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Biden Says U.S. ‘Determined’ to “Earn Back” Europe’s Trust After Trump Presidency

Biden Says U.S. ‘Determined’ to “Earn Back” Europe’s Trust After Trump Presidency

German magazine Der Spiegel: “Biden gave exactly the speech that many Europeans wanted to hear – an America that pats you on the shoulders, that doesn’t criticize or demand.”

U.S. President Joe Biden told European leaders that he is “determined” to “earn back” their trust after four years of Donald Trump’s presidency.

“I know the past few years have strained and tested our Transatlantic relationship, but the United States is determined, determined to re-engage with Europe, consult with you, to earn back our position of trust and leadership,” he assured in his first public address to the European leaders on Friday.

In his video message to the annual Munich Security Conference, President Biden asserted his administration’s commitment to restart the European Union-brokered nuclear talks with Iran and the U.S. reentry to the Paris Climate Accord.

Biden also rejected President Trump’s doctrine of putting “America First” in economic and foreign policy decisions. “Biden made clear in his first major foreign policy address since taking office that he rejected the ‘America First’,” the Associated Press reported.

The French broadcaster EuroNews reported President Biden’s remarks at the Munich conference:

In his first big appearance on the global stage, U.S. President Joe Biden called on fellow world leaders to show together that “democracies can still deliver” as he underscored his administration’s determination to quickly turn the page on Donald Trump’s “America First” approach.

Biden, in a virtual address Friday to the annual Munich Security Conference, said it was a critical time for the world’s democracies to “prove that our model isn’t a relic of our history.”

“We are in the midst of a fundamental debate about the future direction of our world,” Biden said in the address just after taking part in his first meeting as president with fellow Group of Seven world leaders.

That debate is “between those who argue that – given all of the challenges we face, from the fourth industrial revolution to a global pandemic – autocracy is the best way forward and those who understand that democracy is essential to meeting those challenges,” he added.

The U.S. president pledged to repair a U.S.-Europe relationship that had become strained under Trump who repeatedly questioned the value of historic alliances.

Biden announced that he’s halted a Trump administration plan to withdraw American troops from Germany and cap the number of U.S. forces able to be based there.

“Collective sighs of relief could be heard from many European capitals Saturday after U.S. President Joe Biden made clear in his first major foreign policy address since taking office that he rejected the ‘America First’ and transactional approach of his predecessor and urged cooperation among Western allies,” The Associated Press noted.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was thrilled to welcome President Biden on the European stage. “This year the prospects for multilateralism are much better than they used to be and that has a lot to do with Joe Biden,” Chancellor Merkel said at the conference.

German mainstream media cheered Biden for the Munich speech. “Biden gave exactly the speech that many Europeans wanted to hear – an America that pats you on the shoulders, that doesn’t criticize or demand,” Germany’s leading political weekly Der Spiegel commented.

“Will it stay that way? For the moment, it was certainly the right message: It was primarily intended to patch up the injuries of the Trump years,” the weekly added.

“Coming after the nadir of Trumpism, that looks like the beginnings, at least, of trans-Atlantic renewal,” the German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle commented.

According to the German broadcaster, there was no longer a basis for America’s post-war leadership of the Western hemisphere. “Biden is well aware that on neither side of the Atlantic are citizens longing for restoration of an — arguably illusory — Western order in which the US led, materially as well as morally, and Europe followed,” the state-run broadcaster argued.

This could be a reference to the Franco-German push to create a dedicated military structure directly under the EU’s command. The arrangement would lead to a European army, dominated by Paris and Berlin, to pursue EU’s geostrategic interest.

French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking at the Munich conference, asserted this Franco-German doctrine of “European Strategic Autonomy.”

“We need more of Europe to deal with our neighborhood,” he declared “I think it is time for us to take much more of the burden for our own protection.”


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Joe Biden: 5 decades of telling people what they want to hear and changing his views at the drop of a hat to get a vote.

When I hear his wealth attributed to his speaking fees and ghost-written books, I just laugh quietly to myself.

    Brave Sir Robbin in reply to NYBruin. | February 21, 2021 at 11:37 am

    Well, I guess it’s OK now for Germany and most of the rest of Europe drop defense spending to 1% of GDP or less while the US guarantees its security with the full measure or American treasure and blood.

    This is not sustainable.

European leftists: Uncle Sugar is back, baby!

“Earn Back Europe’s Trust”? Dog vomit.

    Fluffy Foo Foo in reply to Whitewall. | February 21, 2021 at 10:37 am

    Having lived in Europe this couldn’t be more true. Democrats today don’t understand the world any better than Woodrow Wilson did a century ago.

They can start charging us to station our troops there to protect them again. Also get the other economic benefits of our bases and personnel.

empiricallyobvious | February 21, 2021 at 10:45 am

Ah yes, sleepy Uncle Joe, earn their trust by following the failing EU down the drain while we pay 22% of NATO fees and Germany pays 14 and France 11%…when they pay their bills…
It’s like a weak minded relative letting a slacker nephew crash on the couch and then allowing him to move into the master bedroom and tell them what to eat and how to spend their money…brilliant.

what he means is the checkbook is open again.

Start by flying to Ukraine for a trust building summit. “If the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the billion dollars.”

biden has never “earned” jack shyt–how could possibly “earn back” anything at all?

    Biden is an expert at earning. He has been in government ever since graduating from law school and has lived very well at taxpayers’ expense all of his adult life, but apparently did not save well. As recently as 2009, Biden’s net worth was less than $30,000 according to CBS. Then miraculously he reported an income of 11 million in 2017-2018. But I am sure he earned every penny. And hardworking genuis that he is, calling a lid every day at 9 am, will certainly be able to “earn” Europe’s trust while playing Mario at Camp David. Probably one phone call by Kamella will do the trick.

I wonder how many takes it took to make him sound “normal”“?

I gave up swearing for Lent

His Fraudulency has it backwards, of course.

It’s Europe that should be determined to earn back America’s trust.

Eh nothing new in this. The globalist folks will bill US Taxpayer for funding defense in Europe and the Middle East and sea route security while the beneficiaries EU govts are allowed to then continue to divert their defense funds to social welfare programs. Meanwhile global corporations benefit from lower corporate tax structure by moving their HQ, on paper, to tax friendly nations.

The ultimate losers are US citizens. Both as taxpayers and in terms of blood from our Sons and Daughters and funding the endless ‘wars’ and their aftermath in terms of marginally funding wounded combat veterans whose health was shattered. Not to mention the families left, in some cases, nearly alone in ongoing care for their wounded children or spouse.

The Friendly Grizzly | February 21, 2021 at 12:01 pm

Nuts to Europe. THEY owe US.

All that leverage just wisped away at the drop of a hat. Why do we have so many citizens that just fall for this garbage?

Connivin Caniff | February 21, 2021 at 12:14 pm

I’m really mad at the rascals who printed up all of those fraudulent mail-in Biden ballots and delivered to the voting precincts. That’s going to be corrected, right?

Democracy not autocracy…he says this to the leaders of the European Union? A superstate designed to be run by the elites, to be undemocratic and unresponsive to the will of the people? *That* European Union?

Funny how the Europeans never give a nanosecond’s worth of thought to what we think about them.

The French, in particular, never give a nanosecond’s worth of thought to what anyone in the rest of the world think about them.

The only thought the rest of the world gives about the US is how much free stuff they can get from us. And how they can blame all of their problems on us. And how they can get us to defend them from their neighbors so they don’t have to spend too much defending themselves.

If I only know that leftist “Der Spiegel” praised the speech, I can deduce that the content of the speech is highly idiotic and objectionable, likely anti-liberty and pro-leftwing totalitarianism.

Der Spiegel almost got it right. It should have written: “Biden gave exactly the speech that many EU politicians wanted to hear.”

Bucky Barkingham | February 21, 2021 at 1:30 pm

Earn it back or buy it back in true Democrat style?

How and why was Ashli Babbitt killed, and by whom?

I love the memory problems of the Europeans.

Following WWII, if the US had not materially supported and rebuilt Europe, the citizens of that continent would all be speaking German or Russian. The US did not attempt to control Europe, during that time, instead insuring that the various nations of the continent could recover freely. The US citizen did that at great cost to themselves. So, 50 years later, Europe decides it does not need the US in Europe any longer. Fine. But, they also do not want the US to take its money belt with it. They are like the 20-something who strikes out on his own, but who drops his laundry off for his mother to wash, eats dinner with the folks four days a week and whose parents pay for his car and insurance.

    dmo in reply to Mac45. | February 21, 2021 at 2:25 pm

    Another set of examples:

    When France wanted to leave NATO, the US said, “Okay.”

    When Hungary or Czechoslovakia wanted to leave the Warsaw Pact? Soviet tanks rolled in, and killed civilians.

    And therein lies the difference between us and them, that neither the Euros or the “American” Democrat Party will ever get.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Mac45. | February 21, 2021 at 3:20 pm

    It reminds me of a cousin. His father worked in a GM factory, and routinely blew off going to work 2-3 days a week. There were 5 children and the family was pretty poor., and the union managed to keep him on the job. That kind of auto employee is why GM mostly bailed out of Flint.

    The oldest cousin and I were the same age and hung out together. We often took the youngest boy with us, and since I was employed and making pretty good money, I quietly paid his way.

    He joined the army and was trained to do radio repair. That did not mean troubleshooting down to component level, it was a swap out a whole circuit board job. When I look at a circuit I see power flow, and voltage division in real time.

    Anyway, he became increasingly competitive, and had developed a hatred for me. He was suffering from an inferiority complex.

    He took all I was willing to give him, and hated me for it.

    This is what happened post WW2, they took all they could get, and hated us for it.

    The same is true for a large segment of our black population, and that is why they have become so vicious and racist.

    I cut the cousin off, never to speak to or see again, the same needs to happen to the rest of the ingrates.

    Brit in reply to Mac45. | February 21, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    Unfortunately, if you look at history you will find that the corporate US politicians used their dollars to build up the predecessors to the EU.

    Unfortunately, too, the traitor Heath made Britain a member of the European Community by lying and hiding facts. I bet you can’t imagine a politician who would do such a thing.

    Oh, wait a minute.

Just as soon as we win back Iran’s trust, first things first …

I think that you mean the EU’s trust, not Europes trust and Biden will never get it because it hates the USA. Ireland, of course, will still play on Biden’s Irish roots (presumably he doesn’t talk about his other ancestors or his British surname because they don’t form voting blocs) but will do as France and Germany tell it. Biden will be expected to allow Iran to develop its bomb, destroy its economy with environmental restrictions that the EU won’t observe itself, obey the EU’s supremacy and laws, give the USA’s blessing to Germany being under Russian influence – oh, and you’ll be expected to help destroy the British economy.

Frankly, the majority of the British voters got fed up with being part of this bureaucratic nightmare, we preferred democracy.

I apologise for Boris Johnson, he’s a conscienceless slug who has rapidly betrayed Trump in favour of his new best mate, Biden. Hopefully, he is soon replaced with a better person, although there is not much of a choice amongst our politicians. We needed Johnson to get us out of the EU but basically, his sympathies are dripping wet liberalism.

Stand strong in the States and hope that in the UK the politicians start to listen to the voters – Brexit was only the first step to make our politicians answer for their actions.

You still have some friends in Europe – Poland, Hungary, the Baltic States and hopefully the UK. Let’s hope that we can work together.

“We need more of Europe to deal with our neighborhood,” he declared “I think it is time for us to take much more of the burden for our own protection.”

This is exactly what Trump was pushing for but somehow they made him a bad guy. WTF

Shouldn’t the headline read…
‘Biden Says US Determined to “Earn Back” Europe’s Trust after Stealing an Election (and Trying Fast and Furiously to Delegitimize Half the Country)’?

Of COURSE Pedo Joe is going to reject America First. He is a traitor, pure and simple.

Has there ever been a country founded upon the principle that its own people don’t come first? Isn’t the point of forming a national government to have an apparatus that is, first and foremost, dedicated to service of its of the people who established it? Why would/should the citizens of any nation support a government that considers the welfare, prosperity, and security of other nations before it considers that of its own people? Don’t those other governments already put their own people first, and, if so, why do they need another nation duplicating their effort, especially when that other nation has its own people to serve?