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U. Chicago Students Fight Cancel Culture by Launching Newspaper to Promote Conservative Ideas

U. Chicago Students Fight Cancel Culture by Launching Newspaper to Promote Conservative Ideas

“Self-censorship on campus has really become a sickness.”

More conservative students should consider doing this. It’s a positive action which is also fun and educational.

FOX News reports:

University of Chicago students push back on cancel culture, launch newspaper promoting conservative speech

Two students at the University of Chicago are fighting back against the largely one-sided political culture on campus with a student-run digital newspaper highlighting conservative and libertarian viewpoints.

Audrey Unverferth and Evita Duffy founded The Chicago Thinker to expand political conversation among student communities with a mission that reads, “We demand not be coddled. Embracing the experience of unfettered inquiry and free expression is precisely the point of these years of intense study.” Their motto: “Outthink the mob.”

The website caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, who lauded the creation of a “new journal from students who refuse to be cancelled” in a column earlier this week.

“Self-censorship on campus has really become a sickness. I’ve experienced cancel culture, so has Audrey and other people we know, and at one point this summer, we said we are done,” Duffy told “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy on Thursday.

The students launched the website “to give people the courage to actually say what they think in the classroom, which is supposed to be the one place where you are supposed to think for yourself and have open debate,” Duffy explained.


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The University of Chicago has certainly made a name for itself in encouraging freedom of thought. It is also host to many influential conservative economists and legal scholars.

Many other elite schools have conservative publications, so it is about time that the University of Chicago has one as well.

Good for them. I suggest hiring armed bodyguards.