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AOC Tale of Her Capitol Hill Riot Experience Turns Out to be Mostly Fake News

AOC Tale of Her Capitol Hill Riot Experience Turns Out to be Mostly Fake News

It’s not always about you, AOC. Stop lying.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) cannot stop talking about her “near-death” experience during the Capitol Hill riots on January 6th.

One problem: AOC was in her office in the Cannon Building.

AOC poked holes in her story in an Instagram post when she talked about how the trauma from a past sexual assault came roaring back during the experience. A Capitol Hill officer went into her office to check on her and help her leave the building. AOC said he “didn’t feel right” because he looked at her with “anger and hostility.”

Even her staffer thought he would have to fight the policeman.

She also said:

Ocasio-Cortez said that the officer was “looking at me with all this anger and hostility. At first, in my brain and in my mind, I just came from this super intense experience just now, maybe I’m reading into this, right? Like maybe I’m projecting, maybe I’m projecting something on to him that, maybe I’m just sensing anger but maybe he’s not trying to be angry, um.”

“But I talked to… my legislative director, and he said ‘no, I didn’t know if he would help us or hurt us either, and [he] was actually like ‘this man came with so much hostility, that um” she said. She said that her staffer was “sizing him up” to see if he “would have to fight him.”

She compared this experience to “so many other communities in this country where you don’t know if you’re safe or not.” The officer told her where to go, and she said “we’re just so rattled in that moment, and the situation felt so volatile with the officer that I run over, I grab my bag, and we just start running over to that building.”

A person can access the Cannon Building via a tunnel. But no one made it past the Capitol.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has an office two doors down from AOC.

AOC attempted to talk her way out of it by describing the area as the “Capitol complex” when the attack happened specifically in the Capitol building.

Then there’s this:

It’s horrible that someone sexually assaulted AOC. It should never happen to anyone. No one is trying to discredit you on that aspect. Just don’t use it as a shield, making people think they cannot criticize you.

Because guess what. We are criticizing your lies about being in the Capitol building during the riot.

AOC has used this “near-death” experience to demonize Republicans. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) agreed with her about financial hearings. Instead of UNITY, AOC chided him for his supposed rhetoric that almost got her killed in the riots. She did not want to attend the inauguration because Republicans make her feel unsafe. She wants to kick out Republicans from the House and Senate.

But hasn’t she seen videos of the rioters assaulting Capitol Hill police? Is it any shock that the officer in her office had anger in his eyes? Did this police officer fight off any of the rioters? Did he see any of the people assault and injure his coworkers and friends?

Will anyone call out AOC or will she get away, again, for being a drama queen? Don’t answer that. It’s a rhetorical question.

It’s not always about you.

UPDATE: A friend on Twitter showed me the January 6th timelines. They evacuated at 12:45. They got the all-clear at 1, but then cops told them to leave again. The breach happened at 2.


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Nope, not going to give her a pass on the sexual assault given her track record to lie…proof or it didnt’ happen. That woman has such a war with the truth on a daily basis that it would not shock me if she faked her name, ethnicity, and anything about herself.

    Not to mention that sexual “assault” these days means anything from actual rape to someone looking at her funny.

      felixrigidus in reply to hrhdhd. | February 4, 2021 at 10:49 am

      True. It is entirely possible that the “sexual assault” in question was perpetrated by the capitol police officer “not yelling Capitol Police, etcetera, etcetera” by looking at the drama cyclone “with a tremendous amount of anger and hostility.”

And that other story from a DemFem about panic button torn out? Some political agendas are so important that lying is needed. But… it works for the minions of the Left.

Me thinks Munchausen ought to be considered. Either that or check for Pinocchio signs.

2smartforlibs | February 3, 2021 at 5:15 pm

She disrespected every woman that’s had to deal with this. She’s sick and the right wants to go after Greene? The nuts are running the asylum.

SeiteiSouther | February 3, 2021 at 5:27 pm

Just because you’ve been traumatized, does not give you a free pass to act shitty.

She tried to make it all about her, and when people poked holes in her story, she used that as a defense.

That’s an affront to victims everywhere.

She has Forrest Gump syndrome.

An amazing chance she missed at the border. She could have claimed a border control agent sexually assaulted her after calling her a wet back.

Not sure where I read it but it fits, AOC is the new Jussie Smollett.

This is a sick woman. She was probably harmless as a barmaid, but she’s become a monstrous megalomaniac – and a pathological liar.

Remember, this cretin accused Ted Cruz of trying to kill her.

She actually is sick in the head. The likes of Pelosi, Maxine Waters, the 8-Ball (the crazy bald woman in Congress) are pathological in every way, but Cortez is turning out to be a particularly sick version of them.

She lied once too often. None of us will take her seriously anymore, despite the pathetic people signing on to her sickness or the media trying to spread her poison for their own agenda.

Pelosi will eat Cortez’s lunch. Hopefully she’ll choke on it, and we’ll have a two-fer.

Ace of Spades had the best description of AOC.

A walking drama cyclone donkey chompers.

    No, it’s not comical – this is serious stuff. Cortez is truly sick in the head, and she’s become pathological. Her megalomania is only going to get worse, and she is going to do very serious damage to our society from the high office she bizarrely holds.

    Remember: she showed up for an audition to run for office:

    Her ridiculous, unearned success would drive anyone nuts. But when you start from her raw material, you become Corporal Hitler.

      Patty Murray shows how far a moron can go in politics.

      AOC will remain in office until they find cash in her freezer.

        Then we need to make her the gift that keeps on giving. But never address her in any way as a sane person, or someone who is NOT a pathological liar.

        This woman is nuts – literally – and we need to remind people of it at every mention of her.

      There’s nothing wrong with auditioning. That’s what influential groups who want to run a candidate for a seat do all the time. They try to find someone who agrees with them and has a chance of winning, and would-be candidates come talk to them to try to win their support.

      henrybowman in reply to | February 4, 2021 at 6:06 pm

      “this is serious stuff. Cortez is truly sick in the head, and she’s become pathological.”

      But… just as Trump is an avatar for his entire constituency, what does this say about the people in AOC’s district who keep re-electing her? How stupid do you have to be?

Having a crazy person on the other political side is a good thing.

Sometimes I wonder if AoC realizes she wasn’t in an audition but an election and she isn’t on a reality show but is actually a member of the HoR.

Then I remember that several thousand folks in the d primary in her district essentially elected her. Should we be more upset at AoC or her electorate?

One election cycle I could understand. A photogenic, young woman, favorable traditional media and fully utilized social media v an uninterested and detached incumbent.

After that first term though? She seems like a parody of the ‘bad ex-girlfriend’.

“The bombs Trump supporters planted surrounded our offices too.”


I’ve heard of two bombs — one planted outside the DNC, the other outside the RNC. Neither one is even in the Capitol complex.

Have I missed something? What the hell is she talking about?

    She’s lying. She made it up.

    She behaving like a five year old who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, denying she was looking for a cookie.

    Milhouse in reply to henrybowman. | February 4, 2021 at 12:32 am

    No, you haven’t missed anything. Those would be the bombs she’s talking about. One each at the DNC and the RNC means that all members of both parties were metaphorically “between” them.

      felixrigidus in reply to Milhouse. | February 4, 2021 at 11:29 am

      Of course, one can hardly be surrounded by two objects.
      However, because
      (1) distance is apparently no object and
      (2) the planet we live on is spherical in shape, and
      (3) every point on its surface can be connected to any other by describing a circle, and
      (4) there are more than three distinct instances of explosives in existence on our planet,
      it is true that
      (5) every single human being is “surrounded by explosives” at all times. /s

Sounds like Brian Williams level embellishment to me. What kind of person uses their own personal real life trauma to score political points? A grifter at heart.

    NYBruin in reply to technerd. | February 3, 2021 at 7:37 pm

    How many Americans served in Europe, the Pacific, Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan (tens of thousands) and experienced FAR worse, yet none are trotting out hysterical stories to advance their political agenda. Spoiler alert: NONE

    Sadly, given her gerrymandered congressional district, she’ll never be voted out of office. We can only hope she challenges Schumer for his Senate seat and is consigned to the Dustbin of History.

      She can be made a liability by us.

      Remember: disgust with pelosi gave us back the House during that malignant cretin Obama’s time in high office. And disgust with Obama gave us PDJT.

      If this warped, lying sack of sh-t is the best the left has to offer, we need to use her to cause enough disgust to win elections.

    Milhouse in reply to technerd. | February 4, 2021 at 12:34 am

    Sounds like Brian Williams level embellishment to me. What kind of person uses their own personal real life trauma to score political points? A grifter at heart.

    Gabbie Gifford? John Lewis?

    But you’re assuming she actually had a personal real life trauma, and isn’t making it up. Why do you assume that?

      TempeJeff in reply to Milhouse. | February 6, 2021 at 8:03 pm

      I suspect her ‘Sexual Abuse’ Trauma is the rough equivalent of a dog, sniffing under her skirt. Or, maybe she got turned down for a Date?

    By AOC’s standards, it must be true that artificial sweeteners were safe, WMDs were in Iraq and Anna Nicole married for love.

The Friendly Grizzly | February 3, 2021 at 6:26 pm

The problem is, this woman will remain in office for as long as she wants to be there. We will never be rid of her.

She reminds me of a friend of mine sister back when I was a youngster. This girl could invent rumors about people out of whole cloth and spread them faster than you could possibly believe. The issue is, people have a tendency to believe this girl.

I eventually lost track of her, and it might be just as well. But, something tells me, the one she went on to college she accused more than one man of raping her. Frankly, I don’t see is anybody would even want to date her in the first place.

Why would you believe AOC about being sexually assaulted when it is purely her word saying so and it gives her political power when she does it? She is a simple liar


never let a crisis go to waste

This bundle of incoherence is unfit for office in so many ways.

I wince at Rep. Greene’s “Jewish lasers” statements. But, if AOC is OK in the halls of Congress, so is Greene.

    Milhouse in reply to Kepha H. | February 4, 2021 at 12:39 am

    Greene didn’t actually say “Jewish space lasers”. It’s just that what she did write was even crazier than that, so people trying to make some sense of her post decided that she must have been talking about Jewish space lasers, and that became the headline. But who says she was making sense at all? Maybe her thoughts were just as incoherent as her writing, and she wasn’t thinking of those at all.

    She’s a nut, but not necessarily an antisemite. And as a nut, at least 10% of her Democrat colleagues put her to shame and make her look like a regular Ms Spock.

Comanche Voter | February 3, 2021 at 10:59 pm

So AOC was soiling herself from fear whilst the “insurrectionists” weren’t even in her building? Would AOC lie? Nahhh–nothing like that–only twice a day and three times on Sundays.

It’s horrible that someone sexually assaulted AOC. It should never happen to anyone. No one is trying to discredit you on that aspect.

Really? Why not? Why should anyone believe her?

If AOC and David Hogg count as “survivors” then I have “survived” a terrorist attack in Israel. At least I was close enough to it to hear gunfire, which is more than either of them were to their respective incidents. But I never considered that I had “survived” anything, because I was never in any danger.

“Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) cannot stop talking about her “near-death” experience during the Capitol Hill riots on January 6th.”

Just when I thought we were finally going to be rid of David Hogg.

The Friendly Grizzly | February 4, 2021 at 4:42 am

The sort of lying is very familiar. Has anyone seen AOC and David Hogg in the same room at the same time?

“Super intense.” Like totally.

The more I see of the mess going on inside the capital complex that day, the more I realize the capitol police are blithering incompetent fool who had zero leadership and no communication. I think I found a job for General McMaster.

With those dazzling donkey teeth she should replace the donkey as the symbol of the DIMs.

Hey, I survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting from Pennsylvania
I also survived that NoKo nuclear attack on Hawaii

If she was sexually assaulted and took no action, she is partly responsible for any subsequent assaults this sexual predator did to other women. She is not a feminist hero, she is an enabler.

AOC is not even an original. Look familiar?

Let’s try to say, accept, and believe, it’s just quite possible in an otherwise demonstrably intelligent, talented, and even socially approachable and appealing person, that AOC is: devoid of and thus fails regularly to exercise moral principle; too manipulative/exploitative in “her truth” and agenda toward her political goals, and plainly narcissistic, for sure — and so, then, at once substantially disturbed and evil.

Not to mention that, as a far-driving, neo-Marxist politician/propagandist and for the body politic, she is menacing and dangerous to all.

The true threat to all is how long so many unreflective, ignorant, politics-at-all-cost American voters will put up with her conduct, but especially that of her boss’s, the Speaker’s, for, as the investigative evidence becomes increasingly clearer, it was the latter’s judgement, in part, to engage and combat, rather than preemptively prepare sufficiently and adequately against, and thwart, the riotous mob, seeing all the political hay to make from the predictably symbolic and telegenic attack on the Capitol Building. Envisioned by the Speaker (and the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, so together, the ultimate co-managers of the Capitol’s security; et tu, Mitch?, but none would dare call it a conspiracy!): Play it for all it’s worth as the ultimate smear and false charge against the outgoing president.

So, AOC, in all her scandalous ways and means, is unquestionably the Speaker’s pet fury and harpy. It’s who the Terrible, Tyrannical San Franciscan lets sic on her political adversaries, especially the leader of their so-called cult.

AOC is thus entirely permitted to act out her depravity against the good of our nation and its people.

We’ve had to deal with tyrants before, all the way back to King George III of England. Will we marshal the courage needed to politically fight, weaken, and ultimately defeat the current crop in our midst?

“We’ll have to wait and see,” former PDJT has said of such things. We should first fight as hard as we can (figuratively, it shouldn’t have to be mentioned) to reestablish the vital, free and fair election infrastructure for the 2022 election in order to easily win back the entire Congress first. Once a feat accomplished, 2024 merely awaits our populist-nationalist, patriotic, and free-world-saving, electoral success.

And If I may say myself, Amen. So, to hell with these bitch- and their sycophantic male drone tyrants; screw their ant-democratic aims and acts! In a game, Beat — ie, once more, figuratively, though it wouldn’t need to be mentioned in a widely free, brave, and much wiser republic — the Tyrants!

This reminds me of when Hillary and Chelsea Clinton landed in Sarajevo “under heavy sniper fire”, and when Brian Williams’s plane got shot down over Iraq.