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CDC Offers Fun New Guidelines for Super Bowl Sunday

CDC Offers Fun New Guidelines for Super Bowl Sunday

Recommendations include no cheering, social distancing….and masks, masks, masks!

I have been gathering the ingredients this week for my annual family Super Bowl party, which occurs on Sunday between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Between the pandemic and virtue signaling, it appears that it is challenging to fill up the stadium, so the National Football League gave away tickets to vaccinated healthcare workers.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced today that the NFL is inviting approximately 7,500 vaccinated health care workers to Super Bowl LV as guests of the NFL to thank and honor them for their continued extraordinary service during the pandemic.

The majority of these health care workers — all of whom will have received both doses of the vaccine — will come from hospitals and health care systems in the Tampa and central Florida area. They will receive free Super Bowl tickets and gameday experiences directly from the NFL. All 32 NFL clubs will select vaccinated health care workers from their communities to attend the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay on Sunday, Feb 7.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control issued some fun new guidelines for viewers at home and for those lucky enough to live in states where they can watch the game at a sports bar.

Here are some of the official suggestions, including one to avoid cheering:

  • Avoid shouting, cheering loudly, or singing. Clap, stomp your feet, or bring (or provide) hand-held noisemakers instead.
  • Keep background music volume low so guests don’t need to shout.
  • Have one person serve all the food.
  • Offer no-touch trash cans for guests to easily throw away food items

The long list of official rules includes social distancing, avoiding poorly ventilated areas, and masks, masks, masks!

  • Wear a mask with two or more layers to stop the spread of COVID-19 to protect yourself and others.
  • Wear your mask over your nose and mouth, secure it under your chin, and make sure it fits snugly against the sides of your face.
  • Masks should be worn indoors and outdoors except when eating or drinking.
  • In cold weather, wear your mask under your scarf, ski mask, or balaclava.
  • Keep a spare mask in case your mask becomes wet from moisture in your breath or from snow or rain.

Remember when these same experts insisted it was 15-days to flatten the curve? We now have had over 20 of those 15-day cycles.

Adding to the insanity, two Kansas City Chief players are on the COVID reserve list because of contact with a barber.

Less than a week before the Super Bowl, the Chiefs have a pair of players on the reserve/COVID-19 list because of high-risk close contacts.

Their close contact?

A barber.

A barber tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday and gave wide receiver Demarcus Robinson and backup center Daniel Kilgore haircuts, a source confirmed to The Star. The NFL Network first reported the news.

Robinson and Kilgore have tested negative and were wearing masks while getting haircuts, as was the barber. If they continue to test negative, they can return to the team in time for the Super Bowl. But they have been held out of practice while on the reserve/COVID-19 list this week. They were placed on the list Monday.

As Super Bowl LV is being held in Tampa this year, adult entertainment venues have been preparing with pandemic upgrades to their facilities as Tampa’s Mayor mandates more mask-wearing.

“We’re open and we’re going to stay open,” Joe Redner, owner of the legendary Mons Venus, told The Post. “Our employees say they feel safer here than they do at home, because we have masks, disinfectant and we installed UV lights in the ductwork. But this is a new experience for me: a Super Bowl in a pandemic.”

While Florida has been generally less Draconian with its restrictions than other states, the city of Tampa requires face coverings in any indoor business, and last week, Mayor Jane Castor extended the mask mandate to outdoor areas where people are expected to gather for Super Bowl-related events.

The next Super Bowl is slated for Los Angeles. Hopefully, by then, California will be done with draconian restrictions and the LA area free from significant diseases…including typhoid and typhus.


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It’s only going to get worse

I have up football when they called me a racist after being a devoted fan for 50 years.
Spent a lot of money to watch my team
NBA, gave them up even before that

    Chicklet in reply to gonzotx. | February 5, 2021 at 9:23 pm

    I’ve moved the TV to the basement.
    Absolutely no reason to watch any “sports” these days, and as I am already not watching the “news”, no need to pay those hefty cable fees. I’ll be in the workshop oiling and cleaning my hand-held “noise maker” haha! Good night Dr. Fauci.

    JHogan in reply to gonzotx. | February 5, 2021 at 11:16 pm

    The NFL is dead to me. For good.

    Much like MLB after they cancelled the World Series.

    That was about money.

    What the NFL did is about something worth much, much more.

Straight out of the Leftists playbook, all about control, everything all the time. They know how to live your life better than you.

The Friendly Grizzly | February 5, 2021 at 9:16 pm

I suggest the crowds -if there is one – carry on and have fun.

Fox fired Lou Dobbs

jazz hands

We will be lucky to still have football in four years

I don’t know who is playing and I really don’t care. Michael Vick gave the finger to Atlanta when he was QB. Management did nothing. Pro football was dead to me at that point.

I have read that the players have gone BLM. F#@k them. The sport can die.

I have a guideline for the CDC: Kiss my a$$.

Meh, WGAF? The NFL has been dead to me for years, I don’t even know who is playing. So regulate away, you incompetent communist scumbags.

Read somewhere that some traditional Super Bowl advertisers declined to buy time this year. Seems they were concerned that no matter what kind of commercial they produced it would offend tens of millions of customers. And this drove down the price the NFL/network was able to charge per spot.


Evidently arrogant self righteous behavior has consequences.

    henrybowman in reply to JHogan. | February 6, 2021 at 3:36 am

    Yes, just never fast enough or soon enough.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to JHogan. | February 6, 2021 at 7:20 am

    Maria sponsor, I would go all the way. I would show a happy, white, family, enjoying the product that I have to offer.

    The husband would be helping Johnny with his bike repair, and the wife would happily be working with her daughter to make new clothes for her dolls.

    You know: like television commercials from 1955! Then, sit back and watch all the heads explode.

Subotai Bahadur | February 6, 2021 at 1:30 am

The NFL is the enemy. The Super Bowl needs to be boycotted.

Subotai Bahadur

I’m going to do the CDC better and not watch it. Gave up the NFL after 51 years cold turkey and didn’t watch a second.

If you want to find out the truth about anything these days, it seems it’s the opposite of what’s on the tv.

The virus is shaken loose from vibrating vocal cords and exits with your breath, so it’s not without reason. Cut down the biggest source of the virus.

AFAIAC, tomorrow is Kitten Bowl Sunday. The fact that some America-hating POS scumbag humans are also having their “Kitten Bowl” is of no importance to me.

when i heard that the super bowl was in tampa and that brady becomes the first ever to play “at home” on super bowl sunday, i knew the game itself is rigged.
the odds of brady getting the bucs to the game, in his first season with tampa, are astronomical! no way that happens, unless the league wants it to. much like the ‘patriots’ (lead by brady) win the super bowl, right after 9/11.
nobody is that good or that lucky!

I bet most of the commercials are going to be sjw