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Activists Claim Minorities Underrepresented at Yale Law Journal But Truth is Exact Opposite

Activists Claim Minorities Underrepresented at Yale Law Journal But Truth is Exact Opposite

“blacks and other minority groups are overrepresented on the prestigious journal”

Do facts even matter anymore? The left just runs with this narrative, even when the truth proves them completely wrong.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Yale Law Students Said a Top Journal Was Racist. Admissions Data Suggest Otherwise.

The Yale Law Journal on Friday released admissions data in the face of a week-long pressure campaign in which activists alleged that blacks are underrepresented on the masthead. The numbers demonstrate the opposite, showing that blacks and other minority groups are overrepresented on the prestigious journal relative both to the student body at large and the general population.

The conflagration began on Tuesday after a Journal editor, Gavin Jackson, resigned, saying he felt “used and tokenized” in his position. Jackson’s resignation elicited furious statements from a raft of affinity groups at the law school, which are demanding that the Journal “prioritize anti-racism” over meritocratic selection, the postings show. The controversy played out on a student message board, the postings from which were reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

The activists made no concrete demands about numeric representation but alleged “inequities” in Journal admissions. “Meeting with affinity groups to present platitudes about valuing diversity in the admissions process is insufficient,” the Black Law Students Association said. “The Journal must commit to fundamental changes to its governance structure, admissions policy, submission plan, and slating that will ensure this perpetuation of racism does not ever happen again.”

The numbers tell a different story, however. Not only are blacks and Hispanics elected for membership to the top law school’s most prestigious journal at a higher rate than their white counterparts, but the admissions rate for blacks—61 percent—is higher than that of any other ethnic group.


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The Friendly Grizzly | February 25, 2021 at 10:44 am

Question: has anyone conducted a survey among blacks, asians, women, et al who are the ones who are supposed to be oppressed, and asked THEM what THEY are experiencing? I am talking about those taking real majors.

I believe we know what the ones taking “studies” or other Styrofoam majors will say.

I am serious; not being a snark or asking this rhetorically.

So what is the magic formula for determining how many and to what degree the colors of the rainbow need to be “represented”? I’m assuming that actual job qualifications are not a part of the formula.

Welcome to the New Reality in America: “It’s true because I say so.”

At least the news coverage named the Journal Editor who resigned because of burn-out. I am sure that his future employment prospects have been diminished as a result.

Being a law review editor is a very demanding position. One only does it for prestige. With all of the media publicity and law student groups demanding that these job should not be awarded on merit, the value of holding them is greatly diminished.

A few years ago, all of the elected editors of the Cornell Law Review were women. I wonder how that well-publicized fact did not provoke “a raft of affinity groups” demanding that minority men should have been included or even whispers that the women had formed a voting bloc rather than conducted a merit-based selection. It is very dangerous when a group adopts a numeric criteria for evaluating outcomes rather than merit.

michaelharris99 | February 26, 2021 at 9:41 am

In this brave new Communist world, merit does not matter. For the Anti Racists, 200 years of 100% minority representation less Jews and Asians(people of color who succeed) is the goal. I say Communist rather than Socialist because the cancel culture and lack of free speech are what existed in the USSR and exist today In Venezuela and Cuba

It’s not about the numbers … it’s about equity of outcomes. Until there is equity of outcome … and there never will be … nor will minorities admit it … minorities will push for more numbers.