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Houthis Bomb Airport in Saudi Arabia After Being Removed From Terror List by Biden Administration

Houthis Bomb Airport in Saudi Arabia After Being Removed From Terror List by Biden Administration

“The attack set one civilian plane on fire, according to the Saudis, who say they intercepted and destroyed two armed drones”

Last week, the Joe Biden administration removed the terrorist designation from the Houthis which was put in place by Mike Pompeo under President Trump.

This week the Houthis bombed an airport in Saudi Arabia.

Trump’s foreign policy will be missed sooner than later.

Jack Beyer reports at the Washington Free Beacon:

Houthis Bomb Civilian Airport Days After Biden Removes Terrorist Designation

Iranian-backed Houthi militants in Yemen bombed an airport in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, just days after the Biden administration lifted the group’s terrorist designation.

The drone strike targeted Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia, an airport just 75 miles from the Yemeni border that is frequently targeted by the militant rebel group. The attack set one civilian plane on fire, according to the Saudis, who say they intercepted and destroyed two armed drones launched by the Houthis from across its southern border in Yemen.

Last Friday, the Biden administration removed the terror designation placed on the Houthis by former secretary of state Mike Pompeo earlier this year. The Houthis, who control significant territory along Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen, have called for cooperation with the terrorist group Hezbollah in future wars against Israel, and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in 2019 that Iran has sought ways to launch missiles at Israel from Houthi-controlled territory.

This Reuters tweet from five days ago has aged well.

This Reuters report on the attack doesn’t even mention the Biden administration:

Yemen’s Houthis say they carried out drone attack on Saudi airport

Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi group said it carried out a drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport on Wednesday which the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi forces in Yemen said caused a fire in a civilian aircraft.

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea said four Houthi drones were used in an attack that he said struck Abha airport, in southern Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday afternoon.

Yemen’s Houthi movement regularly launches drones and missiles into Saudi Arabia, many of which Riyadh says it intercepts. Some have previously hit Abha International Airport which is about 120 km (75 miles) from the border with Yemen.

The State Department released this statement:

This is a choice reaction:

Here are a few more:

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Double secret probation.

Another mostly peaceful protest?

And good thing we have Ned Price to send them a strongly worded letter. That’ll show ’em.

JusticeDelivered | February 13, 2021 at 6:15 pm

Things like this are acts of war, it seems reasonable for the Saudi’s to eradicate the problem.

“’Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up’: Obama has shared private doubts about Biden…”

“On a personal level is he a friendly guy, but he has empirically had poor judgment particularly on foreign policy … the examples are numerous,” Robert Charles said Friday on “Fox and Friends.”

“Interestingly, Robert Gates in his book who criticizes almost nobody … noted that ‘Joe Biden has been wrong on almost every foreign policy and national security issue for the last four decades.’”

Leading from Behind™️

This calls for sensible Toyota control.

Oh… is AOC safe?

China Joe has never been on the right side of histor, no point in him starting now.

If you had told me 10 years ago, that yours truly, Jewish, rightist, an American patriot with family in Israel that I would be siding with the Saudis in a dispute with the US government, I would have thought you were smoking something other than tobacco.

But here we are in 2021, and on this issue of the Houthis — I agree with the Saudis and not with the US government.

DNC Headquarters evacuated after suspicious package arrives. Officials have determined it to be a copy of the constitution, which nobody working there had seen before.

Only took 25 days! Yeah, Biden!!

No need for any journo, however well-meaning and in good faith, to ask jabber-mouthed, CB Jen at press conferences, “Does the administration still regard Israel and Saudi Arabia as [strategic, geopolitical] allies?”

Letting the Iran-backed, ex-delegitimized Houthi-Yemeni insurrectionists be sicced on the Saudis exceeds in clarity and meaning what the press secretary’s inane words tend to prevaricate or deny: prove the administration’s narrow policy intent and regional outlook; so, down with Trump’s Middle East successes and their implications for world peace and up with pro-Iran, pro-Obama-Jarrett/CCP-Iran/neo-global 2.0.

Forget national sovereignty and autonomy as viable ideas, along with individual freedom and human rights. Going forward, the US is all in, more or less, with the Big Global Reset, any alleged intra-Dem policy factionalism notwithstanding.

Didn’t take them long at all to prove the stupid communist pedophile wrong.

On another note, 500 trucks, many of them carrying Iranian oil products, were blown up when a truck somehow exploded in a checkpoint holding area just inside Afghanistan. Interesting development.