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UConn Introducing New Course on ‘Immigration Justice’

UConn Introducing New Course on ‘Immigration Justice’

“Students will be able to choose which local activist groups to work with”

Students will be partnered with local activist groups? So this is political activism, not academics. How else can you read this?

Campus Reform reports:

UConn course has students partner with ‘immigrant justice’ ‘activist’ groups, but won’t say which ones

The University of Connecticut’s Latino and Latin American Department announced it will introduce a new course for students to focus on immigration justice.

According to The Daily Campus, the course, LLAS 3390: Organizing for Immigrant Justice, is a one-credit 50-minute class that would lead students to partner with Connecticut activism groups through an immigration activism project.

There’s just one problem, though. The university won’t disclose which “activist” groups with which it is partnering, citing the risk of those organizations being “targeted by ICE.”

Students will be able to choose which local activist groups to work with, and according to the outlet, will get a chance to understand the immigration system through a legal lens.

The Associate Director of UConn’s El Instituto and the professor teaching the class, Anne Gebelein, told The Daily Campus that the class will give students “the opportunity to work with local activist groups in Connecticut to participate in organizing projects that support immigrants,” with the class primarily focusing on why and how immigrants migrate.

Speakers from the UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Anti-Racist Activist-in-Residence Program will also speak to the class, according to the article.


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It’s a shame that apparently no university anywhere checks proposed new courses to ensure they aren’t just venues for propaganda.

In reality, it seems like they do an informal check to ensure that there will be propaganda. That’s an ever bigger shame.

Problem is:
college-level English doesn’t differentiate between the words immigration and invasion