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University of Washington Students Demand Removal of George Washington Statue

University of Washington Students Demand Removal of George Washington Statue

“perpetuates white supremacy and preserves its historical imposition”

Remember when Trump predicted the left would eventually do this and all the smart people in media scoffed at him?

Campus Reform reports:

Students demand removal of George Washington statue…at University of Washington

The University of Washington’s Black Student Union has garnered nearly 8,000 signatures on a petition that demands the school remove a statue of George Washington, the school’s – and the state’s – namesake.

The petition claims the statue “perpetuates white supremacy and preserves its historical imposition,” because George Washington owned slaves.

The offending statue is part of the university’s history: It is the product of a years-long campaign by the Daughters of the American Revolution, which raised $6,000 by “encourag[ing] schoolchildren from all over the state to contribute their pennies, no more than five cents apiece.” The statue has stood on campus since 1909.

The petition also proposes cutting ties with the Seattle Police Department, disarming the university police, increasing funding for the American Ethnic Studies Department, and hiring more Black faculty members, among other policies.

University leadership responded with incremental measures at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, including cutting the campus police force by 20 percent and reiterating existing hiring initiatives aimed at bringing diverse talent to campus. But it did not pledge to remove the statue – and the BSU isn’t backing down.


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If the memory of our heroes is not worth remembering it’s time to cancel their Federal holidays. Statue comes down? Holiday comes off the calendar.

    The unions will always come up with ways to keep paid days off. They just try to give them more politically correct names.

    We already celebrate “Presidents Day” instead of Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays. Easter has become “Spring Break.” Christmas, “Winter Holiday” or even “Winter Solstice.”

    Sorry. You can’t win that game.

I demand removal of those dumbassed students.

Dolce Far Niente | February 20, 2021 at 12:42 pm

Its worth pointing out that Washington State is pretty much lily white, with a black population of just over 3%.

Clearly racism has kept our AA brothers and sisters from enjoying the blessings of Ecotopia.

Time to start calling this bigotry what it is. Who gives them right to demand what is wrong?

Funny how it didn’t stop them from applying, then attending the school.
Boards, alumni, and administrators need to grow a spine and stop allowing the students to run the show.

“and the BSU isn’t backing down.’

And why would they? There is no downside to their continuing to be chronic pains in the ass.

Introduce a downside and see how the equation changes.