. Very quietly, they make it look like something else.

I think one strategy is to anger and exhaust the society so much that they can demand “land for peace” similar to the Palestinians vs. the Israelis. Let’s not make the same mistake Israel did by giving it.

    randian in reply to artichoke. | March 21, 2021 at 7:33 pm

    The Israelis, at least those that are not fools, realize that Islam’s war against Jews is eternal, mandated by the Quran. Giving up land will not guarantee peace, so it should not be done.

    Similarly, any white who isn’t a fool understands that stealing from them (aka “reparations”) will similarly never end.

JusticeDelivered | March 18, 2021 at 11:35 pm

I have given this a great deal of thought, they will not like what I will be happy to give them.

I do think that minorities are being used for political purposes, and that for the most part they are not smart enough to understand this. In the end, they will suffer a staggering backlash. Being adults, it does not matter, they are responsible for their actions,