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Cancel Culture Has Now Come to the U.S. Naval Academy

Cancel Culture Has Now Come to the U.S. Naval Academy

“Many alumni are aghast at what has evolved there in recent years”

This left wing ideology is invading every aspect of our culture, but seeing it in the military feels especially dangerous.

RedState reports:

The US Naval Academy Cancel Culture Is Far Worse Than You Think

The US Naval Academy is steeped in the cancel culture, providing one-sided “training” to all midshipmen that is straight out of the cultural Marxist rot that is infecting civilian colleges and universities across the land. The Marxists behind the cancel culture are scalp-hunters, too, and woe unto anyone who has differing views than these leftists do about critical racial theory [sic] and their definition of “white nationalism.” As the linked article above points out:

The victims of cancel culture are generally not powerful people. They are often vulnerable people who suffer devastating harm.

One of those intended victims is Midshipman First Class Chase Standage, about whose travails I have written hereherehere, and here in the cancel culture’s attempts to disgracefully dismiss a senior midshipman from the US Naval Academy and separate him from the Navy for tweets from an anonymous Twitter account. MIDN 1/C Standage has become a poster child for cancel culture head-hunting by those who practice viewpoint discrimination and trampling on constitutional rights of Americans without fear of accountability for their actions.

But MIDN Standage’s case is just a microcosm of the deep-seated travesty manifested by the cancel culture at USNA. Many alumni are aghast at what has evolved there in recent years, especially under the current Superintendent. As the cancel culture is centered around the football team, donations to the USNA Alumni Association and Foundation have taken a significant hit. One of those alumni and a personal friend – a retired Navy judge advocate general corps officer (a lawyer, for you civilians) – relates a critical race theory horror story uncovered by his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.


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