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School District in Maryland Announces Plan to Push ‘Anti-Racist’ Thinking in Preschool

School District in Maryland Announces Plan to Push ‘Anti-Racist’ Thinking in Preschool

“culturally responsive Prekindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum that promotes equity, respect, anti-racist thinking, and civility”

The left wants Critical Race Theory pushed on your children, starting in preschool. This is indoctrination, not education.

The Daily Wire reports:

Maryland School District Announces Policy to Push ‘Anti-Racist Thinking’ In Preschool, Redefine ‘Discrimination’ and ‘Racism’

The Montgomery County Public School district in Maryland spent more than $450,000 on an “anti-racist audit” for the 2020-21 school year, which resulted in the district tentatively adopting policies that push “anti-racist thinking” in preschool.

According to a copy of the school district’s “tentative action policy” obtained by The Daily Wire, the district will now provide a “culturally responsive Prekindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum that promotes equity, respect, anti-racist thinking, and civility.” The curriculum will also teach students that “the impact of racism on mental health has been deemed a public health crisis.”

The school district, which is one of the largest in the nation, announced in November that it would partner with the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium for $454,680 to conduct an “anti-racist audit.” The audit was designed to “examine [the district’s] systems, practices, and policies that do not create access, opportunities, and equitable outcomes for every student’s academic and social emotional well-being.” According to Bethesda Magazine, the contract was awarded despite anticipated budget cuts of up to $155 million.

In a review of the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium’s financial filings, the Washington Free Beacon discovered that the group had raked in $17 million in taxpayer dollars between mid-2018 to mid-2019. The group has not reported a private donation in four years and has received its government financial backing through a partnership with the Department of Education.

The audit is ongoing, but its reach is already being seen in curriculum changes, policy changes, school board meetings, and parent-teacher association (PTA) meetings. In a powerpoint presentation delivered by the district in a PTA meeting, the district stated its newfound goal “is to be an anti-racist school system.”


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Odd how “anti-racist” is itself utterly racist. And how the Montgomery County school district is so illogical as not to see that instantly. I hope to be leaving MoCo soon.

The racist “Anti-Racist” indoctrination these minority students will receive can damage their feelings of self-determination. Whenever you tell kids that they can’t succeed because of “systemic racism” or some other contrivance, it removes their sense of free agency: They no longer feel in control of their lives or their futures.

Students who have been indoctrinated to believe they cannot succeed because of “racism” will likely give up on getting a good education, because “Why bother?” They might as well start selling drugs on a street corner, since their teachers have convinced them that education won’t do any good because of “systemic racism.”

Sometimes I wonder if this is the way leftists intend to keep minority groups dependent on government handouts. It would be risky to teach minorities that they are entirely in control of their own success. They might succeed and no longer vote for the enablers.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to OldProf2. | February 4, 2021 at 9:32 am

    Everything you wrote is exactly the outcome intended by the “concerned”. They – in their hearts – have NO desire to see “minority” students succeed. None.

    Slightly off-topic, but, these are the same sorts who “celebrate diversity” as long as it doesn’t move too close.

The Friendly Grizzly | February 3, 2021 at 7:46 pm


    Every little kid I’ve ever known has no interest in race, except to run faster than the other little kids. The afterschool conversations at home will be interesting.

Pure brainwashing. Preschoolers are huge sponges and they of course know this all too well. Soon,if not already, they will be reporting on their parents because they will be told to do so in all so subtle ways and bullied in class to do the same.