Healthcare workers in San Diego County are trying to deal with the COVID pandemic but are reportedly being forced to confront their ‘white privilege’ at the same time.

A required Critical Race Training course that takes hours to complete forces the workers to understand that racism is a white problem.

Tori Richards reports at the Washington Examiner:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Divisive and offensive’ race theory training forced on San Diego County healthcare workers

Government employees in San Diego County are being forced to undergo lectures that claim only white people can be racist, according to an employee who says the training is taking away from their efforts to battle COVID-19 and a homelessness epidemic.

The Health & Human Services Agency required employees to spend six hours watching the online racism course, a training participant told the Washington Examiner. Critical Race Theory classes taught participants “Racism is a WHITE” problem, and, “Only white people can be racist.” The title of the course is ‘Power and Privilege.’

“This training is lumping people into groups, and it has not explained how some (minority) individuals have succeeded in this systemically racist country — like Barack Obama, NBA/NFL players who make millions, Dr. Ben Carson, Oprah, and Whoopi Goldberg, to name a few,” the employee said. The Washington Examiner is not identifying the employee, who asked to remain anonymous over fears of retaliation.

The employee claims that instructor Reggie Caldwell told participants, “Only white people can be racist, no other BIPOC’s (Black, Indian, and people of color) can be racist.”

This tweet includes a slide from the course:

Teachers in San Diego went through a similar program back in December.

Jackie Salo reported at the New York Post:

San Diego school district held ‘white privilege’ training, told teachers ‘you are racist’

A school district in San Diego held “white privilege” training for teachers in which they were told, “you are racist” and asked to commit to becoming “anti-racist” in the classroom, according to a report.

The San Diego Unified School District began the sessions with instructors telling the faculty members that they will experience “guilt, anger, apathy [and] closed-mindedness” because of their “white fragility,” according to leaked documents obtained by journalist Christopher F. Rufo.

During the voluntary training, the teachers were taught about “land acknowledgment” and asked to accept that the US was established on stolen Native American land, the report said.

They also learned about the teachings of “White Fragility” author Robin DiAngelo and “Be Antiracist: A Journal for Awareness, Reflection and Action” author Ibram X. Kend.

The pandemic has prevented schools, churches, and businesses from opening, but it has not stopped the left from conducting these training sessions all over the country. What does that tell you?


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