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Law School Class President Facing Recall for Refusing to Condemn Classmate as Racist

Law School Class President Facing Recall for Refusing to Condemn Classmate as Racist

“he exonerated a peer whose out-of-context comments upset the woke echelons”

This student is a minority who wouldn’t side with the woke mob, so they’re coming after him.

The Daily Wire reports:

Law School Class President Facing Recall For Not Believing Classmate’s Demonstrably False Claim Of Racism

Activists at the University of North Carolina’s law school are recalling a minority student from his position of power after he exonerated a peer whose out-of-context comments upset the woke echelons.

Sagar Sharma is a first-year law student at the University of North Carolina (UNC), where he serves as the first-year class co-president. Sharma is facing a recall election after he refused to condemn comments that were taken out of context.

Activists will host the recall on Tuesday, March 9, which requires two-thirds of the student body to vote him out of office.

The recall process began after two first-year law students got into a heated debate about colonialism in North America. According to a transcript of the recorded conversation, “Student A” claimed that Europeans brutally colonized the west while “Student B” pointed out that brutal practices, conquest, and enslavement were commonplace before colonization.

Student B suggested that Student A — a black man — look at the ongoing battle in Cameroon for an example of modern-day colonization. Student A claims that Student B explicitly told him to “return to Africa.” Those words were never uttered.


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Since the 60s, “activism” has been held up as the highest possible good. Now we have a young generation that is determined to be activists no matter how unreasonable or even dishonest their cause, or how much harm they do.

Reap -> Sow. It’s the circle of life.

    thunderchuck in reply to irv. | March 10, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    It’s not about right or wrong anymore but about violent advancement of an agenda no matter the necessary means! The people by virtue of,”lead by example” have learned from the irrational state of the legislative branch of our own government that this is acceptable. The sad fact is the people that are supposed to be a, “Shining Example” to our children. Further led astray by the,” Prussian” inspired public school indoctrination system, that teaches them to have no respect for their Nation and it’s history. Compounded by the media’s complete abandonment of true journalism and their refusal to report on the consequences of a society w/o the rule of law. They are being taught that regardless of the outrageoussness of their actions it’s okay as long as they blame someone else! Our government has failed us. The schools have failed us.
    It is an issue that should have been addressed long ago and was by President Reagan, “It’s been my observation that the problem isn’t that anyone in America is undertaxed but that the government is overfed”. He also addressed the Democratic parties continuing press for,” Consolidation of authority in the government and away from the people “. The legislative left has continued to exercise government overreach by putting in place more and more,” social” programs that relieve the masses of any responsibility for their own life and actions.People are constantly referring to Orwell and 1984, most of whom I am certain have never read it. However Always Huxley describes it near exactly in,”A Brave New World” in which the people willingly surrender more and more of their rights in return for government provided pleasures and distractions, alla welfare and,”Obama phones”.
    The Democrats have shown their inclination to a world in which they have no contact with the,” Unwashed Masses” during the current Covid crisis. The Governor California went so far as to ban indoor dining in the entire state so he could get reservations for himself and his friends at the,”French Laundry and not have to be exposed to his constituents! He condemned thousands of small family owned restaurants to death!Nancy Pelosi showed her own disregard for the people by continuing to patronize her salon and other establishments while other less fortunate businesses went bankrupt! None of this matters to them as long as the outlets that serve them the, ” elite” remain. None of which got much coverage.
    These are the people who are elected to protect our rights and interests. But because of the medias blatant dereliction of duty,the majority of people never learn of how vile they view the average person to be.
    California is currently in a natural, “Act of God” drought. However there has been a woman made drought in place for more than a Decade as Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer,and Diane Finestein have continued to allow the Farmers irrigation water to flow out to sea. Increasing food prices and hunger throughout the world. All for a little fish the,”Delta Smelt ” that as I understand it even the Salmon won’t eat!
    None of this matters to them as they can easily afford the price hikes on produce. Nancy Pelosi even did an interview posing in front of her $40,000 (freezers she has two) filled with $30 a pint ice cream! While people all over California are struggling to get their children’s next meal! This is the total disregard for your fellow citizens that people are being taught by example is acceptable in America today!
    Right and Wrong are no longer even CA secondary concern in America today. Meghan Markle is a perfect example. How could anybody have thought for a second that an American,” actress ” with a self serving mindset second only to a modern American Congressman could ever survive in a situation where they would be required to consider the needs of others?

If this recall gets even a 10% vote, I’d think three times before hiring a grad from UNC Law.

George_Kaplan | March 9, 2021 at 5:29 pm

Perhaps Sharma should call his critics racist? 🙂

I hate to say it but right now the biggest threat to the constitution is in law schools

amatuerwrangler | March 9, 2021 at 9:01 pm

IANAL. So why does a first year law school class need a “president” and what the hell is this “co-president” thing?

Funny the way the race card trumps all freedom of speech cards if you are white.

I have found the millennial and gen z generation have been trained to ignore reality, and literally hear only things they want to hear, even if it means distorting reality. I have a millennial coworker who literally misinterpret everything he hears to suit his bias and bigotry.