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Branco Cartoon – Build My Wall

Branco Cartoon – Build My Wall

The Deplorables Are Not Sending Their Best People

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Branco’s cartoons always make me smile, but seriously Biden is not going to stop using National Guardsmen anytime soon. By the time the baton gets handed to Kamala the job will have expanded to include the army and navy and eventually a ribbon will be issued for serving and in years to come they will be able to brag how many tours they did and how the food and living conditions in D.C. were worse than Afghanistan.

A return to normal: [catastrophic] [anthropogenic] immigration reform at both ends of the bridge and through and collateral damage, social progress (e.g. child predators, rape… rape-rapists h/t Whoopi), children in cages h/t Obama, children dunked h/t Obama, trail of tears, too. Labor arbitrage. Diversity. A legacy of Planned Population (PP) solutions.

First, biden has no idea of what he’s doing. It’s degenerated to his wife signing his name on documents!

Second, Super-Spreader Kamala Harris has no idea what she’s doing. other than clearing land mines in West Virginia.

Our nation underwent a coup. A Junta controlled by Communist China now runs our nation. The Junta put an oblivious, extortable clown in the presidency (no, not Obama, but Biden), and lined up an unprincipled ignorant whore to be next in line. They put in place an incredible useful idiot to run the department of “defense”, and the purge of loyal Americans is underway.

The goal: fascist. The ultimate tool: the Junta is preparing to turn our military’s guns against you and I.

That’s the end game. Accept it now and fight, or accept it later and live under the tyranny that will be imposed.

Don’t take tyranny for granted. It’s coming our way:

Pompeo declares China’s treatment of the Uighurs ‘genocide’

Call yourself what you want, but we’re all “Uighurs” now.

Branco’s cartoons are usually not very deep, but this one has subtext. It’s just one more way that “the elite” are dismantling protections meant for and deserved by “all the people” and removing them, while retaining them only to protect themselves, the elite.