Victor Davis Hanson is one of the most important and authoritative conservative voices in America today. In a recent episode of American Thought Leaders from the Epoch Times, Hanson talked at length about a variety of topics.

This is so worth your time.

Hanson opened the discussion by analyzing the meaning behind the Democrats’ latest attempt to impeach Trump. As a scholar of history, Davis then breaks down how a ‘woke’ ideology will hamper progress in the United States, using comparative examples from around the world.

He notes how this has become embedded in everything:

I’m really worried — we’re right in the middle of it with the time and resources that we spend on wokeness, in K through 12, in universities, in corporations, or in sports. I was watching the Super Bowl commercials yesterday, and they all have an ideological intent. They’re trying to put particular classes or races or people deliberately to protect them in a way that doesn’t represent the demography necessarily in the United States.

Hanson breaks down the left’s assault on free speech using social justice as a justification and the partnership of the left and big tech to silence people. He points to the take down of Parler as a concrete example. He suggests none of this is happening by accident:

In Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World,” and in George Orwell there is a common theme. Orwell summed it up explicitly. “Who controls the past controls the future,” and “Who controls the present controls the past.” By maintaining that monopoly on information dissemination, they can work people, along with academia and K through 12. By that I mean, if you and I had this conversation two years ago, we wouldn’t know what “1619” was. Our children are going to be coming home from school and lecturing us that we’re racist for not acknowledging that 1619 was a more important date than 1776.

One of the best parts comes at the 24 minute mark when Hanson talks about how this applies to politics going forward. He says that although it’s unfortunate, the only thing that will make the Democrats stop is reciprocity:

What finally got their attention? When they announced that they’re going to play a series of videos where Maxine Waters or Kamala Harris or Chuck Schumer engage in the very type of insurrectionary, or what they call incendiary, speech that Donald Trump does.

What will get their attention when they go across the aisle and say, “This Republican cannot be on this minority [committee,] for the first time in the history of the house, we’re not going to allow you to pick your own committee assignments.”? The only thing that will stop that — I hate to say it, human nature being what it is — is for the Republicans to say to them, “We’re going to take power in 24 months, and the first thing we’re going to do is strip AOC and Representative Omar of their committee assignments, because they have a long history of anti-Semitism.”

They think that these people will listen to logic, but they’re in a period of hysteria and frenzy, not unlike the Salem witch trials, and they’re not coherent. The only thing they understand is reciprocity.

There’s so much more, too. This video is an hour long, and it’s a worthy investment of time. If you’re looking for something to watch today, this is an excellent choice.

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