The purge of anything and everyone even vaguely related to President Trump is taking yet another ominous turn.

Two banks, Deutsche and Signature, severed ties with Trump ostensibly due to the Capitol events of January 6th, but apparently just having a pro-Trump internet business is enough to get one cancelled.

Pro-Trump Covfefe Coffee reported that it received a notice from Chase Bank that they had allegedly violated the terms of service and would no longer be able to use its WePay payment processing service.

The National File reports:

In an email sent to Covfefe Coffee, Chase Bank claimed that the pro-Trump coffee company, founded in 2018, was using their WePay payment processor “for one or more of the activities prohibited by our Terms of Service,” and that as a result, they would be withdrawing use of the service, with all pending payments cancelled.

Speaking exclusively to National File, a spokesman for Covfefe Coffee noted that the company had been using the payment processor for two years without issue, and the declaration from Chase came completely out of the blue. The spokesman suggested that they were removed for solely political reasons; National File examined the Terms of Service of WePay, and could not find any legitimate reason for to have been removed.

Here is the email sent to Covfefe Coffee and posted on their Facebook page:

PJMedia notes that “This is not the company’s first experience with being canceled by big tech. In 2019, following a successful launch on Amazon, they were suspended from advertising on the platform. They were eventually told that having the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ couldn’t be included on a listing that is in [sic] being advertised because Amazon believes the slogan ‘incites hate’.”


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